DA Confusion for the 8th of July, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

38 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of July, 2022

  1. I found today’s DA very difficult.
    Just about all wordplays had to be figured out once I had an answer.
    FOI was 17D.
    LOI was 1A.
    Understand all but wordplay for 9A.
    I didn’t help myself when, for 26A/3A, I wrote the answer in as 3A/26A.
    It wasn’t until I was sure I had 7D correct (and it wouldn’t fit) that I picked up my error.
    Liked 11A, 21A, 27A, 2D, 8D – and maybe a couple more.
    My pick for best 5D.

  2. Enjoyable today. Chuckled at 23A & 27A amongst others.
    Re9A: Letters 2-5= spread.

  3. OK – got 9A – another toughie.
    Clever multiple answer to cryptic clue (if meant).

  4. Thanks Brond – yes had got there myself.
    Was getting 1,2,3 instead of 1,7,8,9 from first bit.
    BTW think you have a typo as “spread” = 2,3,4,5,6.

  5. Me too. Hard.
    DAJ’s FOI 17D came late to me, once I got the crossers and the wordplay right. Liked the surface. I have a quibble with the def for 5D.
    FOIs 27A and 13A. LOIs 17D and 16D.

    Didn’t know the TV reference in 23A, or that meaning of 19D. The parsing was fair.
    Thought 20D a little unfair.
    Liked 21A although some may not like the grammar, 16D, 17D, 18A and 14A (a retroparse).

  6. Thankyou Brond and DAJ for 9A! Also my last to solve. Was working on the wrong egghead.

  7. I thought it was average difficulty today. Plenty of smiles, only one or two groans. My biggest groan was 23a, which after a good deal of head-scratching once again confirmed that DA seems to watch more American television than I.

    My favourites were 13a and 17a. I thought 5d was a bit rude, but then realised it was probably just me. I also thought that the definitions in 16d & 25a were a bit loose. I’d have said (3,6) for 15d, but fair enough.

    I can’t parse 1a, assuming I’ve got it right. But don’t help me for a while yet.

  8. Yeah, you’re right about 16D, Graham M. I’ll take it off my list. It’s flawed. :-)

  9. You can all relax, I’ve figured out 1a. Pretty obvious, really. I’d been trying to work out how the leader of a crowd , the ringleader, or ‘R’ was involved. I guess this is called barking up the wrong tree …

  10. First run 1a,2d,7d which didn’t look promising but slow and steady progress then made whilst ignoring the dodgy stuff, quite a bit of it this week. LOI 15d

  11. Well that was the fastest DA for some time! Came close to a record time for me – if I hadn’t picked the wrong names in 11A … liked 13A a lot. Getting 26A/5A early helped a lot. Had to check spelling of 24A.

    FOI 1A, 1D. LOI 20D, 24A.

  12. I don’t have an issue with anything today, except I agree that 15D should be two words. My favourite is probably 16D.

    The TV item in 23A could be clued as ABD or DBA or similar.

  13. 16d definition is perfectly fine. This is a brilliant crossword. All this pettifogging is so tiresome.

  14. You are correct Patrick: you can’t expect a crossword writer to get EVERY definition in crossword right. That’s expecting too much. After all, there is always the wordplay you can use to work out the answer. Who needs a proper definition?

  15. All done. I have a theory on 24a but would like someone else’s view. I know the anagram, and what is removed, but my reasoning why feels a touch tenuous.

    15d should be two words.

  16. Margaret, 24a, I took “leading lady” to be a rather poor DA attempt to avoid using the word queen to indicate the 2 usual letters to remove from “heroics”.

  17. Hi there, often look at DA Confusion to resolve queries and see what others thought of DA’s offer for the week. This one was quite enjoyable and challenging, with a little bit of naughtiness in 5D that reminded me of some Mungo McCallum clues.
    If it is OK to ask now that it is Saturday: Can someone please help me with how the last letter in 15D is clued? I have the middle letter from air, plus chrome wings and takes rearranged, but no last R and maybe my take on stake is not quite right.

  18. Phil S – I read the same for “chrome wings” and “takes turn” – but then “mid-air after launching” says put this result between I and R as “lauching” is taken to mean “opening”.

    Haven’t worded this well.

  19. Phil, 15D.. “mid-air after launching”
    mid is the position indicator for the chrome wings and takes bit
    between I and R the first and last letters of 15D) after the initial a in air is dropped, ie after the beginning/launching of the word.
    At least that’s how I read it.

  20. Finished at last after starting this morning
    Liked 13A
    Don’t have wordplay for 18A
    Appreciated Margaret’s explanation for 9A
    I had in leaving cerebral organ for 1-3
    and don’t have the wordplay for 18A

  21. Gosh I found this one tricky
    Could I have a hint for 1a, 1d, and 27a
    If anyone is still there 💕

  22. Melanie, for 1a, think of a proverb that mentions a crowd. From this, think of a four-letter word representing a number of people. Then take the leader (ie the first letter) of this word and relegate it to the end.

    1d is a part of a cell, a word that most of us have probably not heard of. “Kid” gives 1-3, the rest is an anagram of “moose”.

    27 a has the first word as definition. The model is the first letter, thanks to Henry Ford. The other letters mean to go, as you may desire after a few beers, perhaps.

  23. Well, this was a huge struggle for me – just wasn’t on the wavelength – finally, after a lot of googling, as well as help from above, almost done – just NW to go: 1A, 12A, 14A and 2D. Hints welcome if anyone’s still there. FOI 25A, 22D.

  24. SB, for 1a, see above. 12a would cease to be a cryptic clue if you were to insert a semicolon ‘twixt the words.

    14a, first three words definition. Host 1,2. Caught 3. The rest an anagram of “thirst say”.

    2d, first word definition. Even letters from “touches” 1, 7,8. Stakes, as in a fence, gives the remainder.

  25. Margaret, Tim C: I found a different ER, from America – was that yours Margaret? Didn’t think of our majesty but she could be the one.

    I can’t reconcile the second letter of 14a. Presuming host is 1,3. Any comments/help?

  26. Thanks Graham M – Very helpful – all out, all understood.
    Phil, from Graham’s hint, I take 1-2 to be the host, and 3 to be caught.
    Till next time.

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