DA Confusion for the 28th of October, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

35 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of October, 2022

  1. All done. LOI 1A & 6D. Haven’t parsed 9D …..yet! Not too bad today- 2D & 5D we’re new to me.

  2. Okay, but what’s 14A about? I can’t see a pun, or a double literal. It’s a quick clue.

  3. Nice one today, typical DA. There’s another creative anagrind. I’d never heard of 5d, nor 1a, which was my last in, after all the crossers. A bit of geographical knowledge required for a couple of clues today. The definition for 8d was a bit loose, but I guess that’s necessary her for a tightly structured clue. I liked 6d. And I agree with UStralian (pleased to meet you), that 14a isn’t cryptic, unless I too have missed something.

    Easy starters today 18d and 21a.

  4. First pass 10a,17a,25a,3d,7d,15d,16d,23d/16a. LOI 6d.
    Graham M and UStralian, I agree about 14a. It’s supposed to be a cryptic definition, but the pun of outgoing is pretty weak. I don’t think there’s anything more complicated in there.
    Similar to last week in terms of difficulty I thought.

  5. All done. Agree re 14A.
    Still to parse 19A & 9D.
    FWIW I found this a lot easier than last week’s, which I couldn’t complete for a few days, & only after checking in here for a clue or two.

  6. Having just done the Quick, I think its 26a and 15d may be more cryptic than 14a in the Cryptic!

  7. Graham M, often the case with DA. Glad I’m not the only one pointing out the use of quicks, although I’m harsher as he is often given a parse because the answer is very difficult

  8. Agree with Zinzan re Clyde, no permanent population, the 9 people in census were probably security guards of the small industries or driver training school.
    Imagine Melburnians, or anyone else knowing that, then knowing the rest.

    Losing his aura

  9. Cokes, I don’t have the answer to 19A (only the first letter) but I’m assuming from your comments that I’m wasting my time trying to make something of Glasgow and the Clyde river!!!

  10. is DA getting more 24A of late. half done and i had to double check i was doing the cryptic and not the quick . note to self, dont jinx it !

  11. I have to say 24a is one of the 24a clues I’ve come across. Surely (2,3) not (5). As a former altar boy, I liked 13a.

  12. GeoffD, yes definitely.

    I got it without any cryptic really because I knew the answer, which is not how cryptic is, but such is DA

  13. NE last in. I get the points of discussion of 14A, but can also see the double/cryptic def.
    Like others I was going for the Clyde in Scotland, but the answer is a lot closer to home.
    Maybe this is redress for the MYKI clue recently. NHO.

  14. My first thought on Clyde was “Scrap The Caddie Clyde” from the Clint Eastwood film. Second thought was the Clyde in Western Sydney. Just shows how long I’ve lived in Oz that the Clyde of Billy Connolly didn’t even register in my thoughts.

  15. I haven’t finished yet but does the clueing of 8D provide too many Ns and not enough Es???

  16. To Tim C’s list of Clydes, two other Clydes to further confuse Victorians: a suburb in south-east Melbourne (I’d never actually heard of it before today) and the girls’ school of Picnic at Hanging Rock fame on Mount Macedon (closed but now reopened under another name). And I was even thinking of Bonnie at one stage!

  17. I doubt many people from Melbourne would catch the train to Blacktown very often.

  18. GeoffD. I doubt many Western Sydney-Siders know Clyde either. “Minor” station, “limited” stops. Kind of industrial area, railway workshops, if you happen to be looking out the window as you whizz by on the ”fast” trains.

  19. Completed at last, agree on the easier side on difficulty slowed down in NE corner
    LOI 11A where I was misdirected thinking coffee names
    Liked 13A and 26A was thinking wrong location for 20D not the first time I’ve thought Australian state instead of another continent. Like Gayle I’m from Sydney so no problem with 19A. Not sure I’ve got the full parsing for 15D. I’ll see what zinzan has to say

  20. I think Clyde is fine. There is a lot of criticism of DA here and from Zinzan. Not sure what you want since he’s the only decent setter in the country. I thought this crossword was good.

  21. DA is a creative setter but by no means ‘the only decent setter in the country’. For a start, DS is a better setter. If the midweekers were dumped, you could easily bring in four or five better setters.
    Let’s give them a go! That’s what we want.

  22. Having grown up in Carlingford, I have spent many hours waiting for a change of train at Clyde, so I’m one of the fortunate Melbournians to get that one easily.

    Can’t parse 2D (is it a pronunciation thing?) or 3D

  23. Yes askvictor, 2d is a homophone clue. Split it into 1-3 (eat) and 4-7 (affected). 3d is 1,2 (rings) 3 (men) and then two tracks with “finally cut” missing from both.

  24. DS is overly reliant on anagrams – essentially every clue will have an anagram component – that renders him inferior to DA (while still the only other Nine setter worth a place on the roster).

  25. “essentially every clue will have an anagram component” simply not true.
    Nothing wrong with anagrams as long as the clues contain disguise which they often do. His only issue is some of his anagram indicators don’t do the job. At least DS tries really hard to disguise the definition and his clues, in the main, can be determined from the wordplay, unlike DA’s where “back-solving” is par for the course.
    BTW, how many other compilers have you tried outside of the Nine roster?

  26. 1a is a double definition (play with boomerang/puzzle) and is a phrase I hadn’t heard of before HandM.

  27. The new GF and I did most of this one over a relaxed drinks and snacks session at the Running Postman in Camberwell. Finished off the last few clues today with the help of Google.

    14A – agree this one seems barely cryptic, but I’ll take an easy fill any day

    19A – I’m a Melburnian and got this one quickly, mostly because we had the V and I guessed the correct bone. A look up in Google Maps found Clyde next door.

    24A – we were trying to work with CLAUDE for a while (i.e. poorer = LAUDE) but then it washed over me

    2D – knew we had the right cheese, but no idea why

    5D – needed Google today to find the right plant. Is this ridiculously obscure, or am I just botanically challenged?

    6D – does this one come from Aussie RULES football?

    8D – pretty sure this was an anagram of FUN DEAD CHEERS but my German isn’t great. Last clue to do so I resorted to an anagram solver :(

    Enjoyed 1A 13A 19A 3D 4D 7D 15D

    6D – secon

  28. @muntz – 5d comes up in David Attenborough (and other nature) documentaries a bit. It’s the biggest following plant in the world, as well as being ridiculously smelly.

    6d – yes, you got the right idea.

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