DA for the 12th of August, 2022

Get your DA on for this week’s cryptic spectacular.

3 thoughts on “DA for the 12th of August, 2022

  1. SMH Cryptic Crossword Sunday August 14, 2022:

    Very sure mistake in 12A – “STYRIAN BRAT” should be “SYRIAN BRAT.

  2. That’s been a poor crossword for a very long time. Right out of the 1970s, with clunky clues and no imagination. I read online that it’s put together with old clues and a computer. Certainly there doesn’t seem to be a crossword editor involved.

  3. Agree Peter W.
    I got hold of the Sunday Herald at a friend’s last weekend and did the cryptic.
    Got it out with a bit of a struggle, but the struggle was not the (mostly) satisfying wrestle with a DA; more of a disappointing set of incompletely parsable clues.

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