DA Confusion for the 23rd of September, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

30 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of September, 2022

  1. Done in 40 minutes. Not a killer DA xword, but some good clues in there.
    FOI 10A, LOI 15A.
    Liked 20D clue. Quite clever I thought

  2. Well done Dom – I was nowhere near that fast and, whilst have completed the grid, I still have to convince myself on a couple of wordplays.
    FOI 1D.
    LOI 8D.
    I thought 11A was pretty clever.
    Also 1A, 14A, 15A, 28A and 16D.
    Did not know part of 23A.
    Enjoy all.

  3. A most enjoyable divertissement today, with plenty of smiles, no groans, and no sticky ones. I’ve still to parse three. Today I learnt a new word for “trap” and discovered that a word I’d always used in the plural could be singular (in which case it’s also a verb).

  4. First pass 9a,10a,14a,15a,27a,1d,6d,16d,17d,24d. The last few took a while to parse. LOI 8d. Favourite 11a.
    That word for “trap” is a crossword staple Graham M so it’s worth remembering.
    I also had a lot of clues with a ? next to them this week to indicate dodgy, including possibly the suspect definition at 20d (at least according to Chambers).

  5. Have parsed my final recalcitrant clue, after a web search led me to some little-known, long-dead American. And I was just thinking today how nice it was to have had a few DAs without any obscurities. (Cue: “Surely you must have heard of …”)

  6. Completely forgot to sign on here today, last week too.

    As others here found it went fairly smoothly for me, no real head-scratchers although some easy ones like 26D, 22D and 9A took far longer than they ought.

    FOI 1D, 6D. LOI 26D, 28A.

  7. Strange wording used in the 6A wordplay. I don’t recall seeing this before.

  8. 6a is a 5 letter word for pancake with the ‘end in’ SB. As Jack says it’s a bit of a strange wording.
    14d “way with one” gives 3-6.

  9. 6A is a 5-letter word for pancake, with the final letter brought forward.

    114D is a 5-letter word for zoomed, with way with one (abbreviated) inside it.

  10. tplew1, 7d, read the first 3 words of the clue as a literal instruction to form a single word.
    For 26d “in ear” is a homophone indicator for “hairs” (a pretty loose description of the sounds like).

  11. If anyone can help me make sense of 14D it would be a weight off my mind!

  12. tplew1 if you have 4D
    14D is a 2 word synonym of 4D
    Have a look at 2nd part of Jack’s 3:25pm post which I found helpful
    I’ve got 1st half of 2D, 11A and 20D to go
    I’m thinking about TimC’s 11:27am post re 20D
    Liked 5D and 13D
    FOI 6D

  13. I’m also still baffled by 14D. Can’t see anything that would provide a definition of the answer.

  14. GeoffD, the definition in 14d is the first word. “Way” gives 3,4. “With” gives 5. “One” gives 6. “Zoomed” gives 1,2,7,8,9. Think of another uncommon synonym to do with speed.

  15. Thanks Graham M and Tplew1. What I still can’t see is how ‘natural’ is a defn of the answer.

  16. GeoffD – 14D – If something is “hardwired” into your personality, it is “natural” / “innate”.

  17. Barnum’s initials are at letters 1 and 8. Letters 2-7 represent the plural of a7-lettter word for stand and letter 9 is given by arena’s centre.

  18. Thanks DAJunkie. I’ve only ever regarded the term as a technical one.
    I seem to be falling further out of touch every week !!!!
    I’d heard of the ‘pop star’ in 15A but would never have thought of her name.

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