34 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of December, 2022

  1. Ditto last week – good, honest DA.
    FOI – 24A.
    LOI – 13A – which was also my pick for best.
    Others I liked / thought clever – 26A, 31A, 1D, 3D, 9D, 25D.

  2. All done
    FOI 12a
    LOI 31a

    I, particularly, liked 1d. There were some fun clues today.


  3. First pass 22a,24a,29a,30a,2d,28d. LOI 31a. 25a may be unfamiliar to some. A few question marks. I liked 1d and 17d.

  4. All done at first sitting for the first time ever! Must be in the zone today.

  5. Another interesting journey into the mind of the great Mr Astle. An interesting approach today.

    Normally the key clue takes me a while, and I often get it by back-solving, but today 5d/15d came quickly and easily.

    My favourite was 1d; I’ve often punned along those lines myself. 29a was by far the easiest, and a good one to start out with, if anyone is yet to begin. The 5d/15d in 1a I thought was a bit loose. And I thought “demands” is perhaps a bit strong for 6a. Didn’t know 30a, and hadn’t heard of 26a, but my knowledge of American history is not the best. Not sure how 10a is connected with Mars, assuming I have it correct.

  6. Found it a struggle, particularly with the SW corner.
    Never heard of 25A , and took a while to see the wordplay for 25D and 31A .
    Several queries but they’re mostly DA’s twisted defs or the riff on the device. I don’t mind not getting inside his head today. But in terms of wordplay how is letter 6 in 11A clued?

  7. Gayle,
    in 11ac, the container is 1,2,3,8,9.
    4,5,6,7 is the other bit.

  8. Oh, that assassin! I was working on the classic cryptic crossword one from the Bible.
    It parsed, except for letter 6.
    Thanks Neanderthal and Graham M.

  9. Gotta say that I found 29A sad, not funny. And gender-biased as well. A bit insensitive, DA.

  10. Moving along, I’m now about half-way through, enjoying it – still a few to go – 14, 22, 25, 26 and 31A, 15 and 25D. Would welcome gentle hint for , say, 25A and 26A. That should get me there.

  11. I got this 1D by assuming the it referred to parents in Disney movies.
    Have now hit on what is obviously a better justification.

  12. SB, 25a is an American billiards term. The transport is 1-3.

    26a …
    1,2 or revolutionary
    3,5-9 provokes
    4 a trespassing

  13. For 25d, start with a rough synonym of “forested”. You’ll need to change its first letter as indicated in the clue.

  14. Those 3 were my last ones in too SB.
    25D requires a 5 letter word for ”forested” with a substitution of the last letter (ending) of ”climb” with the first letter (leader) of ”cubs”.

  15. See if Graham M and I cross again. :-)

    31A. It’s a Frenchman’s name. The word for ”and” in Mexican and half of (split) “vessel”

  16. Thanks for all the hints
    I’m a day late
    I have 3 of the themed clues and get it. But I can’t seem to get the actual 5,15d…any hints gratefully accepted

  17. Liked the ‘theme’. Had several compliances before I could decipher the rule.
    SW was my last, too, just now after a rewiring sleep. Also, like one or two, first time done without helps for a long time.
    I liked your 2/12, 10:34 DA-life view, Gayle – might be something in the 30A about that? – so I’m going to ‘ommmmm’ my beefs 😌 (this time, anyway… 😉 )
    As an aside, I AM always fascinated how DA’s cryptics dredge up from my synapses words I’m aware of but would never use (looking at you, 25A and 30A, and even 2D’s first definition…) and serve to strengthen those synapses. Get the hence, dementia!

  18. The overall definition if 5/15 is the first two words, then the 3rd word of the clue gives 5d and the last word of the clue gives 15d melanie.

  19. “Gayle
    Gotta say that I found 29A sad, not funny. And gender-biased as well. A bit insensitive, DA.”

    Why? It can be either gender and the other doesn’t fit.
    Or has the ‘getting offended on behalf of others who are not “ ie woke made its way here too?

  20. Cokes
    You comment is confusing. Not sure of the point you are making. Woke means alert to injustice, especially racial injustice.

  21. Cokes, I communicated with DA over that, first time ever over a clue, and he acknowledged, which I appreciated. I grant I may have been responding from a personal perspective of 25 years as a single parent, but not ‘woke’, ‘on behalf of others’.
    ‘glum with men scrambling’, just came across as sad to me, not funny. And there was the exclamation mark, which indicated the &lit, but which came across as meant to be humorous.

    I do try to remember it’s only a crossword, but this time I felt the need to say something.
    Best wishes.

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