DA Confusion for the 5th of May, 2023

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of May, 2023

  1. A bit off track, but continuing last week’s discussions
    Muntz commented –
    Tuesday’s 26A: Survived D. Astle cryptic (6)
    My response –
    Yes, I am still smiling at that one.
    Thought maybe we should run a contest (no prizes except personal satisfaction) for the best clue involving DA.
    My contribution (which I am sure will be trumped by other DA Trippers):
    Legless pre D. Astle puzzle (9)

  2. No real BBQ stoppers today; although I didn’t know 25A it was clear from the clue. Done in my usual time.

    FOI 13A, 10A. LOI 14A, 24A.

  3. About half out, mostly the lower half and RHS. I usually don’t like clues in the style of 8D but this one is a good example of it’s kind…I liked it anyway. Will come back when I’ve solved a few more.

  4. First pass 1a,11a,13a,18a,26a,2d,5d,8d,22d,23d. LOI 17a. Some may not have heard of 22d and 25a as AndrewT says is not a common word. Otherwise pretty standard stuff today I thought.

  5. A fairly typical DA today. I had to reveal 20d as I’d never heard of them. Also didn’t know 22d and have never heard of 25a. Haven’t fully parsed 6d, 2d, 14a and 1d, and I don’t see what Sue has to do with 10a. No help requested yet, good people, as some may hit me when I look with fresh eyes in a few hours.

  6. NW last in. 1Aa made me laugh when I got it, as we had a Corgi called Bimbo, pretty low to the ground she was.
    I find that long answers, with multi and/or hyphenated words, are usually pretty easy to get, but not today, except for 3a, 8d and 26a. Misdirected with 12a, and the others intersecting, 9d and 21a, also gave me a bit of grief. Overthinking 17A, as is often the case with clues with a question mark, didn’t help either.
    Liked 22d and 3a. 25a was also a chuckle. I didn’t know the word but I did go looking in the right place. Hope DA doesn’t mind if we use that at highbrow parties.

  7. I’m stuck on most of LHS: 1A and D; 10A, 14A, 19A, and 5D. Gentle help welcome.

  8. SB – some hints:
    1A – defn = last word and “Bimbo’s bottom” = 2.
    1D – a 3LW for “Yank” and a 4LW for “HQ” – both truncated.
    10A – “Sue” gives 1,2,3 and “winter coat” gives 4,5,6,7.
    14A – where’s Albany? Defn = “Mentor”.
    5D – “back of leaf” = 3,4,5,6,7.

  9. All out but not all understood. I can see where Albany is in 14a. But I don’t get the rest. I have no idea how 17a works. And I can’t see how ‘that girl’ gives the second word of 2d.

  10. Sandy Mc – for fear of retribution, I will presume you would like some help….
    14A – what nationality is 11A? – and then find the translation for a word in 14A clue to give 3,4,5.
    17A – if you take 17A as 2-word answer, then “Novel” is a synonym for the first and “demand” for the second.
    2D – “that girl” gives 6,7 8,9 just as “hand” gives 1,2.

  11. Thanks DAJunkie. I had seen Albany region as 2,3. I should have looked more specific. As for 17a , novel is a bit of a stretch as a synonym.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the definition and answer to 16D don’t match? The definition means confused or baffled. The answer means something else entirely.

  13. Geoff D: I thought the meaning was pretty close. Someone who is 16D will often appear befuddled?

  14. Mostly straight forward. Almost dull. Like a few solvers, NW corner was last.

    I had 1A left to finish – there’s a highly vulgar solution… Not again! ;)

    Enjoyed 4D, 8D, 22D

    Gripes / queries:
    10A: 1-3 seems a stretch?
    14A: Mentor? Maybe guru is closer.
    24A: how is this even cryptic?
    5D: where does 2-6 come from?
    No idea on how to parse 17A, 1D, 6D

  15. Muntz –
    10A – by my thesaurus, “Sue” is a direct synonym of 1,2,3 – and vice versa.

    5D – see my reply 5 May 2023 at 2:57 pm ie: “back of leaf” = 3,4,5,6,7. And “Hand out” gives 1,2,8,9.

