DA Confusion for the 9th of December, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of December, 2022

  1. All done and understood but struggled a fair bit today.
    FOI 5D.
    LOI 8A.
    Liked 6D, 12D and 22D.
    Think 14D pick for best.
    Found 1A, 24A, 2D and 15D tricky.

  2. About average time for me today, despite interruptions from the local birdlife!

    FOI 8A, 11A. LOI 2D, 1D. Liked 21A, 15A. Struggled with 1A!

  3. A first pass and only about third solved. FOI was 15A. I liked 13A . Will get back to this later today. Happy solving all.

  4. Brond – 24A – I simply read as double defn – “Intimidating work” and “place”.

  5. First pass 8a,11a,18a,2d,3d,19d,22d. LOI 1a. All understood and only 2 or 3 question marks this week. 15a will be unfamiliar to quite a few people I think. Favourites 14d and 20d.

  6. A fairly typical DA with an average number of smiles. The easiest starter is 3d. Can’t parse 9a nor 19d. Hadn’t heard of 15a, nor the two American television programs required today. Is that an anagrind in 16a?

  7. Could someone parse 15A for me please? Also the first letter of 19D has me bewildered as to where it comes from. Thanks in advance.

  8. Graham M, for 9a, read your bible. 16a you need to break one word in the clue.

    Peta, the first letter of 19d is an abbreviation of a word in the clue

  9. Oh gee thanks to both Graham and Henson. I swear DA traps me into thinking past the obvious. My first attempt at solving in a while had been scared off.

  10. Done without helps two weeks in a row. What is the world coming to?! On the downside, after last week’s clue feast in having (very unusually for DA) 6 words in the middle 2 rows, today’s meal with only 7 columns has left me a tad hungry!
    Some parsing help, please:
    1D – I get that it is a ‘construction’ clue (giving 1-4 + 5-11) but how does the consequent definition component relate to the answer?
    2D – I presume 1,3-5 is clued by ‘shed’? I’m only aware (and confirmed online, where it dominates) of a very offensive definition of 1,3-5. One definition does ‘throw up'(!) an alternative definition but it’s still rather distant from ‘shed’ (in its verb form in this case) And it still originates from the offensive term.

  11. johnno2, 1d I guess flu is a 1d of influenza. Not one of DA’s best if I’ve understood it properly
    2d, think of a 5 letter word for shed and change ‘left’ to ‘close to 11’
    19d, your presumption is correct

  12. Thanks, Tim!
    Re 1D, of course: you are perfectly correct! So that’s a D’oh! from me!
    Re 2D, PHEW!
    Re 19D, ta.

  13. Brond and DAJunkie, I think 24A works very nicely as a single definition, once you break the second word up. Hope that isn’t giving too much away

  14. Patches – I can see that.
    Then it is more just a cryptic defn rather than double.

  15. Re24A- Just because it’s intimidating doesn’t mean it can’t be done, as is implied by the answer. Hence it’s not any kind of definition that works for me.

  16. Brond – 25A – if u look up answer it does not say “can’t be done” just says “difficult to be done” – so I think “intimidating” is appropriate.
    You may see different.

  17. Re 24A discussion, note he also employed this sort of ‘hide’ in(!) 16A :-)

  18. Tim C, re your explanation of 2D @1:31 pm…alternatively, think of a 5-letter word for horse and change ‘close to 11’ to ‘left’? The word order of the clue probably fits your answer better, but DA does not always use conventional word order!

  19. Indeed SlowA, I did think of that. Pity that the letter concerned is unchecked. I’ll look at the solution when I pick the paper up off my front lawn tomorrow. :)

  20. All done. Got stuck in SE corner for a while.

    I agree with SlowA on 2d.

