DA Confusion for the 6th of January, 2023

Confusions abound — but not this new year. Work out what’s up with this week’s DA right here.

64 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of January, 2023

  1. I think this was the quickest DA I have ever done.
    Only the SW corner seemed to offer any resistance.
    FOI 5D.
    LOI 22D.
    Best IMO was 26A (although pretty sure DA has done something similar before).

  2. Me too – a record low completion time today, roughly half normal.

    FOI 6A, 9A. LOI 10A, 23A.

  3. First pass 1a,9a,14a,17a,20a,1d,2d,3d,4d,5d,20d, so a similar quick fill to DAJunkie and AndrewT with the SW corner the last to fall. LOI 19d. Favourite 6 across.
    No major question marks today, and a fairly pleasant solve was my 4 down.

  4. Yes, a very quick solve today. I was held up a bit by confidently initially entering ON-LINE for 12a. Never heard of 5d nor the American comic required elsewhere, so had to do a bit of research. And I had to cheat for 22d, and don’t understand it.

    Biggest smiles today were for 3d, 2d and 18d.

  5. Graham M: I assume you mean 6d as 5d is a very common word …

    Not sure where the American comic is you refer to – 25a maybe?

    22d is a dual def, more hints later if 5d-ed!

  6. I’ve found one meaning for 22d that I wasn’t aware of, not the other.

    And yes, the comic relates to 25a. And I’ve found another reference to a television program. I guess every puzzle needs one or two obscurities.

  7. 25a worked for me without any comic reference. No idea what the comic would be.

  8. Agree with Tim C re 25A – construct of 1,2,3 and 4,5 for “My” and “grunt” respectively.

  9. And as for 22D, typical use in the field of medicine (for one use) and sport (for another).

  10. Could find no sport meaning in Collins. So still none the wiser. I’ll just have to take your word for it.

  11. 22d, the second meaning is an abbreviation of a 9 letter word.

    The comic is interesting but not needed as both “grunt” and 4,5 of 25a are synonyms in general usage.

  12. Yes, but where does “assists” come in?

    General usage? Well that’s a surprise.

  13. 22D – “assists” is a measure in few sports I think but especially basketball.

  14. If you look at the 22ds for the recent World Cup you should see the word assists. You get it in other ball games as well.

  15. Very pleasant – all the same I’m at a loss for the whole of NE and SE (bar 26A and possibly 10A). FOI 9A, 18D, 20D, 2D and 5A. Fav so far are 9A, 2D and 18D. Wordplay for 10A would help for starters.

  16. 10A: Def is the last (hyphenated) word of the clue. The first three words , plus the 6th word, get ‘excited’.

  17. I did wonder whether for 10a, “back cover” (with just cover being the definition) would have worked better.

  18. Thanks Graham, Andrew and Tim. Yes Tim, I had the same query. But it makes sense. Gentle hints for others also welcome – let’s say 6A and 6D for starters.

  19. I can see possibilities for 1st word of 15A, starting with case for Sherlock …

  20. 6a: def is first two words of clue. The next three words clue letters 1,2. The last word of the clue gives letters 3-5.

    6d: def is first two words of clue; there are not many in that line of work who fit the grid! I take it you are familiar with Spoonerisms?

  21. Finally done. Thanks again for pointers. Some painfully obvious once solved, though I don’t entirely get 15A wordplay. LOI 21/7 and 16D

  22. Ok Mr “DA” – who is this really, and what have you done with David Astle?
    Thought it was a Monday for a minute.

  23. Don’t speak too soon Drums. In the past it’s been the lull before the storm.

  24. Definition is shocker Melanie. Think about the first word of the clue and what that could mean in crossword land. :)

  25. Gayle, belated acknowledgement of your nice story n words over on last week’s Reports 😊

  26. All done in better than my usual time
    I did have plenty of time at the washed out day of cricket.
    Thanks to AndrewT for 6A and GrahamM for alerting me to 12 I was going down a similar path initially.
    SE corner last for me and penny still to drop for 19a

  27. I agree this was a gentle DA – I often wrestle with them for several days on and off. I’m still stuck in SE corner though – TimC your hint about 19A is too subtle for me! Could anyone share which part of 21/7 is the def?

  28. Fleur, in 21a/7d the definition is the last three words. Actually it’s a very common caveat in the very fine print at the bottom of many ads.

