DA for the 16th of December, 2022

Apologies for a late post about this week’s DA — sort about your confusions here, and special apologies to those who have already posted on last week’s thread.

39 thoughts on “DA for the 16th of December, 2022

  1. Where is everyone?
    First pass 9a,20a,27a,3d,5d,6d,7d. LOI 19d
    Lots of dubiousness this week and no real favourites.
    15a may be unfamiliar to some

  2. Hi Tim C. Today’s site only just came up.
    Finished after a slow RHS. FOI 1d. LOI 19d and yet to parse it.
    Some of the defs were a bit out there. Took me ages to spot 13d.
    And not as familiar with 10a as others may be.

  3. No wuzzas AS. It’s a busy time of year. Special wishes to you and yours, and thank you as always for keeping Trippers in contact , sorting out our confusions.

  4. About half finished, and not much happening, so will read another chapter of Niki Savva’s book and return this afternoon.

  5. Got a bit more out upon return, then looked up the answers. Didn’t enjoy today’s much. In 4d, I don’t pronounce the insufficiency the same way as the villain — have I been pronouncing the villain wrong all this time? Where’s the pile in 1a? Collins didn’t have the required meaning for 15a but I found it after a it of sleuthing. Never heard of it, nor 5d. I had MONSTERIA for 15d for a while (approximately the name of the big plants in my front yard), being an anagram of I (setter) and ON STREAM!

    Tom, I don’t know whether you meant 13d, but I couldn’t account for letter 3 until I appended it to 8-11. “Lifted” is probably more accurately the four-letter word than the five.

  6. Gayle your reply came up while I was writing to Jack. I wish this site had on-line replies.

  7. Graham M, it might have been that you’ve been pronouncing the insufficiency ‘wrongly’?
    For pile, try cloth and carpet and such like.

  8. Interesting Tom, I just asked the web the question , with or without s, and I got conflicting responses. However I think this one may be correct: You don’t add an s to SI units to pluralize them because it stands for seconds.

  9. And that’s apart from the letter count issue. When all else fails, the old write-em-out and cross-em-off technique works for me.

  10. Are you saying instead of a plural s it is possessive, referring to the other 10 letters?
    It’s always the little things that bother me most.

  11. Love your Monsteria GrahamM and your parsing. Whoddathunk it?
    How did you justify the def? :-)
    You must be in warmer climes. As a child in Queensland we always had monsterio deliciosa (as we called it) in semi shade. Are we talking about the same thing? I just saw that it’s also named monstera … But we never ate it, even though I knew it was edible. What a missed opportunity! Also known as the fruit salad plant because of its flavours, and Swiss cheese plant because of the holes in the leaves. Now fruit salad and Swiss cheese would be my favourite afters/fruit platter.

  12. Tom, at 2.24. If your reply was to me, I’m saying I think you’re right, and I can’t explain the other ‘s’. Know what you mean about the little things, especially with DA playing around with punctuation, but I can’t see how possessive or contractions would work in this case.
    Unless someone’s got a better idea, I think you’re on the money.

  13. I couldn’t work out what you all were talking about re 14d, but I’ve just solved the mystery. There’s an extra ‘s’ in the clue in the “Today’s crosswords” on the website, but in “Today’s paper”, from which I printed, it’s not there.

    Yes, Gayle, I’m on the NSW north coast and my triffid-like monstera, occasionally referred to (in error?) as monsteria, does very well, thank you. I’ve never been game to eat the fruit either. despite being assured it’s OK. Mine exudes a beautiful sweet fragrance each evening.

    Re 4d, doesn’t the insufficiency rhyme with “earth”?

  14. Jack at 1:54 . Help! You always seem to have 20:20 vision. What can you see that Tom and I can’t?

  15. Ah, Graham, thank you for the resolution of 14d! Whenever the potential for error has come up before I’ve usually checked both versions, but today I didn’t. :-(

    You’re right, Tom, it is the small things! Well-spotted! I once worked as a proof-reader for a newspaper (sad to say, given that I missed that today). In those days, after the type-setting, each page was photographed. One of my jobs was also to ‘spot the negs’, which meant going over the negative and using the equivalent of ‘white-out’ to get rid of blemishes. The paper had gone through to that stage, and the headline (not my responsibility) on the backcover was misspelled, as plain as day, missed by many.

  16. I think we must have different versions of the script! I have the paper edition and kg is singular. I’m assuming that it must have been pluralised in the online version.

  17. Graham M. I’m going back in my cave after 14d. I’m now so confused. Online enquiries give regional variations for the pronunciation of the insufficiency and I can’t find my Macquarie Dictionary.

  18. I couldn’t work out what the discussion about 14d was because I use the paper version. Technology (or something) strikes again eh.
    I’m with you Graham M in thinking that the insufficiency rhymes with ‘earth’ and it doesn’t rhyme with the first word of 4d.

  19. It’s nearly 9.30pm here on Friday, and a lot of the discussion has been about only a couple of clues, an online typo, and the pronunciation of a key word.
    Maybe everyone’s out at their end-of-year dos. :-)

  20. I am not really happy with the derivation of the first letter of 6A. Can one actually split the letter w to get the letter v?

  21. I thought that that was clever, Jack. It took me a while to twig, but when I did, it was probably the closest I got this week to a smile.

  22. Jack, I seem to remember a couple of similar clues previously. Was one of them a stemless wine glass for Y > V ?

  23. * One back for the online over the paper? My paper version has it that 26A is ‘(5)’!
    * Parsing for 9A, please?
    * In 21A, is 3 clued by ‘upright’? That’s a new one?
    * Worked out what 18D had to be but hadn’t heard of it so looked it up. Is it really a 15D?
    * The Macquarie shows the insufficiency’s pronunciation to be as in ‘earth’. Needless to say, the Mac didn’t have (as at 5th ed.) an entry for the villain!
    No probs about the late start AS. Well and truly rectified by the time I was ready for it! Thanks from me, too, for this ongoing great meeting place and resource centre!

  24. johnno2.
    9a. I had a 3 letter synonym for smuggle, with the ringleader moving into the middle.
    and 21 A , yes, similar device as in 6, only without any changes.
    And thanks for the confirmation from Macquarie.

  25. I looked up18D on line, as I was unfamiliar with the word. The definitions made no mention of 15D, but a picture was provided and, sure enough, the picture was a 15D

  26. Johnno2, your mention of letter 3 of 21a reminded me of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s allusion to “the perpendicular pronoun”.

  27. (That 😆 was for you Graham, btw)
    Gayle, thanks. That’s pretty much a ‘D’oh!’ from me (a-gain!) I should realise that’s going to be the case when no one else seems to have the same prob.
    And Jack, you’re right! Thanks. I only got as far as pics and words defining it by its root. Dig a bit deeper (or less, indeed?!) I see it’s flower. AND that one of its names is actually ‘Wìld 15D’! So, another ‘D’oh!’, of a different kind!

  28. Chambers has 18d as a 15d but lists it as obsolete. I guess the last 3 letters of 18d (a Latin word) gives a hint. Apparently it’s the national flower of Ukraine.

  29. Interesting, Tim! Thanks. And wouldn’t surprise me, then, if it was a ‘FOI’ for DA.

  30. I think its acceptable to have words that are uncommon.
    There are many words in the English crosswords which I don’t recognise

  31. Monstera fruit is delicious but there are black bits on it which make your mouth sting, so we never ate them

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