DA Confusion for the 2nd of September, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out amidst the craziness of the AFL finals.

27 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 2nd of September, 2022

  1. OK puzzle.
    FOI 5D.
    LOI 21D (and still don’t get “Nancy” bit).
    All the rest understood.
    As normal, some tricky wordplays.
    No real favourite but do like 15D.

  2. Brond, Nancy is a region in France which, combined with “you” gives first three letters of 21D.

    I’d never heard of 7A

  3. Another fast one today, no real outstanding or hard ones I thought.

    FOI 7A, 1D. LOI 14A, 18A.

    George, 7A well worth catching up with!

  4. Almost a write in today. First pass 12a,14a,19a,20a,1d,2d,3d,4d,15d,21d,24d. LOI was 18a which should have been in the first pass. Strange how you get a blind spot at times. Favourite was the nice &lit 20a.

  5. Happy to see 7A, any day.
    Quite liked the surface readings and indicators in several of today’s clues.
    Ticks for Acrosses, 10,14, 25 Downs 1,2,6,9,13, 17 and 22.

  6. You know how, when you’re installing software, the little progress bar often rushes quickly to about 90%, then the last 10% takes forever? I was like that today. Within minutes I had 90% of this puzzle done, but the last few clues stumped me for quite a while.

    11a and 19a were new to me, along with one meaning of 14a. Another anagrind not previously seen, in one clue.

    First one in was 20a, probably today’s easiest. Smiles greatly outnumbered groans. My favourite was probably 24a.

  7. All solved (for a change) so feel I can post! FOI 8D, LOI 2D. I liked 17D. I have read the exchange above but still don’t get the Nancy / France reference – everything else understood.

  8. All done.
    FOI 18a
    LOI 11a

    A few I had to build. Not too bad.

    It is a language reference.

  9. Quite enjoyable – stuck on NW, and wordplay for 24A and 13D. Subtle help please?

  10. 13d dogs is an anagrind
    24a you need to remove a letter and insert another
    7a fairly well know Australian female painter
    10a definition is item
    2d use “out of bounds” to indicate what to do with some preceding words
    3d definition is level

  11. Nearly there. Still stuck on 25a.
    I think I have 14a but definition doesn’t seem to fit. Is it a big one?
    Also 22d I have an answer (Felicity) and I can see one pound returned to Swiss banks. But where does the first letter come from?

  12. Worked out 14a and 25a now. Still not sure about first letter of 22d

  13. As usual by this time, you’ve all managed to cover my responses, good and bad, thank you!
    Seeing as no one else has had a problem with it, a ‘D’oh!’ for 23A no doubt awaits me: what is the homophoned scold?

  14. 23a is the only one I’ve not completely understood; I can see how scold gives 2-5, but is it meant to give 2-7? In which case, is it some weird language usage I’m unfamiliar with (like ouster in American meaning ousting)

  15. Is ‘Loud’ doing double duty? We haven’t had a double duty debate for a while! ;-)

  16. Delete that: 2-7 would be ‘scold’ as spelt – ni homophone duty for ‘Loud’ (though a questionable synonym?)

  17. The second definition (out of 5) in Chambers for rail is “to scoff; to use vigorously or mockingly reproachful language; to banter; to revile”. A railer (noun) is someone who rails (verb).
    A scold (noun) is “a person, usually a woman, who constantly finds fault in a strident or clamorous manner” as well as being a verb.

    Hence 23a is F (loud) + RAILER (scold) = FRAILER (more vulnerable). No double duty and no homophones.

  18. Is 22d blade?
    I’m new to cryptic crosswords, or help with breaking it down?

  19. No, 22d is BLISS. “Felicity” is the definition. “One pound” is “ILB” (remember the old system of weights of pounds and ounces: lb and oz/). “Returned” is a reversal indicator. “Banks” refers to the outer letters of the word “Swiss”, so “SS”.

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