    I never parsed 19a, so looking forward to some enlightenment.

  29. Actually, I tell a lie. Just the last word in 21a/7d is the definition.

  30. Graham M / Fleur / IanS – 19A – “outing” = JAUNT. defn = “cabal”.

  31. Thanks DAJunkie I went to zinzan but no posting for this week’s DA as yet

  32. And quite amazing – melanie at 6:47pm and Tim C, at 7:26, in referring to 19A actually meant 9A – and yet somehow both knew that????
    That’s why Fleur later says:
    ” TimC your hint about 19A is too subtle for me! ”
    as it was not 19A at all.

  33. I have the answer for 21a,7d but I can’t see where all the letters come from…

  34. AllThumbsUp – 21A/7D – “dominant doctrines” is anagrist for first 17 letters. “Initially slippery” gives 18. “like IT giant’s” gives 19,20,21,22,23.

  35. Thanks muchly, DAJunkie.
    I was thinking ‘slippery’ had to be part of the anagrist to provide the double P and the Y needed in the answer… but it’s a fruity cocktail of a clue. Cheers

  36. DAJunkie @9:36 am, definitely time either for me to visit the optometrist or become a professional Psychic. :)

  37. Yes, easy(ish), but conscious of the likelihood of that weather change, Tim! For me, west before east then north before south.
    Four J ‘words’ was unusual. I can never see 19D without thinking of “My girlfriend went to the West Indies…”
    3D could have done with a ‘?’
    A 25A was my childhood pet, back when they were docked. They look much better now, with a tail you can read! (I’ve also used it: ‘Welsh, say, is awkward for Spooner’)

  38. Probably late in the day to ask this but I would never post that I’ve “solved”it or “all out” especially at 7.13am if I “don’t get the wordplay in a few”, or “had to research the word as hadn’t heard of the word”. Are our standards a bit low? I don’t say “solved” until I understand everything, without google, and it can take days for my brain to dredge up words. Otherwise I have “failed this week’s DA”. Do others have thoughts? I might re-post this at an earlier time next week

  39. ps. I started firing on this one tonight and with “apply” consider it “solved”.
    Just stirring the pot and making myself feel better that I seem so much slower than many of you

  40. Been away and just come to this week’s crossie. Like others I found it went in pretty quickly, slower in SE.
    I knew one definition of 22D from American soap operas years ago. I still don’t understand the other definition, despite ‘assists’ from earlier comments. I think I can guess the 9 letter word Tim C mentioned, but can’t link that with the sporting references.
    17A and 2D my favourites.

  41. Gayle – 22D – in a lot of ball sports, “assists” is a measure of how many times a player has ASSISTED another player to score. “assists” is a measured “statistic” for the first player and is called a “stat” (short for statistic – the 9LW per Tim C).

    Hope this is a satisfactory explanation.

  42. johnno2@3:05 yesterday. We also had more than one 25As.
    Re your clue, I thought Maxim was Russian. :-)

  43. Thank you DAJ, thought it must have been something like that, but couldn’t see how the 2 were interchangeable. One seems a subset of the other.

  44. Gayle – the other meaning of “stat” is (as per Dictionary):
    “with no delay: (used especially in medical contexts in reference to the administration of a drug or as a medical directive):
    Blood work will be done stat.
    The patient was given a stat dose of morphine.
    I need a copy of the spreadsheet, stat!”
    So not sure how they are subsets.

  45. Miscommunication DAJ. Yes, familiar with that meaning.
    I was referring to the sporting assists as being just one example of sporting statistics.
    I’m often befuddled by DA’s sports clues.

  46. Gayle – OK – thanks – yes “stat” is a subset of all the stats recorded – that is why DA qualifies with “maybe?” as just an example.

  47. Ohh! Derrrr! How did I not pay attention to that? Thank you DAJ for your kind response.

  48. Well, I still think 22d was a dumb clue. Even allowing for my total non-interest in sport.

  49. I was reminded of my days as a teacher. I often said to classes “First to finish this work will win a free trip for two to Hawaii.”

    I’d follow this, sotto voce, with “Conditions apply.” When asked to elaborate, I would say “The prize doesn’t include travel, accommodation or meals.”

    Just adding a bit of vital consumer awareness education to my lessons …

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