DA Confusion for the 16th of September, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

40 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of September, 2022

  1. All out but not all understood – still mulling over a few.
    FOI 24A and then 7D/10A – so off to the races.
    LOI 16D.
    Got NW then SE then NE and finished in SW.
    Again learnt stuff eg: did not know 4A, part of 11A/23A, 18A, 16D.
    Liked 15A.

  2. Couldn’t understand the instruction. The grammar still seems a bit weird.
    Didn’t know 24 across. Took a stab. Googling to confirm unfortunately gave the game away.
    FOI 25 across and then the intersecting Spoonerism.
    Not finished yet. 12A chuckleworthy.
    I wonder when DA compiled this. Earlier this year?

  3. Themed puzzles are always a problem for me, but today I can’t even understand the instruction. Only have 1A so far. I presume ‘one hit wonders’ is the defn for 24A but don’t see it.

  4. Immediately got the theme last night, then a few others including themed one

    Will have another look when I get some time today. Although I turn halfway between two big number b/days today, not far off biblical age now, still working demanding jobs and a moonlighting gig, plus volunteering on Sunday. :-)
    Cryptic keeps the brain ticking.

  5. Got the theme quickly, despite never having heard of 24a nor 7d/10a, and thought today’s was going to be easy. Solved about a dozen, but have been staring at the rest for half an hour now without any lightbulb moments. So regrettably, I’m throwing in the towel and seeking solace in the Pommy offerings. See you all next week.

  6. First lot 24a,7d/10a,21a,25a,15d,21d,22d. Also thought I had 13a with the first pass, but it was not to be. LOsI 16a,16d.

  7. GeoffD,
    the first and fifth word of the clue tells you how to get the answer. You might just need to google possibilities.

  8. Thanks Neanderthal. Surprisingly I was familiar with 7D/10A but not 24A.

  9. Happy midway birthday Cokes! Good on you for staying so active, and good wishes for many more years of enjoyment.

    Back after a trip to the city for a medical appointment. Coincidentally I saw an ad on a motorway billboard with 7/10, which I’ve now encountered for the second time today, and only the second time ever. Foolishly I youtubed it when I got home. Need to have a lie-down now. … or get out and about more.

    Favourites 15, 18 and 26 across. Don’t get 13. I thought it might have been a palindrome. So does ‘either way’ indicate a double definition? If so, it’s unusual.

  10. Well this was hard work. Gayle, 13 is a kind of double def. I think it’s quite clever

  11. Got 24a thanks to Neanderthal then googled to get 7d/10a which my adult son would play at full volume on his car stereo as he drove off.
    Like Gayle I’m trying to interpret the instruction and identify the elements in 10 wordplays,
    So far penny has not dropped
    TimC has me concerned 13a was my FOI
    but my answer is single not plural so I have marked with query. 22d is only other clue solved. Taking a break to see if sun conscious kicks in.

  12. SB – don’t want to give too much away, so hope hints below help but are not too much:
    4A – defn = last 3 words.
    3D – look up.
    4D – 6LW minus 1.
    5D – constructed as 4 and 5 (actually as 5 and 4 swapped).

  13. The only way I can interpret the instruction is to imagine an error in that the hyphen after 10-across should have been a comma.

    Rubric: “I did, in reply to 7-down 10-across- varyingly across ten clues’ wordplay. All other clues are normal.”

    So DA answered 7/10 (I did).
    And it maybe should read:
    I did, in reply to 7-down 10-across, varyingly across ten clues’ wordplay. All other clues are normal.

  14. Ah!! Checked the print version again for discrepancies, and I was close!
    The print/replica/Today’s Paper version has a colon. ( I think a comma would have been better.)

    I did, in reply to 7-down 10-across: varyingly across ten clues’ wordplay. All other clues are normal.

  15. IanS, yes I’m guessing you did the same as me with 13a. I bunged in ROTOR (which isn’t the answer) and didn’t think enough to realise that the answer is plural, not singular as you say. I only got it once I had some crossers later on so it held up the NW corner for a while.

  16. Tim C and IanS, ROTOR was my first guess too for 13A, thinking it was a palindrome, even though I wasn’t comfortable with ”they’re”. I tend to go through on first scan and pencil in possible endings, and figured 3d had to also end in an ‘s’.

  17. Seek and you shall find seems an apt proverb this week. But I have still failed to parse 16A and 16D, noting the ? at the end of the latter clue. Would some kind person enlighten me, please.

  18. Thanks TimC and Gayle for confirming my suspicions. I thought a palindrome May have been appropriate given DA’s wordplay column in last week’s Spectrum

  19. Mike, I found they each had an element that was a bit unusual, for me anyway.
    I hope it’s late to enough to say:

    16A Fairly common synonym for ‘jobs’, with the themester (which I didn’t know) in the middle.
    16D. The themester I did know. I think the synonym for ‘packed’ is a 5 letter word often referring to trucks or beasts of burden. ‘unwrapped’ is an instruction to take off the outer 2 letters.

  20. Many thanks Gayle re 16A/16D. For some reason – like my poor eyes – I was looking for only 9 themesters – and then miscounted those that I had found ooo

  21. Interesting but quite hard. Some like 4a I didn’t know. I didn’t like the def in 5d- it would have been better not to say ‘primarily’. I’m surprised that zinzan hadn’t heard of 18a.

  22. Some newbies for me: 4A, 18A, 24A, 7D/10A and the stunt in 2D. Favourite is 12A. I believe the weakest entry is 17D.

  23. Thanks Gayle,
    Great party last night, but however he chose my birthday to give me one where my lack of obscure terms, rather than pure cryptic deciphering let me down. Didn’t enjoy this one.
    Like ZinZan, never heard of the explorer, despite my continent connections, never herad of 4A, 2D in the skateboarding sense, 8D, 16D, nor even the 12A slang and 5D is american spelling , just stop that DA please:-(
    And to concur further, too much guessing or looking up dog types to be cryptic, nor even fun.
    5.5/10 is way too high

  24. Cokes. Sorry you did not enjoy.
    I in the other hand do really enjoy these types of challenges that DA sets, and did enjoy this one a lot.
    If nothing else I learnt a lot.
    Much better IMO than the last couple of “plain” weeks.
    And of course each to their own.
    Hopefully a good one for all next week.

  25. I started well. Getting 24a and then 7d/10a straight away. About half done now, including 6 themed. Have no idea of 16a or d despite Gayle’s hints. Also struggling with 15a&d, 5d, 8d, 14d, and 20a. Any help appreciated.

  26. Well I got going then and sorted the NE corner. But still plagued by both 16s and 14d. I have a hunch on a Cricketing legend for 20, but if it is right, I don’t get the wordplay.

  27. Ok. All out now. I had the wrong cricketing legend for 20. Now I get it. But still don’t understand the wordplay for 16d (apart from the theme bit).

  28. Hope this is not too revealing, but it is Sunday! 18D, why does “writing about” = “SM”? Thanks

  29. You legends! I really struggled with quite a few unknown words eg 4a and less familiar abbreviations eg in 16d, and was grateful for the helpful design. Thanks to your hints, I could go backwards to work out why answers were as they were.

  30. Only attacked today for idiosyncratic reasons: hardest crossword (for a cat person) for dog years, but that’s what made it an enjoyable challenge. Much rather a mind-boggled than a dawdle, like the last few weeks.

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