DA Confusion for the 11th of November, 2022

Don’t get confused by this week’s glorious DA.

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of November, 2022

  1. All done. FOI 6D, 27A. SW corner went in last. Looked daunting, but not so bad. Chuckled at 11A – clever DA!

  2. All out and all understood.
    FOI 27A.
    LOI 28A.
    Yes – some very clever clues I thought today eg: 11A/20D, 15A, 25A, 28A, 29A, 7D, 15D.
    My pick is 2D.

  3. All out. I don’t fully understand the wordplays for 8D and 17D though. LOI 28A despite the nearby association! Liked 10A, 25A, 29A.

  4. The most enjoyable DA in some time. Plenty of smiles, no obscure Mesopotamian prophets, football legends or American rappers that I’d never heard of, and a Goldilocks level of difficulty. Some brilliant clueing.

    I really liked the connection between 6d & 2d, and between 6d, 19a & 11a. And I particularly liked 23d. The only one I haven’t yet parsed is 5a, but no help please, as I’m sure it will hit me soon.

    Is the definition in 9a right? And unless I’ve missed something, I don’t believe 29a is cryptic.

  5. Henson –
    8D – construct is 7,6,5,4 then 3 then 1,2,8,9.
    17D – construct as I read is 1,2 then 3,4 then 5,6,7,8.
    Hope helps.

  6. Graham M –
    9A – I believe so as my reference has the defn and answer as direct synonyms.
    29A – the key is the third word – so definitely cryptic for me.

  7. My tick list similar to DAJ’s. 2D very clever! At first I couldn’t see what was cryptic about it, but then it all came crashing down.

  8. Agree with DAJ’s response to Graham M about 9A and 29A.
    I have a quibble about the definition for14D which I believe is 14D.

  9. Thanks, DAJ, I had to brush up on my recollection of a 29a. I think more of 9a as something that has a summit, rather than is one. But I see that my reference (Collins) includes an American usage that might cover it.

  10. First pass 9a,21a,27a,28a,29a,6d,7d,15d. LOI 23d. I did like quite a few today including 25a and 29a, both cryptic definitions (hard to answer you Graham re 29a at this stage but I think the 3rd word in the clue makes it cryptic). Re 9a, Chambers defines it as “a hill, a rocky height” which is good enough for me.
    Only 2 question marks this week, “pain in the bum” nah, not really, more like “pain in the gut” for 5a and “Traits” doing double duty in 3d.

    That’s it. 15d

  11. I’m firmly with Gayle on the 14D definition, and with Tim C on the misplaced pain. Other than those, a first-class DA with many good moments. Like Gayle, I had a ? over 2D for a while. Brilliant.

    All done, but can’t parse 12A (if I have it right). Please explain, someone?

  12. All done.
    I agree with Tim C, 5a is a pain the the guts and 3d is double duty.

    I did like 29a. There were a few good ones today.

  13. If you half close your eyes, you could maybe justify traits in 3D not doing double duty by dint of ‘done differently’ meaning two definitions? But it’s a stretch.

  14. Enjoyed DA’s efforts today. Only one doesn’t quite ‘click’ with me – 12A. Like AG I think I’ve got the answer, but unlike AG, the parsing hasn’t come to me. I’ve stared at it and tried all sorts of mental gymnastics to no avail. Any help/hints would be appreciated.

  15. Hi Smiley, 12A: Brown = definition. Then exchange the content in mugs for a word for tablet and stick it in sugar.

  16. Smiley 12 A was my last to parse. Have never seen that kind of wordplay before.
    Brown, definition, verb, eg as in cooking a steak.
    Wordplay. S(UG}AR, the content (middle two letters of mUGs) replaced by tablet, which is E (for ecstasy}.

  17. I’ve only just started, and I haven’t read any of the foregoing, but I just had to get on here and say the 6D / 2D combo is what can kick a puzzle construction off. DA thrives on seeing these clever links. Well done, sir!

  18. A most enjoyable DA – plenty of chuckles and the right level of difficulty for this brain. But could anyone parse 8D for me?

  19. Agree with all above posts some very clever clues and effort in solving word play rewarded with smiles/chuckles.
    Needed Gayle 4:57pm to get 12A
    Haven’t parsed 21A
    FOI 27A LOI 28A
    Cheers until next week

  20. Carol, 8d, “grime” is 7-4 with “Romeo” at 3 (all ‘returned’), “pen” is 1,2,8,9

  21. Never used or even heard of 15D, with the second hypenated word any way

    14D, have no idea what the ‘rogue computer’ is or was, should I have? What am I supposed to have missed in life?

