DA Confusion for the 30th of December, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s last DA for the year!

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of December, 2022

  1. A typical DA today, finished reasonably quickly. Pleasant, with several smiles, but no ROFL, as I believe the texters would say. The only ones I can’t parse are 2d & 6a. Never heard of 24a. Only vaguely recall the speaking gig in 19a.

  2. Graham M – 2D – I read as “up billions” for 2,3,4 and “ape” as 1,5.
    6A – I read as “squat” gives 1,2. And then “thrusts, etc” gives the rest.
    Hope helps.

  3. That’s how I saw it, DAJ. But no idea why “ape” is 1,5, nor why “squat” is 1,2.

  4. Graham M – “ape” and 1,5 are synonyms as I understand, in the context of ‘copy’ (at least by my reference).
    “squat” as in ‘zero’ – as in ‘not much’ – as in ‘sweet’!

  5. Agree – pretty standard DA today.
    FOI – 1D.
    LOI – 12A (as distracted myself for a long time with what I thought “dandy” contributed – oh well, finally got there).
    No real star clues today.
    Probably 6D and 16D I liked the best.
    Last DA for 2022.
    Wonder what next year will bring?

  6. Anyone see Zinzan’s post from yesterday? Seems LR and NS are working together on Thursdays, although it’s mostly LR.

  7. Three quick answers in the NW then nothing, I had to shift gears and start from the SE instead and work upwards. Got there in my usual time though.

    FOI 1D, 9A. LOI 1A, 4D.

  8. Thank you DAJ. I was trying to think of gym moves for 6a, and should have realised. So d’oh. The two-letter word in question in 2d is so ubiquitous it could probably mean almost anything (Collins has 23 definitions), and I guess it could be used in a question to an impersonator (“Can you ___ Donald Trump?”).

    I agree, no stand-out clues today — maybe next year …

  9. Graham M – “5lw less 2”??? Pretty sure for 6D it is as I said – 4LW less 2 (gives 4,5 of answer).
    1,2,3 are given by “away”.

  10. Sorry, DAJ. I hang my head in shame. For some reason I was thinking of a greenhouse gas. Must be time for a holiday.

  11. I really enjoyed this. A straightforward pleasant solve, no quibbles. Lots of ticks.

    I’m not sure of 2D. I read it as a substitution of only one billion in a word for ‘ape’ as an unkind description of a not very bright person. But it doesn’t give what to substitute the billion/s for, and I can’t explain the ‘up’. There is the question mark at the end.

  12. First pass 26a,1d,3d,8d,18d,23d. LOI 2d and I’m not convinced about “up billions” for 2,3,4 or the ‘doorframe’ in 27a. Hadn’t heard of 24a either. That said I thought this was one of DA’s better ones with some good sounding surfaces. I did like 21a and 16d.

  13. PeterW@5.57. What no more 15 letter anagrams? I like LR who is more like DA, but I wouldn’t want to diminish him by calling him DA’s protégé, although they did/do have a strong connection.

    And I wouldn’t want to wish illhealth or anything on NS, but for me that’s a reason to attempt 4 of the Fairfax/9 crosswords per week, including DS, and DA.

  14. Although I did finish this early hours of morning, and BTW the clock seems to be AEST not AEDST, or Queensland time, I didn’t enjoy it at all, too clunky with no flow and ‘try hard’ difficulty.

  15. 2D. DAJ , missed your 1,5 for ‘ape’ meaning ‘copy’, which seems plausible, but like Tim C, I ‘m not convinced of the ‘up billions’ for 2,3,4. I considered the ‘up’ being the usual one-letter abbreviation for ‘upper class’, particularly in British crosswords, but am not convinced about that either.

  16. 2d is a clue with a good surface but pretty unmemorable wordplay, methinks. I wonder how well it’s known in Victoria?

