DA Confusion for the 4th of November, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Go on.

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of November, 2022

  1. Morning people. Came here to see how others are getting on. Am finding it a bit of a struggle to finish off the top third, and a couple in the SW. Tempted to cheat but need the DAstraction at the moment. A second coffee might help. Will come back later.

  2. Three quarters of today’s I found enjoyable, but I became unredeemably stuck in the northwest quarter for about half an hour, then resorted to looking up the solutions. The big one 11a/3d I’d never heard of, and even after looking it up I think the clue’s pretty weak. 9a is another example of needing a rewording so that a certain word can be capitalised at the start. And I don’t understand its wordplay. Nor do I understand 15d/24a, 1d & 16a. Perhaps I could work them out after some mental contortions, but I don’t think I can be bothered, as I’m not sure any “Aha!” moment would be very uplifting. Perhaps I’m suffering from ennui.

    New words for me: 22d, 2d, 17d, 4a.

    I’d better finish on some positives. 6d brought a smile, as did the cunning 17d.

  3. Graham M:
    9A – construct 1,6,7,8,9 then 2 then 3,4 then 5. You know defn.
    15D/24A – 1,2,3 then 4,5,6,7 then 8,9,10,11 then 13,12. Guess you know defn.
    1D – 1,2,3 and then 4,5. Defn = 1st word.
    16A – FLW without start for 1,2,3. And then 4. Defn = last word.

  4. Thank you DAJ. Not as fiendish as I thought. I must just not be on the right wavelength. Perhaps I need a holiday.

    Brond, your comment was a bit unresponsible.

  5. First run 4a,14a,27a,7d,19d. LOI 11a/3d (agree Graham M it’s not the strongest of clues).

  6. (Simon Door, I’ve posted over on the ‘About Us’ page a ‘go’ at the clues/query you posted there on 27 May)

  7. All out. I liked today’s puzzle. I know the 11,3 phrase but usually with a couple of extra words. I think the clue’s OK as it is referring to the stake, I guess.
    LOI 10a , FGS!
    6d – I’m being dim but don’t get the wordplay in full.
    Thanks DAJ for 16A.

  8. I am not sure DAJ is completely right on 16a. It seems to me to be a 5 letter word (defined by words 2-4 in the clue) without a start.
    Having said that, I am struggling with most. If there any hints out there on 1a or 4a, that might get me going. I have first letter for each of them, plus letters 6 and 8 for 4a.

  9. Henson – 6D – “I’d wear blazer over” = 4,3 and 5,2,1. “shirt” = 6.

  10. Sandy Mc – 16A – can live with your explanation. Either way for me.
    1A – defn = last word. And really mean last word.
    4A – defn = first 2 words.

  11. Thanks DAJ. 1a very clever. Still none the wiser on 4a, or any of the remaining crossers with 1a (ie 2d &3d). I am not catching on today.

  12. Does anyone else think that ‘ebbing’ is a dodgy directional indicator in 8D?

    (“I am a banker to my people…….”
    quote from Brond of Arabia.)

  13. “Ebb” —> “to recede” —> “to move back”.
    I can live with it.

  14. Thanks DAJ, was just not seeing the blazer.
    Brond, I was OK with “ebbing” but much less so with the use of “Elbow” in 18A!

  15. Re 8D: Had this been an Across answer, I’d have been okay with it. But as Down answer I don’t think it works.

  16. In 4d, is the definition supposed to be the last word? I don’t get it. Likewise is the definition for 16a the last two words? Don’t get that either. I must be a bit slow today.

    Sandy, 4a is a 4-letter word then a 6-letter word with its firsr letter removed (“uncapped”).

  17. Graham M, the 4D definition is the first word. The 16A definition is the last word

  18. “DAJunkie says:
    Sandy Mc – 16A – can live with your explanation. Either way for me.”

    mmmh, no I don’t believe DA intended two separate explanations, I agree with Sandy.

    The plurality gives it away.

  19. Thanks Graham M for 4a. Never hear of the old shells. But have it now. All done.
    Cakes I am not sure DAJ meant DA intended both. He was happy to accept my explanation, but also thought his might be possible. DA only meant one. DAJ and I had different guesses as to what that was. I am ok with that.

  20. Interesting that 17d is in today’s Financial Times cryptic. The clue there “Resentment when overlooking river and lifting no fish”.

