DA Confusion for the 1st of July, 2022

It’s a new financial year — don’t let your taxes get you down. Get de-confused on your DA here.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of July, 2022

  1. All out and all understood except for cluing of 8th letter of 13A (unless simply given by “an”).
    FOI 12A.
    LOI 16D.
    Solving order was a bit all over the shop.
    Liked 1A, 17A, 24A (which is a bit tricky IMO), 20D and especially 23D.
    But my pick for best was 27A/4D.

  2. Thank goodness you’ve arrived DAJ
    I haven’t been able to start without your help!

  3. All done with the top half going in first. Dodgy clues include 21D & 22D.

  4. No chuckles today, but plenty of smiles, and no groans. I had a nasty suspicion that I would never have heard of 5d, and my suspicion proved correct. For some time I had the wrong first word for 1d, which slowed me up a bit. I’d never heard of 25a nor 10a in its context. Can’t parse 22d (but don’t help me yet). My favourite (the one that came nearest to a chuckle) was 1a (although it would have been just as clever without the cryptic definition).

    I can’t remember which was my first in … it was too long ago! Possible easy starters 23d, 19a.

  5. First pass got 12a,17a,19a,26a,6d,15d.
    LOI 13a.
    10a was new but I’d heard of 5d and 25a. A few questionable clues. Favourites were 2d and 27a/4d.

  6. Really struggled to get going today, too much red last night I guess. 1A should have been FOI but was one of the last; nice misdirection there.

    FOI 6D, 6A. LOI 2D, 1D.

  7. There’s another word needed to describe some of DA’s clues. It’s not aha, it’s not a chuckle, it’s not a groan, it’s not how clever, although there were some of those today. It’s more a case of yeah, I get your sense of fun with words, but ummm, I don’t know…. Maybe ‘quirky’ describes him best. 1A was one of those for me. And is the accent in 5D a misdirection?

    Even without being a purist, I agree there were a few questionable clues today, but each of us would probably have a different list. 13A as mentioned by DAJ. I can see Brond’s point about 21D, but I’d pay that in a DA-way. 22D I can parse without the ‘preceding’, so don’t know what I’m missing there. 2D isn’t totally drug free.

    Heard of Eminem in 23D, but had to look up Drake, Assuming I’ve got the right Drake, NHO.

  8. So that’s an accent in 5d? I thought my laser printer had delivered me a bonus spot, as it often does …

  9. The “preceding” in 22a sort of works if you don’t take ‘oddly’ as an anagrind Gayle, but get to the answer another way. Also the accent in 5d I would not describe as a misdirection but just classify it as dodgy.

  10. Tim, I took “oddly” in 22d to be referring to odd-numbered letters.

  11. Gayle, for 22D, the clue gives “directions” to move the last two letters of a word to the first two.

    And I will take that in 13A “an” clues letter 8, even though I don’t really like it.

  12. 22D DAJ, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing. Tim C, I took ‘salad’ as the anagrind?

    Graham M, 5D. You’re lucky you thought the accent was a speck on your printout. I spent ages trying to get something GOLD before I had crossers.

  13. Gayle – 22D – as I read, defn = last word. Then a “Salad type” that has “that’s oddly preceding” (last 2 letters to first 2 letters) gives answer.
    If you see differently I would appreciate hearing it.
    Having said that I may have said too much too early.

  14. DAJ, I have the same take as you on 22D, but I don’t like the manner in which the direction to move the two letters is indicated.

    I really like 1A and 27/4.

  15. Got it now DAJ, thanks. I just couldn’t see it. Had to google to fill in the missing letters! Not the type of salad that immediately comes to mind.

  16. All done. Needed to look up 10a to confirm answer. I’m, also, wondering about the “an” in 13a and the clueing for 22d. I started with a Mexican food, based on salad, and that threw me out for a while. I understand what DA has done but I do find it a tad hmmm.

  17. 11 clues to go all in the top half of grid
    FOI 12a, Liked 27a/4D
    I have 22d but like others haven’t solved wordplay to my satisfaction
    Back to the drawing board
    This week seems easier for me.

  18. All out but 1A and 2D, which I will keep gnawing on for a while before asking for hints.

    Chuckled at 3D.

  19. Got it all out without too much angst this time, but I am mystified about the wordplay in 1A. A hint would be appreciated.

  20. All done. LOI 2d, which I really should have got sooner, given that it could hardly have been anything else, once I had all the crossers.

    Very enjoyable.

  21. Trish Q , IA is a double whammy. Not only do you have to unify the first 3 words as Graham M says, (squash them together, deleting the spaces between them) but compost is also cryptic. It’s something you 4-9, on a 1-3.

  22. I agree with some others here about the accent in 5D. There’s fair misdirection and there’s unfair misdirection, and that one is definitely the latter, imo.

  23. 9A definition is ‘Commanding’ Remove the call for peace (sh) in ‘shipowner’ and make an anagram of the remainder.

    10A blade = 1-4, jerk = 5-7 reversed, definition is ‘butterfly’

  24. Sorry. Went to the snow last week and didn’t get back until Friday arvo.
    Pussy Cat was similarly on the road.

    Seems like you all had it in hand anyway.

  25. Nup. No matter how long I look at 22 D , moving the last two letters to the front is just not indicated properly. For a start, ‘that’s oddly’ would be tas. Also, could someone please tell me how the first two letters of 13A are indicated. Surely not by the word ‘next’ ???

  26. Viv – 22D – not necessarily disagreeing, just trying an explanation –
    “that’s oddly” represents “that is oddly” – so can give the TA required to move from PASTA to make TAPAS.
    As for 13A I had similar thoughts until I thought of it this way – if “you are NEXT” then “you are UP”.
    Just my thoughts.

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