DA Confusion for the Christmas Eve Eve DA

Don’t go into Christmas frustrated — have your Christmas Eve Eve confusions sorted out right here.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the Christmas Eve Eve DA

  1. Dear AS,
    Does this mean that DA’s x-word is in Saturdays edition of the Age, rather than Fridays ? Please could you confirm this.
    With kind regards,

  2. It’s Friday as usual
    Got the theme immediately and pretty straightforward from there

  3. As with most DA themed cryptic crosswords, enjoyed today’s effort.
    FOI 1D.
    LOI 18D.
    The odd misdirection was good as well.
    10A probably my pick for best.
    Have put the themed clues / solutions in the other thread if needed.

  4. Me too Cokes, the theme came early and did help with the rest. I did get stuck in the SE for a while though.

    FOI 1D, 6D; LOI 18D, 17D.

  5. FOI 6D. LOI 10A. Fav 12A. DA has regifted a couple of clues but I still needed a memory jog.

    There’s an error in the online grid, with the last letter of 22D showing up as incorrect on completion. But the wordplay and definition are fine. Anyone doing this on paper won’t notice, unless the solution also comes out with the error in tomorrow’s paper.

  6. Gayle, I managed to complete 22D on iPad without even noticing the problem! :D

    Helen, I’d never heard of the 10A answer, but it fits the clue just fine.

  7. First pass 1d (then 8a followed quickly), 2d,3d,4d,5d,6d,15d. LOI 10a. Pretty straightforward this week I thought.

  8. All done. Enjoyed the theme – I like a puzzle within a puzzle. Never heard of 10A. Merry Present Day (4) to all!

  9. A typical puzzle today, and plenty of smiles. I stared at 8a for a while, thinking that if I don’t get it, it’s all over red rover. But then I got 3d (an easy starter), which made me realise immediately what it was all about, and things fell into place quite rapidly. The only one that stumped me for a while was 10a, as I’d never heard of him. And my only other possible grumble is that I thought that was a fairly loose synonym in 25a.

    Seasons greetings, y’all.

  10. AndrewT, rare early start for me, got up to twinkle at 2:30 and couldn’t fall asleep.

    Just had look at ZinZan, how the heck could he get 16A FOI without theme or crossers really 16A’s me. Totally impossible even if guessed, how would you verify?

  11. Melanie, try doing what I did — solve 3d (easy) and work out which two letters of the answer aren’t clued.

  12. Aha!
    I think it also occurs in 1d but I didn’t get it!
    Thank you so much Graham M🥰

  13. As the DAy closes, I’m studiously avoiding the above, as I’m still in the struggle, with the south and southeast. But I wanted to check in to say that’s the easiest/quickest theme-get I’ve experienced: the eyecatchingly-placed, one-obvious-answer 1D [that’s ONE-D by the way! ;-) ] pointing the way AND providing the first letter of the theme. Record time coming up, I thought…
    Well, no. I’ve got the 7 themed clues, but my south/southeast stall(!) is – I think – holding my one missing themed solution.
    Onwards I struggle…

  14. …Well, that ‘cleared the air’! :-) 23D clicked, so then 26A could click, leading to 25A and 18D toppling. However, I had to ‘Danword’ 13D only to realise I had 24A 3-6 wrong (PAGE, and ready to beef about a poor clue and it missing ‘the same’!) and was also convincing myself that the theme was in 3,4 of 13D.
    Love a theme!

  15. …and I realise now my first post just repeated what others had said. Sorry.

  16. Good point johnno about ONE-D. That seems to be too clever not to be a deliberate signpost, and others got it straight off. I only came to 1D later as I don’t solve in sequence, and not knowing the melon liqueur or the befuddled Miro meant I needed crossers. Consequently I came to the key 8A later as well.

    I was more struck by the grid, which lends itself to ninas, and being this time of year I was distracted by looking for a hidden MeSSage. :-) I don’t know if DA does ninas though. I can’t remember one.

    Further to my post at 8:07 yesterday, the solution published in the print version/Today’s Paper does have the error in the last letter of 22D.

  17. Did anyone else have the theme (8A) as FOI?
    Somehow the anagram just made immediate sense

  18. GAYLE, yes, a hidden MMeSSSSSage! Striking, wasn’t it.
    What’s a ‘nina/s’, though? I do remember him doing one with words around the border, if that’s it? though I can’t remember the theme. I’ve got one ready for my 50th puzzle (I’m up to 41).
    COKES, not me (SOI). Well done!

  19. I’m finding the 7 solution S really hard
    Any hint for 22d and 23d please so I can get back to Xmas preparations

  20. melanie and Carol – both 22D and 23D are themed clues.
    Does that help?

  21. Melanie and Carol, 22D: boundless puns gives 1,2 and fiddles I set gives 3-6 with fiddles as an anagrind. Definition word is Fridays, but this is a themed clue, so what is the actual definition?
    23 D, also a themed. Remove second letter in gear from a word meaning very to get the solution. Definition is evident for drivers, but again, remember, you need to tweak to find the actual definition.
    If someone can help me parse 17D please?

  22. Viv – 17D – don’t have my grid available but recall tricky bit was the word cluing 3, 6, 7, 8.
    Hope helps.

  23. Melanie – 10A – read answer backwards – as 3, 3.

    It was my pick for best.

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