DA Confusion for the 13th of May, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

72 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 13th of May, 2022

  1. All out but not all understood.
    Found quite difficult and had some very tricky clues IMO.
    FOI 19A.
    LOI 24A (never heard off).
    Do not get full wordplay of 3D, 4D, 6D, 21D, 22D.
    Tricky ones to me were 6A, 23A, 26A, 7D.
    Clues I did like were 11A/8D, 24A, 26A, 30A, 13D, 14D.

  2. OK – think I now understand 4D, 6D, 21D (very clever and did not know).
    Leaves 3D and 22D.

  3. Been working on the election all week, fogged my brain to the extent that I didn’t remember it was DA day today!

    FIO 1D, 9A. LOI 4D, 3D (of which I had never heard)

    Agreed, 1A is always 2 words IMO. 21D very clever indeed, great misdirection.

    And 20A is not a gun of any sort.

  4. Good fun today, with plenty of smiles. My favourite was 14d, which produced a tiny chuckle. I liked 9a too. Yes, 1a should really be (4,5), and I’d have been happier if the clue had been “Turkey slab aroma is infusing”, thereby affording “turkey” a capital “T”. In light of recent events, I thought for a moment that the first word in 3d was clued by “bully”, but not so!

    I have a “Huh?” list of about half a dozen, but I’ll persevere and won’t seek assistance yet.

    More problems accessing this site this morning. They’ve been happening for a couple of months now, so i guess we can assume they’re going to happen forever. It’s taken me almost as long to post this as it took to do the crossword …

  5. All good bar the parsing of 21d. In fact, now I’m doubting I even have it. Perhaps someone can help if it’s not too early in the day…

  6. I don’t know if Zinzan looks at this site but ever since the Ukraine war started, the Russian Livejournal site has prevented anonymous comments on their posting. Dreamwidth.org is not Russian, uses very similar code and does not bar anonymous comments. Perhaps Zinzan could consider migrating their blog so that we can enjoy the comments again.

  7. Ed – 21D – may be a bit early I think as hard to hint without giving away.
    Having said that, a very vague clue would be to say it is theatric.

  8. Also trouble getting on here (timeouts).
    First pass 19a,23a,7d,25d. LOI 21d (I must have been dreaming not to get it sooner).
    I ended up with 8 question marks next to clues because of questionable definitions etc. Weeks like this make me wonder whether it’s worth it but then you come across a really good clue like 13d.

  9. Dadmiral,
    of course Zinzan looks here! I occasionally mention the DA Trippers blog.
    I’m always curious how other solvers see the puzzle. Being a long-time DA doer, it’s nice to see a discussion of any Australian cryptic as feedback to Fairfax etc is hard to provide.

    I’ll investigate that Dreamwidth thingy . . . thx.

  10. ZinZan.
    If u allowed anonymous comments on your site, I could answer your question Re 21D.
    See my earlier reply to Ed above about 21D – that may help.

  11. Junkie,
    I think it’s been taken out of my hands. My settings still say ‘everybody’ can comment.

    I searched ‘mechanical’ and found an obsolete sense that would work. How many solvers would make that connection ? You need to know an obsolete term AND the nature of a character you only might have heard of.

  12. Couldn’t get to the crossie this morning when I might have been functioning better.
    Attempting it now I kept wondering what am I missing? Were special instructions omitted?
    And even when i solved some , and cheated on others, and parsed a few, I still thought what the?
    Many of the surface readings are nonsensical and the parsing and definitions iffy in places.
    It felt like a lot of trickery and not much fun.
    Relieved to come here and find I hadn’t completely lost my mind.
    I did wonder what DA was on.
    But GrahamM always has fun and smiles and chuckles. I want whatever he’s having. :-)

  13. Although I found this crossword quite difficult, I don’t find too many clues that don’t work as they should. That said, I am not happy with getting to the second word of 3D and I cannot rationalise the first 3 letters of 4D. Furthermore, the Calypso homophone escapes me. My FOI was 14D, but my favourite was 13D.

  14. Jack ‘bully’ as a verb. And the final word is as in a drug runner. Never heard of the def but it sounds pretty fierce. Maybe that’s what DA was on.