  21. I think my 5d is wrong
    I have an anagram but it doesn’t work with the clue

  22. Melanie, the anagrist is ‘in smog ver(y)’, deficient meaning don’t use all of ‘very’. The anagrind is “in recovery”.

  23. Talking of other clues Graham M, I still remember my Maths teacher at school telling us how impressed he was with a clue for the plural of 22 down which was “&&&&&& food (6)”

  24. A bit of a struggle – thanks to above for assistance, including Tim C for 5D and DAJ for 6D. Still waiting for penny to drop for NW, also 15/24, and 20D.

  25. OK so now it’s just NW. I’ll see what the morrow brings.
    BTW Tim C – your Maths teacher example brought a smile. Very clever.

  26. Tim C, you reminded me of the old favourite, with which I’m sure you’re familiar …

    HIJKLMNO (5)

  27. I know the expression 11/3 but I don’t understand the clue. Does it mean that the gambler could (potentially) be giving away a lot of money to the casino in attempt to get a big win? And is ‘a run’ doing double duty in the potential win to the casino, and also referring to the phrase in the answer?

    4A. The second word mentioned by GrahamM as 6 letters with its first removed. I was stuck on thinking it’s a 7 letter word with the first 2 letters removed which is a bit more than a cap, so thanks to Graham I did a wildcard search and found it. That fuse!

    Thanks DAJ for 9A. I was misdirected by ‘shelling a’, but frankly I think the clue is unfair, even though there’s a question mark at the end. Doesn’t comply with the general principle, gettable wordplay, challenging definition, or vice versa. And technically it’s not correct, not just because of the lack of capitalisation, but also it’s singular. Well, that’s my grumble because I so wanted it to be the Dalai Lama.

  28. All done with some help from DAJ and TimC
    got a smile from 7d and its coupling with 16a
    Like fellow Trippers found some clues a little loose
    I’m going to zinzan for comments

  29. Like Gayle I don’t understand the clue for 11A/3D. I’ve only heard the expression with a couple of words preceding it such as “We’re not………..” In that context it was often used to remind parents watching their kids playing sport not to get overly enthusiastic!! In the context of the phrase in the puzzle answer I am baffled by the clue.

  30. Strictly speaking it should read ‘… giving casino the runs’!
    While I’m here, I see everyone else gets it, but how does 20D work?

  31. johnno2. LOL.
    20D. Letters 1-4, a 5 letter word for ‘test’ with final letter removed. (shortly)
    Letters 5,6 . “Say” cycling, is reversal of the usual ‘say’. ie 6,5. (Don’t know that cycling is a good reversal indicator in a down clue, or any clue.)

    ”Medical procedure” as def I had to think about twice, but it is a procedure or a process.

  32. Thanks, Gayle! I was on the right track (including that ‘cycling’ was a reversal indicator, which he’s used before and I’m OK with) but I was working with a shortening of a THREE-letter word for ‘test’ in its VERB form!
    So that’s a ‘D’oh!’
    p.s. Wholeheartedly with you on 9A, Motownly (or, as DA would have it, motownly)

  33. p.p.s. I hope DATs don’t mind my occasional sharing of these congruences:
    Being follicly challenged myself (and sporting it ‘proudly’!) MY 2-years-old ‘7D’, in the singular, seems to have stuck in my mind – Wash out ‘accident’ from rug (6)

  34. Gayle and GeoffD re 11a/3d, I think it’s just a cryptic definition (and probably not the best) with run referring to a sheep run so if you’re giving (not only potentially but most likely IMO) a run to a casino you would be 11a/3d. I also did wonder whether there was a pun on Casino in NSW, but they’re known better for cattle rather than sheep.

  35. SB: if you’re still gnawing on 1A, think of a kind of (first two words) – I had to Google as I know nothing of that subject – and then take off the ‘whiskey’.

    Like a couple of other posters, 11A/3D was a new one for me.

    Just 8D to go, despite having all the crosses. No doubt it will come to me at 3 in the morning.

  36. Tim C, Casino has an annual Beef Week. I’ve often been tempted to go there so I can get it all off my chest ,,,

  37. Carol, If 8D didn’t come to you at 3 am DAJ posted the parsing at 9:56 on the 4th.

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