DA Confusion for the 26th of August, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

61 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of August, 2022

  1. Thought I’ll try a couple before lights out and just sailed through
    Nice workable ‘ cryptic’ cryptic, enjoyed it

  2. I thought that this was pretty tough but I think that I have it correct.

    Like Brond, I cannot really parse 1D but I think it’s both the name of a dessert and the dish that it’s served in.

    I had to cheat and do an online search to find out who Emma McKeon is.

  3. OK – done. Did not really enjoy. Guess just a downer from last week’s high.
    FOI was 6A.
    LOI was 1D – which I do not get wordplay for.
    Toughest wordplay so far is 18A (if I have right it obliquely references 2 women).
    Also do not fully understand 6D.
    Hope others enjoy like Cokes.

  4. I think that 1D is a dessert and the name of the glass that it is served in, but I cannot parse it.

    I had to look up to see who Emma McKeon is.

  5. Pretty easy today, finished quickly. 6a & 6d jumped out at me, although I haven’t yet parsed 6d. I suspect it will be rather convoluted, culminating in a groan. Didn’t know that Greek had an adjective. It took me a while to find 1d’s connection to a feller. Didn’t think 16a was desktop. Is bone correct in 10a? I get the wordplay in 18a but not the definition (if I have it correct).

    No chuckles today, but smiles greatly outnumbered groans, so I’m happy. My favourite was probably 3d.

  6. 1D. Yes, found the same as George. The clue is a double definition. Also found the other one for the feller’s workplace. Didn’t know either words/meanings.

  7. On reflection this morning, I think it was probably a bit too ‘unchallenging’. I have some pinched nerve in back (L4/5) and was waiting for the painkillers to kick in before sleeping so I guess I may have been delirious😉😲
    Thought I had fully passed 6D, but don’t see it now, haven’t seen that use of 1D before either
    Must say it is quite a different style of DA

  8. @DAJunkie 6D – Cocktail (3) meat (3) not good (3) game (5) consuming one (1) The “game” is a bit obscure

    For 1D I get the dessert, struggling with Feller’s workplace (assuming forest etc, but can’t make a connection)

  9. 1A FOI. I haven’t counted, but I think DA might have been more generous today with those clue types. Revealed 1D.
    I thought 16A was a nice misdirection. Got me.
    18A as DAJ said involves two women. I gave up trying to account for all the letters and just went with ‘drowns’ and the question mark.
    Haven’t yet parsed 8D. Think I’ll need more than 2 coffees to attempt 6D and maybe not even then.

  10. SK, I was being careful not to give too much away this early re 1d, but now you mention it, I cracked it by googling “forest ____”. This definition was not to be found in any of the online dictionaries I tried.

  11. The online dictionary I’ve often used has been Lexico, which I gather was a poor man’s version of the Oxford online, which costs. Today they’ve up and left, and are redirecting to dictionary.com, which I don’t like. What free online dictionaries do you lot use and would recommend?

    I tried several today, and interestingly very few had either of the meanings DA used for 1d. Collins had one of the two, so I thought perhaps I’d start a relationship with them. But other suggestions will be welcome.

  12. Thanks SK for 6D although I still don’t fully get the last part.
    I was misdirected by cocktail, thinking it was one of DA’s tricks.
    For the game I thought it was the last 5 letters, a familiar 6 letter game, with ‘one’ consumed/deleted, but then couldn’t explain letter 10.
    After SK’s explanation I’ve looked up more ‘obscure’ games that would fit, but can only find electronic ones, although DA often often refers to teen and pop culture that I know nothing about.

  13. Yeah, that happened to me too Graham M, when I looked up my usual tool OneLook and Oxford entries there were also redirecting to dictionarydotcom. I just kept trying other entries under OneLook. OneLook is very good for obscure or archaic words and has multiple dictionaries linked.

    But I’m not sure if that’s where I found 1D as I also found other references by straight out googling the guesses for the double def.

  14. Easiest one for a while, I thought. Never seen exactly 20A before, and was unaware of the 4D meaning of 1D.

    FOI 1A, 6A. LOI 16A, 17D.

  15. Gayle, I added OneLook to my arsenal subsequent to a recommendation from you a few months ago. It’s been very useful.

  16. First pass 6a,9a,15a,26a,6d,7d. Thought I had 14a/22d as well but it was wrong. LOI 1d.
    I think I understand 18a, if ‘drowns’ means take away a random number of letters.
    1d (first meaning) is not in the OED or Chambers.

  17. Thank you NonithePony for 8D.

    Yes Tim C 18A, that’s the way I read it. Or, in other words, the answer is immersed.

  18. I am not getting how the answer is immersed in 18a. Nor do I see any woman. The answer I have is a man (with a name similar to a woman). But I have no idea of the wordplay.

