DA for the 17th of February, 2023

Report about what’s going on with this week’s DA right here.

5 thoughts on “DA for the 17th of February, 2023

  1. SPOILER ALERT – Themed clue list below:
    The “five shorter answers”, in A, E, I, O, U order are:
    16A, 4D, 8A, 27A, 18A.

    The respective “escorting two other answers” (in PRE and then POST order) are:
    18D, 25D.
    12A, 22D.
    1D, 13D.
    19A, 24A.
    5D, 3D.

    Really is a very clever crossword.

  2. Kenneth Smith – I do not understand your comment.
    As per my list above, but now in detail – and again in short answer A, E, I, O, U order:
    16A – BALL
    25D – HAIR (BALL)
    4D – BELL
    12A – (BELL) TOWERS
    22D – TINKER (BELL)
    8A – BILL
    1D – (BILL) GATES
    13D – SPOON (BILL)
    27A – BOLL
    19A – (BOLL) WEEVIL
    18A – BULL
    5D – (BULL) FIDDLE
    3D – MALLEE (BULL)

  3. Absolutely agree re your comment (DAJ) – ‘a very clever crossword’. I think it was the most challenging one in the last ten yrs, but, I felt so fulfilled having successfully solved it !!

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