DA Confusion for the 19th of May, 2023

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Get on it!

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of May, 2023

  1. Some parsing left to do, but all out in good time today. Haven’t come across that def of 17A before.

    Liked the use of some unusual letters this time out.

    FOI 2D, 7D. LOI 24A, 18D.

  2. Only started back at attempting the cryptics this week after a 10 year hiatus… found today hellish- took me 2 hours- so googled DA and found this thread!
    FOI- 1 A
    LOI – 25 D
    Was stuck on 18 down and guessed in the end… the clue still doesn’t make sense to me- anyone like to shed some light?

  3. moreobscure,
    Welcome back to the delights of cryptocruciverbalism.
    The first word in 18D might be the defn!

  4. A nice NB-less one today. Took me a little longer than usual, although no particularly hairy ones. 27a is a good easy starter. If I were DA, I’d have left the exclamation mark off the clue for 13a. We can’t be too careful. I might have only heard 28a once or twice. I wonder does its use upset the relatives? 26a was obvious once I had the intersecting clues, and I tried for a moment to work out the wordplay but then decided I didn’t need to. Why waste brainpower? Hadn’t heard of 20a, but yes, it is old. Is “h” an accepted abbreviation for “helicopter”?

    Moreobscure, I can’t help too much with 18d so early, but look at what’s left when you take the two central letters out.

  5. Good FAQ DA. Got three of the last four words due to AndrewT’s implied hint at 8.57. Not complaining.

    UStralian beat me to it, “!” required by clueing convention in 13A.

    28A was new to me.

  6. I reckon H is acceptable for Helicopter….its whats printed in a large font on a helicopter pad after all.

  7. From Wiktionary:
    > A cryptic crossword clue that can be interpreted in its entirety as either a definition or wordplay; for example, “God incarnate, essentially” for “Odin”, a Norse god whose name is hidden in “God incarnate”

  8. Re: the discussion over 13A; I’ve solved it, but I’m just wondering what ‘&lit’ means? I’m assuming it refers to the fact that parts of the clue itself do “double duty”, but hitherto I’ve not come across its descriptive term.

    I’m quite certain of the 7 letter word in 8D, but can someone drop me a little hint as to the 3-3 part? I’m stumped!

    Is 28A ridiculously easy and I’m just blind to it? I even have 5 letters and nothing. Just the slightest hint would help!

    I think I need to set it aside for a bit because I’m just staring at the same handful of unsolved clues and going around in circles. (Or squares, I suppose!)

    Thanks in advance, lovelies x

  9. Nvm – I’m so dense. I just realised the first word of 8D is the definition. I did it sort of backwards, like 1A. Still need help with 28A though. Sorry!

  10. 28A is not a term I’ve heard before as such, nor seen ‘washer’ used in the sense DA has here. Def is first word, if that helps.

  11. Thank you, Andrew! I just looked up washer and realised it was about the shape, and the anagram fell into place. Haven’t heard of the expression before. (Is it Australian rhyming slang? Or just referring to what happened? Hope this isn’t giving too much away)

    All out! Thanks again x

  12. Friday still and all out and understood before coming here – unusual on both counts!
    Re &lits, I thought they needed a ‘?’ as well as a ‘!’ ? (until quite recently DA used the ?/!-combined ‘interrobang’, I think?)
    Re 18A, ‘around’ seems to do all the indicating that’s necessary? (and it isn’t a placement indicator) I guess the last 2 words were to add some ‘fun’…?

  13. Question mark typically indicates a pun, or an unusual reading of the surface to get to the definition. A common example is flower or banker for river (though DA doesn’t usually bother for those any more). An interrobang (⁉️) is both.

  14. Possible spoiler.
    I’m confused re 13A. Doesn’t the clue need a “who” or “that” to identify it as a person? Otherwise it’s just a statement that doesn’t define anything.

  15. A fair question, but clues don’t have to follow all the rules of grammar and sentence structure (subject, verb, object, all the joiny bits). If you look down the rest of the crossword, you’ll see that almost none of them do. They’re closer grammatically to newspaper headlines than actual sentences.

  16. Heard about this group and decided to have my first crack at a cryptic in years. Got 13A and 21D so far.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  17. Welcome, Wadey. You do know that with DA you’re diving in at the deep end? The Monday to Thursday cryptics are usually not as difficult. Good luck!

