Report About Your Christmas Eve Eve DA

Christmas eve eve is a great time for a DA. Report about bonding with your family over a DA right here.

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    Themed clues / solutions below:
    Clues: 10A, 16A, 24A, 26A, 18D, 22D, 23D.
    Solutions: 9A, 11A, 12A, 19A, 1D, 3D, 13D.

  2. Re 23.12.22 cryptic -22D. How to get “flasks”? I understand the clue is “vessels”.

  3. Hi Lydia, Hints for parsing are usually on the other thread:

    But now that we’re here, I think you meant 20D.

    I parsed it as:
    Quite florid clues letters 1-5. Quite is an indicator , pretty confusing when it’s the first word, seems counter-intuitive and really means not quite or almost all of a 6 letter word for ‘florid’, in the sense of clothing or jewellery for example.

    Letters 6,7 are the outer letters of ‘keels’, the indicator being ‘gunwales’, keeping the nautical sense of keels, the gunwales being the edges of the top of a ship.

  4. Gayle’s respone is completely correct, apart from the numbers. “Flash” minus its last letter gives 1-4. And the gunwales of “keels” letters 5,6. DA was trying to mislead us with “florid” that it was a themed clue. Naughty DA.

  5. Thanks for the enumeration correction Graham M. My only excuse is Santa came early.

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