DA Confusion for the 18th of November, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of November, 2022

  1. I got the theme early with 23A after solving 19D and 22D (LOL).
    Not an area I know a lot about but I did search out a few that I do know and got 8, 13, 14, and parsed a few others e.g. 17.
    Three of the themed clues and 5 downs remain unsolved but I won’t get back to the puzzle until later today. Happy solving in the meantime!

  2. 6d came very easily, which enabled 17a. I thought “Gawd, I hope that’s not the theme.” But it was. The only way I’d have any hope of solving today’s is by spending hours googling, so I’m outa here.

    A pity. I so enjoyed last week’s.

  3. I thought I didn’t know the theme well, but as it turns out I had heard of all but one. All themed clues solved now with 3 downs to go.

  4. All done. Delayed by having a different answer for 11A, but got there eventually!

  5. Agree 6D and 17A a good place to start. Also 20D and 20A. Theme not one I’m very familiar with, but most were recognisable. Found a couple of the down clues tricky, eg 5D and 18D. Chuckle for 22D. Yet to parse 11A.

  6. After taking my bat and ball, I remembered that in summer we have to wait till 11 am for the British cryptics, so fearing I might get the shakes, I reluctantly returned and googled. It wasn’t as difficult as I’d expected, though still nowhere near as much fun as last week’s. No “Huh?”s this week, and no real niggles.

    Gayle, you’ll have a wonderful “D’oh!” moment when you figure out 11a.

  7. First one 17a which gave me the common definition. Then the rest of the first pass was 1d,3d,6d,21d,24d. LOI 4d. All understood with a few question marks.

  8. Agree, not as much fun as last week, but still a pretty good DA.
    And definitely very clever.
    Thought there were many tricky wordplays this week eg: 1A, 9A, 1D, 18D, 21D.
    Pick for best 7D and 24D.

  9. Graham M. More like a very painful facepalm I’d think for 11A.
    Does it have anything to do with a Victorian city?
    I haven’t googled any of the themesters per se, but this clue’s ko’d me in the wordplay.
    (Don’t know the themester either but it’s so common there would no doubt be many, and not one that comes to mind.)

  10. Gayle, reading above, I am not sure whether you have 11A or not.
    If not, construct is two bits – 3 letters and then 6 letters.
    The 3 letter bit is a little obtuse in my view, but still works.
    And pretty sure answer is a female Aussie.
    Hope helps (if needed).

  11. 10a… How do the first 4 letters parse? I cannot see a connection between slang meanings.

  12. Re11A: I thought double def., where the first word might reference a class of vessel from WW2.?

  13. Theme came easily, not interested in googling a list.

    Seriously, how is this guy so revered, this is…ok leave it at that

  14. Thanks DAJ and that themester that did come to mind for 11A.
    However DAJ and Brond, I’m still stuck on the parsing.

  15. Cokes and GrahamM, like you I wasn’t going to google a list to solve the crossword. Don’t see how that would have helped anyway, except for confirmation.

  16. 11A – as I read, “Subdivision” gives 1,2,3 and “packing a punch” 4,5,6,7,8,9.

  17. This may be my record shortest time for solving. FOI was 9A, which led to the theme.

  18. But what sort of subdivision? Is that a lift-and-separate?
    And is that along the lines of what Brond said?

  19. As I said earlier (and that is even if I have it correct) it is a bit obtuse, but I read as:
    “Subdivision” (as in, part of a company, say) –> “branch” –> “1,2,3”.
    Am I wrong?

  20. Jack, that’s impressive. Some may not know the ‘extra’ but fortunately I know the score. :-)

  21. I liked today’s but was unsure of the need for so many clues with question marks, in particular 1D, 2D, 13D, 19D and 24D.

  22. 11A: I too think DAJ is correct, though coincidently Vickers A…….g made submarines for the British in WW2…

  23. Like many got the theme early after 6d
    23a then17a
    Theme not one of my strengths
    Started late pm plenty of clues to solve
    I’ll add my smiley vote for 22d

  24. I’m a fan of this particular theme so all the answers were well known to me; still thought this was a fun crossword, if a little on the easy side. In days gone by there have been DAs about which I know very little (say, Ned Kelly) and I’ve still enjoying nutting it out. I would never Google a list.

  25. Not too bad once the theme came to me, but 18D still eludes, despite having all the crossers. And I can’t parse 3D or 12A.

    And Graham M, can we agree that the anagrind for 22, 14A is a beaut? (Just remembering earlier complaints about ridiculous anagrinds.)

  26. Carol 18D. Letters 1-4 is a port in Samoa. 5-8 is an 8 letter wine with its last 4 letters, a kind of fish, removed.

  27. 3D Letters 1-2, the symbol for silver, reversed (hoisted, in a down clue).
    Letters 3-6 is a homophone (in the air) of a word meaning to flag/tire/fade.

  28. Thanks Gayle, I would never have got that.

    And just adding my two cents – I am not above googling lists, especially for topics I know little about.

  29. 12A Letters 1,2,3,6 a slang word for insult as a verb, contains (stifles) abbreviation for true and the symbol for love or zero in a tennis score.

  30. Agree, I sometimes resort to googling lists, although I’d prefer not to.
    I’d still like to be able to do a crossie sitting in the sun with paper and pencil.

  31. Re 12A, I think I must have the wrong answer… I’ll go back to the drawing board.

  32. And yes, sitting in the sun with paper and pencil is the ideal. Googling is definitely a last resort.
    Incidentally, I remember a crossword a few years ago that had postcodes in the clues. (Can’t remember if it was DA – probably not). I thought, ‘who the heck can do this without googling, except maybe postal workers??’

  33. Thank you for the honourable mention, Carol. Did I get it because I’ve made “earlier complaints about ridiculous anagrinds”?

  34. Graham M: That’s right. (It was you, wasn’t it? I remember commiserating about some of DA’s more outrageous anagrinds.)

  35. Indeed, Carol. I thought for a minute you were picking on me, so it’s good to know we can still be friends. 😉

    And yes, that’s a most appropriate anagrind in 22a/14a.

  36. [Gayle, I hope you saw my late extra thanks last week?]
    Anyone, a couple of parses, please:
    4D – I can see 1 and 4-7, but 2,3?
    18D – I can’t see anything anywhere!

  37. 12A – penny drops finally. I had a much older one in mind who also fit the crossers.

  38. Thanks, Carol. Gayle’s explanation somehow didn’t come up when I did ‘Find on page’ for ’18D’: ‘port’ is definitely a back solve! (‘port’. Hmmmm. Must be Apia. Right…)
    Thanks, Graham. D’oh. Sort of.

  39. Yes, port wasn’t much of a pointer. And it didn’t help that I had never heard of said port, and I didn’t twig – and I really should have – that the clue was talking about that kind of queen.

  40. PeterW, Brilliant!

    johnno, yes, had a late chuckle at your late post last week.
    And yes, the Samoan port was a back parse . I know that word better as a Sydney soccer club. Just googled that as well and learned that its an initialism and what it stands for. It would be some feat to try cluing that.

  41. I can’t claim credit – it’s from my list of favourite clues from The Australian Financial Review weekend cryptic written by David Stickley.

  42. Ah, PeterW, David Stickley was my introduction to cryptics when I used to steal someone else’s T……graph. Then they axed him and hired a computer instead. I learned a lot from his cryptics. Glad he’s got a gig at the AFR.

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