DA Confusion for the 3rd of June, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

38 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of June, 2022

  1. OK – looks like site finally accessible.
    Pretty good DA I thought today.
    FOI was 29A.
    LOI was 2D/28A.
    Pretty sure 25A has an error.
    Did not know 27A – and really think its construction is a bit OTT.
    Did like 5A and 8D.
    Enjoy all.

  2. And we’re back!

    About average time today. Nothing stood out for me although 27A was new to me in that context.

    FOI 5A, 11A. LOI 1A, 1D. Other good starters might be 30A, 29A, 25A (really easy clue for DA!), 24A, 16A, 18D, 7D.

  3. We seem to be having ongoing problems with this website. I couldn’t get on until now, and as the first comment is at 2:22pm, I assume that no one else has either.
    I think there might be an error in the wordplay for 25a?

  4. Yeay!
    You’re right DAJ about 25A. Yeah, 8D was good provided you know both the French joiner and the airline. Think that may be a little unfair.
    24D also is not kosher.
    I don’t really understand 27A.
    Went down a rabbit hole with 20D. Thought the first 3 letters were clued by something cryptic in ‘present – ing’.
    Can’t parse 11 and 30 across.
    Liked 12 and 13 across.

  5. Well spotted for 25A, DAJ.

    24D fine by me, Gayle – is it the use of a brand name you object to? And 27A ok I think, if you know the entity in question.

    30A: look at it as (4,4) instead of (5,3).
    11A: the word comprising (2-4 and 7-9) is clued by a word in the clue in a sense that DA has used in the past.

  6. 11A, Wimbledon final = 1, lob = 2,3,4,7,8,9, almost drained = 5,6. Interestingly, today’s Target nine-letter word is 11A. I can’t parse 30A either.

  7. Also had trouble getting on earlier. First pass 14a,25a,3d,7d,15d,17d,18d,26d/9d. LOI 27a. Favourite 30a.
    Yes, agreed DAJ and Gayle, 25a is dyslexic.
    27a is pretty tortuous Gayle which is why it was my LOI. At this stage I’ll just say that about is a reversal indicator.

  8. 30A I got very piecemeal. Okay I could see/hear one arrest, and another, but not arrests. I was going to ask about that, but there is more than one arrest and only one is ‘reported’. .

  9. I agree 30A is tricky. IMO it’s a homophone in letters 1-4, then plain in letters 5-8, are each “arrest(s)” – plural in the first case and singular in the second – “one of (#)2”.

  10. Thanks for the help AG and Jack for 11A. That accounts for why I couldn’t solve it. Poor memory. Now to have another look at 27.

  11. To paraphrase President Macron: I don’t THINK there’s an error in 25A; I KNOW it.

    After all the kerfuffle about the lack of a capital T for Turkey some weeks ago, does the same complaint not apply to ‘bells?’

    I can’t decide whether 30A is clever or just silly.

  12. Ah, there’s life on here!

    It took me a while to work out where the teen came in to 28a. In 26d, I always took “discontented” to mean remove all but the outer letters, but not in this case. In 1d, that’s a fairly loose use of “files”, methinks.

    Well spotted, DAJ, the error in 25a. I missed it.

  13. All done when I couldn’t get on here. I had also seen the error in 25a.
    Re the non-capital in 13a, Jack, I was wondering about that too. But also why “bells AND pipeline”? Surely either one would suffice.
    And if capitals need to be consistent, what about the capital in 5a?

  14. Reworking 13a to use capitals without giving it away, perhaps …

    “Bells flaw? Pipeline flaw? That’s clear.”

    The surface isn’t quite as smooth, but it works.

  15. Okay. Now I see it……..I must have looked at it 20 times……..my mind played a trick on me!

  16. Thanks for the link Graham M. I think I can guess who you are on there now (not as obvious as me :) )
    Brond, I think DA’s mind played a trick on him as well with 25A

  17. Thanks Andrew T
    I find it hard to get going without your fois
    (Not mal a fois)

  18. My first visit was last night so unaware of access issues
    FOI 10a LOI 27a. Like many took me some time to spot error in 25a
    Liked 5a, 8d and 20d
    Visited fifteen squared for first time thanks GM

  19. AndrewT says:
    3 Jun 2022 at 3:29 pm
    I agree 30A is tricky. IMO it’s a homophone in letters 1-4, then plain in letters 5-8, are each “arrest(s)” – plural in the first case and singular in the second – “one of (#)2”.

    I think they are both singular

  20. Graham M (at 3:53PM) worked out where the ‘teen’ fits with ‘YA’ in 2D/28A… but I can’t. Can someone enlighten me?

  21. PT – 2D/28A – “teen” gives “YA” as latter can stand for “Young Adult”. Often used in terms of a sort of rating for books / movies as I believe.

  22. I always feel a little guilty ‘beefing’; if one can see how a clue has been parsed then whether it is strictly rules based or otherwise kosher is sort of secondary. But seeing as you’ve raised it re 24D, Gayle, I’ll come in with you; 1-4 is a producer, not their product.
    And, in a similar vein of probably unjustified beefing, I’m miffed in 4D about ‘innards’ nominating only 2 letters. Could equally have been 4 or, particularly, 6!

  23. Johnno, you should go to Casino. Aren’t they having their annual Beef Week, where everyone goes to get it off their chest? 😉

    I’m less concerned about the innards in 4d than the discontented in 26d, to which I alluded above.

  24. Wouldn’t it be too easy if we knew how many letters to take out of a word? And let DA have his fun with capitals as well, I say. Surely we all understand his quirks by now. I, for one, am looking forward to his next box of tricks. Can he outsmart us?

  25. Consider your post laugh-emojied, Graham! (I don’t know how to get actual emojis into these posts) And I forgot 26D; I could have had the whole roast rather than just a steak!
    Good call, HandM. As Graham alludes, beefs are just chest relievers and, if he reads them, I reckon Mr Astle could well claim that’s what he intends. He gracefully acknowledges real transgressions or errors when they (very rarely) occur, I gather.

  26. Help with parsing 8D would be much appreciated if anyone’s still out there.

  27. benadem – 13A – answer is a double defn = “WIPE-OUT”:
    1. as in “Clear” – and
    2. as in surfing in that Pipeline and Bells are both famous surf beaches.

  28. DA Confusion For The 10th Of June 2022:

    New page not yet established by AS – so starting replies here:

    Got through quicker than normal – have all out I think, but still do not get wordplay for 10A, 13A and 27A.

    FOI 18A.
    Then ran around SW to SE to NE to NW.
    Liked 24A for a couple of reasons.
    Never heard of 28A but was able to deduce from wordplay.
    Liked 3D and 24D.

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