  19. Sandy Mc. It’s a woman’s surname. The famous Nightingale is drowning the famous Italian screen siren.

  20. Hmmm. I know a screen siren, similar to the answer I have. But with one letter different (but sounding the same) I have the first name of an author whose surname appears in the clue.

  21. Ahh. OK I see the Nightingale now. I had googled and found the other one which put me off track. Thanks Gayle.

  22. If 1d is a double definition and I don’t know either definition, how am I ever supposed to get it?

  23. Agree SandyMc. re 1D. Several of us had trouble finding one or the other or both. Frankly I think the clue is unfair.

  24. I started well and have most done, but struggling in the SW corner. Not as enjoyable as last week which was helped greatly by having studied Greek.

  25. And the rest just toppled. Still don’t have 1d though. And don’t get the word play for 27a.

  26. Well, there you go. I knew neither of those definitions for 1a. Rock writer. Car. But not the ones DA offered.

  27. The forestry meaning of 1D has had mentions in the media over the last few years when discussing such matters. A bit like tranche WRT shares.

    27A: Bill gives letters 1-3, fighting letters 6-8, shelter letters 4,5,9.

  28. All done
    18a was quite tricky.

    1d I’d heard of the “feller” reference but my experience is more a glass than 4d.

    I hadn’t heard of 1a but knew the wordplay.

  29. I’m in the “Can’t work out 1d” camp. Done everything else (18a seems to need more info in the clue)
    I’ve resorted to looking up lists of desserts starting with C, which I’ve never done before, and can’t find one to fit even in lists of 90!
    Can someone give a more informative int without giving it away.

  30. It’s not only a dessert, it’s also the name of the dish/glass it goes in. Both this meaning and the ‘feller’s workplace’ are not well known IMO.

  31. Phil,
    1d is more a container than a type of dessert.

    As indicated above I know it more as a glass.

    For the “feller” think of a guy with an axe and a collective noun for his objects.

  32. If all else fails Phil, think of the feller’s workplace as a two seater

  33. Thanks everybody, your responses are much appreciated.
    I have got it at last. I’m not sure if I have heard of it as a dessert glass, maybe. Definitely not for the forest reference.

  34. Like many Trippers came down to 1D to solve and could work out feller was a forester and a chilled dish but didn’t know the term thanks for your help Gayle
    Like GrahamM 6A FOI and 6D early
    Liked 3D and 14A/22D
    Still looking at wordplay for 18A
    Certainly easier than last week

  35. 18a is related to people. A famous Nightingale and a famous Roman siren. Drowned is a “within” indicator.

  36. We haven’t resolved how ‘game’ clues 6D, 11-15 yet? If it’s a bingo synonym, that’s not a correct spelling? The clue c/should have read something like ‘… one runs up to PM’s place’?
    As SandyMc noted, Macquarie has both the 1D definitions (indeed, for the 4D definition, it puts the dessert before the glass) But it doesn’t appear to have ‘game’ as a 6D, 11-15 definition. It does, however, have 11-14-ie (and 11-14-y) for bingo.

  37. I’m with you Graham, on the 16A. Unless, of course, one needs a handy tool to help stop papers falling off the desk?! ;-)
    And, yes, bone IS correct in 10A. ‘Of course!’ I now ‘ear you say!

  38. Yes, I’ve changed dictionaries (see above), and am now aware that it’s also a bone.

  39. I also thought the game was a form of bingo but it didn’t parse.
    Like johnno2 I thought there could have been an indicator to move the ‘Kelly’s eye’.
    Maybe DA got confused with all those letter repetitions?

  40. I think 16a would be more a desktop tool if the first word had an “r” on the end and lost the second word.

    For 6d you can “play 11-15”. Not a card game. More role playing.

  41. Of course, that’s it, Margaret! Passed me by in my 50s/60s male child upbringing!

  42. Ah, thank you Margaret! I had the mini tea-set but never took to it, probably because I was the elder of two, and my brother was playing Cowboys and Indians with pieces of toast and sticks.
    I was given a child-sized easel and blackboard , ending up being a teacher and other things, and am only now about to play that game as I retire.

  43. I can’t work out how to get the additional two letters in 17d – I think from “provoked”

  44. Matt, they come from “playing”. As in “Roger Moore playing James Bond”.

  45. All out but 24A and 17D, but I won’t ask for help yet. Both 1A (both definitions!) and 1D were new to me.

    Found this much easier than last week’s, which I could scarcely make a dent in, despite hints and helps here.

  46. For 6d (re above discussion) I parsed it as cocktail 1-3, meat 4-6, not good 7-9, game 11-15 (in Chambers as bingo) and one consumed as 10.

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