  15. I was going to say I haven’t got a clue about 4D, but the penny has finally dropped. It’s the whole word, a kind of pun. But you have to pronounce the first part as English with the French diminutive. (Sorry, is it late enough? My husband just brought home a special treat and now I’m awake.)

  16. Calypso and the homophone are two very different types of music, and 12a wasn’t even on my list of iffy clues.

  17. Yeah, you’re right Tim C, but i thought I’d said enough already.

    I see AS’s intro on the DA Reports thread is:
    Still waiting for a Friday the 13th horror theme… will this week’s be the one?

    Maybe DA’s pulling our leg?

  18. Gayle, I understand 3D, but I think ‘one runs’ should be ‘one who runs’
    4D is pretty terrible wordplay
    Never heard of that 12A music before

  19. Could I have a hint for 14d and 17 d please
    I’m stuck on the last 4 clues
    Thanks for all the assistance everyone

  20. Well, I’m still missing pretty much the whole of the east-side (bar 6A, 10A, 20A, 24A, 6D, 7D and 8D). And I’m guessing 22D – maybe wordplay for 22D, and a gentle hint for 30A might be a good place to start.

  21. Melanie, breakdown of 14d is 5, 5. The answer is 6,4 describing Dracula’s hairdo.

  22. melanie, 14d ‘say’ is 6-10. Think hairstyle. 17d ‘meat’ is 4-7.

    SB, 22d ‘assistant’ is 2-5. It’s not human. 30a I can’t get a picture of Borat wearing one out of my head. ‘retro camera’ is 7-3.

  23. Melanie, oh dear, i should have gone to bed. I don’t like 17d at all and I don’t think it’s been explained above.

    Def is first word,
    A + spag favourited at letters 2,3 and 8, and the meat is in the middle, letters 4-7.

  24. SB

    22D. Divine Egyptian defn. Foreign = 1,6. Assistant 2-5 (modern reference).

    30A. Beachwear defn. Camera (backwards) is a well known brand inside an incomplete word for damp.

  25. Thanks Tim and Ian for 30A and 22D. Sadly they haven’t helped for aything else. 14D I’m assuming Def is last 2 words.

  26. Jack, the English band Madness was a mainstream example of the type of music referenced in 12A. They had some big hits in the 70s and 80s including “Our House” and “House of Fun”.

    I was never a big fan but Suggs, the lead singer, was a very affable entertainer.

  27. I believe I have solved 4d correctly, as I can’t think of what else it could be! Some have noted that the wordplay is terrible…unfortunately I don’t even understand what the wordplay is!
    I took Gayle’s advice & half English & half-Frenched it, to no avail. Can someone explain the tweet part? Or will elucidating further give it away?
    It could be one of those clues where I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and groan, so apologies in advance. And thank you ❤️

  28. Palindromeda – 4D – if you have the correct answer, pronounce it in English – and then think what that would mean / describe in a cryptic sense – and it could describe “tweet” which is a small sound.

  29. We didn’t enjoy this puzzle. My husband is not happy with 1 across. Not happy AT ALL.

    Can anyone help us with 26A?

  30. DAJunkie – omg *head slap* of course! What a thicko. Thank you so much, you described that perfectly! Cheers. Have a wonderful weekend 😊

  31. Helen, the definition is ‘unfading’ (not a very common word). The yacht is a nine-letter one, from which you must remove ‘cat’ from the front. This is dogged (followed) by an old English word for ‘your’

  32. Helen , I’m with your husband about 1 across.

    I’ll have a go at 26a wordplay which I back parsed.
    First word is def. .
    “your old” letters 7-11 follows ( dogs)
    a kind of or example of (maybe) a “yacht” with the “cat” deleted (flushed).

    The only thing I enjoyed about that clue was looking up the answer and finding out why it is considered ”unfading” or immortal.

  33. Busy day yesterday, so late start. I have the bottom half. But struggling with the top. Before I just look at answers, perhaps I could get some help for 1a, 6a, 10a and 11a. If I get them I can work on down clues.

  34. Sandy, 1A should be (4,5) and is part of Turkey
    6A is a tough one. Definition is ’tissue in forest’
    10A is an anagram of ‘strong views’
    11A is an anagram of ‘tell our mob’ inside a term for ‘fancy parlour’ The answer is something used in stews

  35. Thanks Jack. I was just coming back here to say I had worked it out. The only thing I don’t understand now is the wordplay fir 6a. I can see the ‘by’, but not the ‘hollow tree’ or ‘mystery pair’.