  21. Agree DAJ@2.20 that 24A is a cryptic definition, but there could be another possibility from Patches@2:16 which is intriguing.
    Agree SlowA re2D@5:07. It’s about what comes first, the horse or the shed.
    Agree with TimC @1:31 re1D. I can only read it with the question mark at the end.
    Disagree TimC @10:04. I would imagine many Aussies, particularly at the moment, would be familiar with 15A. What was curly about this was the indicator. :-)

  22. Gayle, in 1d, I believe that the first two words are the definition. Nothing sinister.

  23. Thanks Graham M. Could see the def as the first 2 words, but just as I was about to say I still don’t get the wordplay for the first 3 letters, I finally saw the high-flyer drinking. I only saw a 2 lettered one at the end, if you might call that one.

  24. There isn’t wordplay for the first word of 1a Gayle. You have to consider it as a whole. ‘High flyer’ gives 1,2,3,12,13. The other letters are given by ‘after work’.
    And yes for 15a, but how many Aussies actually watch the cricket? I do, but it wasn’t a common word even for me. Agree about the indicator being a bit suss. Where does padding go? Could be inside, outside, one side……..

  25. Tim C, I looked up 15A, and found an interesting explanation for the term. Apparently, it came from the wicketkeeper (can’t recall at the moment) urging the bowler in their own language to bowl ‘the other one’. But will I remember that tomorrow? Can hardly remember now.

  26. Yes Gayle, it means “the second one” or “the other one” in the 8 across language. :)

  27. Sorry, Gayle, I thought you meant first word of the clue in 1a, not the solution.

  28. DAJunkie (3:21pm), I was just joining the discussion about how 24A worked, to observe that ‘hiding’ (of ‘work’, in ‘workplace’, from its intended association with ‘Intimidating’, ) was also employed in 16A (of the indicator ‘in’ in ‘income’). It’s a not uncommon ploy.

  29. …and, Tim C, I’m afraid I have to go with the SlowA et al view of 2D now (though it’s still a D’oh! from me, and you were way nearer an explanation than me and my offensive fodder). I think the ‘in’ with ‘shed’ makes ‘shed’, not ‘horse’. the definition.

  30. I think 2d works either way as SlowA said yesterday, johnno2. I didn’t give it much thought at the time of solving. The “in” could also be saying “this place in shed to make the substitution”. The printed solution this morning is the “shed” definition, but the way the clue is written it could equally be the “horse” definition . The difference is an unch which makes for a poor clue IMO.

  31. It certainly does work either way, Tim. Sorry; I didnt mean to imply it didn’t. I was just remembering how ‘in’ had (generally) functioned before.
    As to the quality of the clue, I refrain. Notwithstanding my earlier ‘hungry’ comment, I’m still trying to keep off the ‘beef’! 😉

  32. p.s. Thanks, Gayle (and Tim, especially with the 8A cross ref 👏) for the enlightenment on 15A. I new the word but never the origin.

  33. No one seems to be having any trouble with 17A. Is the first word the definition?

  34. Yes the first word is the definition for 17a Carol, so think of non-computer browsers. :)
    That’s how I understood the wordplay for 1d as well. johnno’s question was really about how to understand the definition.

  35. Thank you Tim! Non-computer browsers did cross my mind fleetingly. I’ll try again.

  36. Late to the party, but got most of it out. Still can’t full parse 5D (namely where the definition ends and 1,2 .. oh wait I got it… I was thinking green light = 3,4,5. Which would have been a DA sort of thing to do.)

    Also don’t quite understand def of 12D.

  37. … and ‘oh wait’ being the yellow light, Victor?! 😉
    12D definition is ‘fix’ in the sense of ‘problem’ or ‘complication’ (sounds like you’ve parsed already? (1-3, 4-7, 8-11))

  38. Hi, if anyone’s around we could make a start on DA for 16 December here.
    I still have a lot of white space on the RHS. Just don’t seem to be on DA’s wavelength lately.
    FOI 1 down which I liked.

  39. Oh, for goodness’ sake, just got 13d. That’ll open up my RHS a bit more.

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