  18. Graham – thanks, yeah I know it’s not very realistic, if I can get half a dozen in a DA I’m having a good day! I like the man, and started on DAs with a friend at an old job so it’s more of a sentimental thing more than anything. Just appreciative of finding somewhere to find a clue or two to slowly improve, and maybe one day I’ll finish one!

  19. PeterW, the first two words of 13A provide the definition as well as give the extra letter needed for the anagram; that’s why the clue is &lit

  20. No Jack,
    The clue is &lit if the whole clue stands as the definition as well as the wordplay.

  21. All done. A tad unhappy with 26a “twins” but can accept it.

    Went to the Good Food and Wine Show today so didn’t get onto the crossword until late.

    Did quite like 1a.

  22. I understand where you are coming from, PeterW and why a relative pronoun (e.g. ‘who’) would purify the clue. DA has taken a bit of licence here, probably to smooth the surface.

  23. I ended up with a different answer for 17A. A double def between the first word and the last 3. Looked at Zinzan and now see the better answer and why. That said, EPIC seemed a good enough fit, given it’s DA, to be written in without much further thought. Anyone else go down that path?

  24. Would someone mind explaining the wordplay for 6d when the time is right. Thanks.

  25. Row and row use two different meanings, with two different pronunciations. Both lose time.

  26. Got it all finished this morning, after late start yesterday, and before consulting the DA Oracles!
    Have to agree with most of the comments. Loved 13A and 28A.
    Interesting thought on 13A – he’s actually TSI!
    DA#2 – thanks for the contribution – will give it some thought before responding further.

  27. @R&R right there with you mate. I was convinced “spot” was a typo for “shot”, in which case e-pic works perfectly

  28. Finished at last with some help from Trippers FOI 21d Loi 14
    Liked 8d and 28a

  29. A rare finished-on-Friday, with the help of a few hints here. Agree with others that 13A was a corker.

  30. DA#2 – re your 11.19 pm entry – I’m going to plead for mercy – any chance of a clue?

  31. Hi Andrew C,
    As per your original rule, the ‘guru’ is our master setter.
    Another hint: ‘with us today’ refers to someone who was with us on that particular day, Fri. 19th.

  32. DA#2
    Got it – good one!
    Nice shout-out to our new arrival, getting clued on his/her first day! Hope they recognise it!

  33. I’ll throw in another contribution for themed clues:

    Great setter returned an oldie (or two) (7)

  34. Busy weekend, got 2/3 out on Friday night. Stuck on the NW corner until I replaced French “so long” with Spanish. Not sure on a few constructions, but I’ll scan the comments above to see if anyone had any similar issues.

    Overall, not many highlights, a bit of a grind to get past the first handful of solves.

  35. Yeah, okay, still a bit baffled on 2,3 for peep (12A) and the 26A twins seem dubious to me. Plenty of synonyms for 1,2 / 3,4 that are more accurate. “active twins” etc.

  36. Grandchildren? Geez, steady on.

    Are we talking the nursery rhyme? In which case …. BOOOOOOO!!!

  37. Andrew C,
    I think I’ve got the one you threw in yesterday.
    One more from me:
    Man of letters confused and past it (5)

  38. I shall make a point of remembering, Muntz, that you’re one of the more youthful conrtibutors to this site.

    [I tried hard to cut and paste a suitable emoji here, but failed.]

  39. I’ll keep the ping-pong going:
    Exploded last bomb D Astle exploded (7)

  40. Does this fit the criteria?

    Confused red setter followed quiet drunk (9)

  41. DA chases cold rook (6)

    Andrew C: tick
    DAJ: tick

    We need some tougher ones ;)

  42. Muntz – I agree – ticks all round!

    How about one that might come with a “NB……” at the head of the puzzle?

    The DA Puzzle (11,5)

  43. DAJunkie, I thought you were going to say something about 2 down in the cryptic. What a joke.

  44. Guys, seriously. If you’re here, Thursday’s crossword is not for you.

    Maybe try doing it without the grid, or use it as training wheels to introduce your kids.

  45. Hard to disagree re Thu puzzle – a few lame ones today. It’s the calm before the storm!

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