  22. oops, just googled and that’s not right.
    “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.”

  23. Ha!Ha! Carol (or should I say HalHal?)
    Coincidentally, Red Dwarf’s take-off of that was on last night’s (replay) episode. Naturally, Rimmer, Lister Kryten and the Cat think they’re smarty-pantses covering their mouths, but equally naturally they’ve left the mic on. Holly, upon their exit: ‘I heard every word you said’.
    Back on topic: Can someone parse 26D for me, please? I presume it’s homophonic. Ta.

  24. johnno2
    26D yes, homophone of word in the financial sense of money outstanding or late payment.

  25. Thanks, Gayle. So ‘overdue’ = 1. But 2,3?
    (and it’s ‘word’, not ‘words’?)

  26. It took me a while to get it too and I was also breaking it up, but it’s a straight 3 letter homophone of 4 letter word for the money sense. I’d suggest saying the answer out loud, without looking at the clue or the answer.

    Words is okay, as there are lots of them in the answer. I think the problem is the grammar or the synonym for overdue.

  27. Sorry johnno 2. Do you do the dead tree version and are you looking for the answer?

  28. Dead tree, me, Gayle. I’m big on marginal notes-ing, (and also small on digital world-ing) particularly for writing the got letters and blanks of the downs horizontally, ticking off anagram grist, back parsing, and listing possibilities, such as the 7 for 11A 8,9,10, having got 9.
    I have what I presume is the answer – praise, in the bull ring, for example? I still don’t get the parsing then: taking your explanation above, I have the definition as ‘Laudatory words’ (which I’ve suggested should be ‘Laudatory word’), a word for ‘overdue’ to be the answer’s homophone, and ‘to be uttered’ as the homophone indicator.
    The ‘D’oh!’ is rising…

  29. johnno2, Do you;
    a) want the answer
    b) want to take a break and it will come to you?
    c) think of what other letter could possibly go between the crossers? WORDS

  30. johnno2. It is not “ole”.
    O DEAR.
    You will get it, at least in the first part.

  31. Come to think of it, is it possible that DA set this for the 11th of the 11th?
    There’s a connection between 26 and 22.

  32. A good DA I agree.
    If anyone is still around on the thread, can you explain the construction / word play for 25a please.
    I have words 2,3 of the clue giving the definition; is there a clever play of the definition then relating to first word of clue??
    Seems a bit far fetched, but maybe possible.

  33. It’s just a cryptic definition Phil. You’re correct in saying that words 2 and 3 are a definition, but the “No” and “ironically” indicate that when the 25a happens it takes a while before the result is known. So the “snap judgement” is also ironically not a snap judgement!!!

  34. Thanks Tim C. That looks right. It’s not easy to know how devious the clue might be.

  35. johnno2. I’m happy that you’ve been able to put 26D to bed but I’m still tickled by your comment at 11:46:

    The ‘D’oh!’ is rising…

    I so wanted to give a nudge and say something about that at the time, a reverse homophone of the word you were looking for in 26D, but I thought it might muddy the waters even more.
    Maybe you could use that as a clue in one of your crosswords? I love the ”rising” for d’oh/dough, and 26D.

  36. If you’re still there, Gayle, thank you! ?
    I guess, this being an online forum, that would have been an e-D’oh! ? (and you can see I’ve just learnt how to import emojis ?)
    Thanks for the suggestion: I will!
    As radio hosts maddeningly say, ‘See you next Friday!’

  37. Having pressed ‘Post Comment’, Gayle, I scrolled back a bit and just saw your Saturday 12:43 post in the new light of your yesterday’s post; that you were pointing me then to my own unwitting supply of the answer to myself – (Th)e D’o(h) is rising! I thought I was just being a clever clogs with the homophonic double entendre!
    So double thank you! ??

  38. I’ve been staring at 12A and 18A for two days. Came hear for therapy/absolution.
    Actually have answer for 12A written into the margin, just didn’t have the confidence to put it in the boxes.
    18A? Nup, went to zinzan now. Hate it. Spent too long with legend = foot and imagined ballet and got “on the bar”. Pffft

  39. Carol says:
    12 Nov 2022 at 9:19 am
    Cokes: re 14D “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.” :)

    Nah, that’s ok, I had the answer, just didn’t see the need to have known the computer, but it is typical DA which can more easily be parsed/solved with synonyms or general knowledge…hang on, isn’t that supposed to be Quick?

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