  17. I’ve only just now started, but felt quite good about my first (and so far, only) one solved being 21a.

  18. Carol, have known 15D for many years, but your comment inspired me to look it up, Apparently it’s navy slang and humorous, based on the word for people from a Scottish city ( not an island).

  19. Gayle, I did wonder if it grew out of the Scottish town.
    Meanwhile, can anyone parse 8d for me?

  20. Carol – 8D – “Evenly pared the fruit” = 1,2,3,4. “waffle” = 5,6,7. And you should then see 8.
    9A – if you have the answer, then the parsing is clear. How might a woman lose two cups?

  21. Preparing for my later-in-life wedding I went to a place called 9A. Never realised the significance, and I was by then a cryptic solver!
    DA has done cups before. With the first letter I was looking for another one. Derrr!

  22. Finished at my usual pace had to cheat with 24A had all the cross letters but not the time to ruminate googled and found its origin the sort of trivia DA is good at unearthing.
    Happy New Year everyone

  23. Happy New Year Trippers, thanks for your help this year.
    love, A Lurker.

  24. Knew 24A from a Warren Zevon song ‘Mr. Bad Example’. “…and auctioned off every last n…….e divan”.
    Happy New Year all.

  25. Finished last night / today without looking back here, but guessed a few correctly.

    Can someone please parse 3, 17 and 27?

  26. Muntz – I don’t have my full grid in front of me but see if this helps:
    3D – ALE gives 3,8,9
    17A – mailed = in the post – so POST gives 1,2,6,7
    27A – “door frame” is LINTEL. Can’t remember exactly but it reduces to LINTE for 3,4,5,6,7

    Hope helps. Will dig out solution and be more precise if you need?!?

  27. Count down to 9pm, by which time I’ll be long in bed.
    Helen Conomy, Welcome. Love a lurker too!

    HNY one and all.

  28. Muntz – OK – have my grid now.
    3D – “Stuck” = defn. “trendy” = 1,2. “harvest” = 4,5,6,7. “beer” = 3,8,9.
    17A – “Least worthy” = defn. “vote” = 3. “that’s” = 4,5. “mailed” = 1,2,6,7.
    27A – “Rough-hewn” = defn. “doorframe almost” = 3,4,5,6,7. “back in splendour” = 8. “spot” = 1,2,9.
    Hope that explains.

  29. HNY, DATs!
    13A: Is ‘old adult’ clueing 2,3? Really? And is the second ‘old’ clueing 5 (as part of the anagrist for 4-9)? Ditto?
    And speaking of ‘ditto’, I believe this – in its standard abbreviation – is the source of 1 and 5 in 2D…

  30. johnn02 – “old” = 2. “adult” = 3. And yes, “old” = 5 (as part of the anagrist for 4-9).

  31. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023, Trippers all.

    If anyone’s still here and can remember last year, do we have a satisfactory explanation for letters 2,3,4 in the zoo. Agree with johnno about ditto for letters 1 and 5.

  32. Oops, second time I’ve done that. Can’t even remember who I am today!.

  33. Paddymelon (you are, incidentally, an answer in my January puzzle, a below-par ‘Heard Aussie hopper, Irish head, and African herb’):
    2 is ‘up’, as in elevator buttons, and 3 and 4 are ‘billion’ and ‘billion’ = ‘billions’, all of which ‘feed’ (go into) ‘ape’ (copy/ditto)

  34. Wow, that’s amazing johnno2. Love it! I chose my other moniker (deliberately misspelt/homophone) partly because my Dad was of Irish stock, had a good brain, and loved punning. Although he left school at 11 to work on a butcher’s cart, he taught me to read at 4, and probably set me on my path of enjoying cryptics. Also pademelons are cute, Australian ‘hoppers’.

    There’s more to this story to do with British crossword blogs, where they talk about a Penny Drop Moment, or PDM, in solving, That was what I started with.

    And thank you for the elevator button. I was caught by the lift button “C” in railway stations. Who would be looking for C for Concourse?

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