    17A – see my reply 5 May 2023 at 3:47 pm ie:– if you take 17A as 2-word answer, then “Novel” is a synonym for the first (as in 1,2,3,4 of literature) and “demand” for the second.

    1D – see my reply 5 May 2023 at 2:57 pm ie: – a 3LW for “Yank” and a 4LW for “HQ” – both truncated.

    6D – “Fruit” = defn. “Bearing said” gives 1,2,3,4. “to rise” gives 5,6,7,8. “covering” gives 11,12,13. “also” gives 9,10,14.

    Hope helps.

  16. Hi Muntz. Perhaps I’m being too picky (again). I’ve always regarded the answer as being semi- or unconscious, as in ‘a drunken ……….. ‘ which I find a bit more drastic than just being bewildered or confused. But maybe it is a matter of degree.

  17. Thanks DAJ

    10A Sue sounds to me like a demand, but DA loves to connect the most tenuous of thesaurus entries, hey. I got the answer, but still want to gripe!
    5D Never heard of that word (back of leaf) but only thing that worked
    17A Yeah, ok, like **** of art
    1D Only word that made sense, but would never have seen those two words truncated
    6D Ah, bearing as in demeanor, gotcha

  18. I was pleased to finish this although I had to check/confirm some on the net afterwards
    Was there a DA Confusion for 28th of April?

  19. Got finished at 11.30 this morning, with a few hints from DAJ’s 5/5 2.57 pm (1A, 1D, 10A, 14A) then a fresh mind in the morning to finish off the lst 9 clues (last in 15A)! Thanks DAJ!
    Got fooled by the misdirection in 17A (looked for anagram of “demand for”), but when the letters didn’t fit I saw what was really required.

    Glad to see a couple of entries in the challenge –
    Tim C – I like your work!
    DA#2 – Had to think a bit about that one – always a good sign! It would only work on a Friday :-)
    I have a couple more in my thoughts, but would love to see others’ contributions.

  20. Phil
    DAC for 28 April was a continuation of the one for 21 April. Quite an interesting conversation on a number of topics if you have a look.

  21. Thanks Tim C
    Will see how I go – always interesting to try a new setter, as each has their own style/quirks!

  22. DA#2 – you’ve got me on that one. Does it need the other end of the ellipsis to solve?

  23. Tim C – you’re as tough as DA on a hard day! Only got 4 on the first go round, will need to give it more time. Doubly difficult as the key is buried until you work out which 2 are the key, and the “unconventional” ones are not identified.

  24. DA#2 – your 5/5 contribution, my answer is SAD SACK.
    Hope I have correctly solved!

  25. Having a crack at LR today but can’t parse this one:
    15 across Scholars at odds were expelled from beach areas (6)

    Anyone help?

  26. Peter,
    I saw that one and thought it must be faulty. It only clues COAST as -c-o-a-s -t, leaving the final S unclued.

  27. About DA’s swindle … (4)

    About (= approx.): C
    So CASTLE, = ROOK!

  28. Thanks DA#2 – all is clear now! I’ll take that one and raise it – First class about DA’s swindle makes me sick (5)
    PW and N – re LR 15A, I agree with you that for completeness the last S needed to be clued.

  29. DA#2 – Just my 2c – “swindle” may mean “rook” and “rook” may mean “castle” but I do not think “swindle” can become “rook”. So I think defn is not quite there.

    And Andrew C – ??? – CASTLE? CROOK? Neither quite right by me.

    Am I missing something here? Probably am.

  30. DAJ – I just took DA#2,s clue, added first class (C in position 1) and definition of final answer is “sick”, hence C+ROOK = CROOK. (I tried it with “ill” for definition at first, but it just looked like 3 vertical lines on my screen)

  31. On reflection, my suggestion was probably too convoluted to work as a clue.
    Still open for more suggestions of DA-related clues!

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