An Abridged Motherlode

I’ve only just discovered that the motherlode of Fairfax cryptics from as far back as 2004 is no longer available.

I managed to save all the DA cryptics and have them available from this site, as outlined in the link above. I thought I had done the same thing with the rest of the Fairfax cryptics, but, in fact, no, I hadn’t.

So I’m wondering: did anyone manage to save all those Fairfax cryptics that were available? If so, would anyone care to send them to me so that I can host them from this site?

The Motherlode Expands

Rob has been good enough to send to me some DA puzzle files all zipped up from 26/9/2003 through to 12/12/2003.

This expands the original DA Motherlode by eleven, concomitantly expanding by a factor of eleven how much time you will devote to solving some of DA’s finest.

What would be best, though, is if it were possible that every spare minute of every day were devoted to DA, so if you’ve got any of DA’s cryptics stashed away somewhere in whatever format, please send them over to the address at the sidebar and I’ll publish them here.

The Motherlode: Crosswords from Way Back

Happy times peoples!

If you install Across Lite onto your computers so as to load up any one of these crossword files, you can do any Fairfax cryptic from as far back as 2004.

What that of course means is that we all might gain access to any one of the DAs that are considered lost yet form part of the DA Pantheon.

Three cheers for anyone who can find one of the lost treasures in that stack of crossword puzzle files, and if anyone can remember roughly when any of those treasures were published, comment away.

Update: I forgot to thank Oster for turning me and the rest of us onto the crossword files. So thanks Oster!

A further update: With one click, you can download all of DA’s crosswords zipped up from as far back as 2004.

A further further update: here are all the Fairfax crossword files zipped up for you.