  36. The mystery pair are x and y (algebraic unknowns). The hollow tree is em (hollow elm). Left is l

  37. Helen, my response to you has not appeared. Jack has given the parsing for 26A.
    I’m with your husband on 1A.
    The only positive for me about 26A (definitely not the wordplay) was looking up the answer and learning about why ‘unfading’ and immortal.

  38. Some commentary on 3D but no full/clear parsing. Can someone help, please?
    Meanwhile, a couple of beefs:
    * 6D – ‘making’ as connector of 1 and 2-4? Hmmm…
    * 1A – 1. ‘slab’?? 2. Lower case ‘turkey’ clueing upper case version is a no-no? Should have put the bird at the start? 3. Answer should be ‘(4,5)’? That’s how it is in DA’s ‘Letters and Numbers’ Macquarie prize…

  39. Johnno, 3d …

    Winks 1-3.
    Bully 4-6. Think verbs.
    One runs 7-10. Think drugs.

    I mentioned the need for a capital for Turkey above. An easy rewrite of the clue.

    Your other gripes? Yes, but forgiveable for the sake of a smoother surface, methinks.

  40. I respect all your beefs about 1A, Johnno2. I commented above that it should be (5,4). I quite like the use of slab, however. As for the capitalisation, I have always thought along the same lines as you; however, I have noticed in recent years a number of compilers regularly getting away with what DA has done here.

    3D: winks = 1-3; bully = 4-6; one runs (should be one who runs, as I said above) = 7-10 (e.g. the 2018 Clint Eastwood movie called ‘The Mule’

    ‘making’ in 6D could probably be omitted altogether

  41. Thanks Graham ond Jack. 3D qualifies for a ‘D’oh!’ So, D’OH! I think I’ve got my misdirection radar well tuned and up comes DA with 1-3 and 4-6, the latter actually doubling as a misdirecting non-misdirect for my parsing attempt (‘Surely DA can’t be saying a bull is a female?!’)!
    And sorry I missed your earlier observations, Graham. ‘Find on page’ let me down there.

  42. Who the heck spells 1A as one word? Mr Astle does make me cross occasionally…

  43. Who the heck spells 1A as one word? Mr Astle does make me cross occasionally…

  44. Really struggled with the word play for several of these, but having read through all above thread, all good. 1A had me totally thrown as I couldn’t think of a nine letter word to fit. Had it said 4,5 would probably have twigged. I’m about to look up that obsolete defn of mechanical. Interesting.

  45. About capitalisation. Most ‘rules’ about cryptic crosswords are generally an accumulation of wisdom from esteemed setters and keen solvers. In most cases, feedback can be made on puzzles which the publishers/editors monitor. When that doesn’t happen, like Fairfax puzzles, the setters can put out anything unopposed.
    Capital letters are considered (as above) as necessary for proper nouns but it’s not necessary for common nouns to remain lower case. That’s the accumulated wisdom. So ‘turkey’ for a country would be considered by astute observers as ‘unfair’ or ‘incorrect’. If an editor was in charge, I’m sure it would’ve been rejected.

  46. As I pointed out way up there, a simple rewrite of the clue, putting “Turkey” at the start, would have solved the problem. The clue would read just as well. The thing is, DA usually does this, which is why I was surprised he hadn’t this time.

  47. I struggled with some of this, including 6A and 26A (although I learnt two new words)
    I’m still struggling with parsing 20A – I’m probably missing the obvious but I can’t account for one of the “O’s” unless it somehow comes from “subsuming sound of”

  48. LJ – I struggled with that aswell, until I realised that ‘sound’ was the meaning of a two letter word appearing at 5,6 in the answer. The letters around it are the ‘seconds’ in words two & three of the clue. Hope that helps.

  49. LJ, here’s the parsing of 20a …

    Luhrmann 1-3
    Second letters of “took” & “many” 4,7
    Sound 5,6

  50. I have read all the comments on 1A, and I agree with you all; that is surely a really bad error, and usually DA would manage the difficulty by putting “Turkey slab …” at the start of the clue, as Graham M suggested. And the (9) is just plainly wrong. It has to be (4,5).

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