DA Confusion for the 29th of April, 2022

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

26 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of April, 2022

  1. Jolly good fun today. Once you get 9d it falls into place quite quickly. Typical DA theme. My first one in was 26a — not a themed clue, and one of the easiest DA clues I can recall. I’ll list the themed clues in the other thread — don’t go there unless you want a spoiler.


  2. Looked very daunting at first, but once I got two themed clues, the theme emerged and the rest went pretty smoothly. Although at one point I had almost all the ribs on the left of the spine and none on the right!

    I thought the def for 16D was pretty dodgy.

    FOI 3D, 4D. LOI 16D, 21A. Other good starters might be 17A, 10a, 26A, 11A.

  3. Yep – I agree – a good (let somewhat simple) one today once you get the theme.
    9D was my first in.
    13A and 15A were my picks for best.

  4. Andrew, I thought the same re 16a, but I discovered there’s an American usage.

  5. Yeah, pretty easy. Echo AndrewT’s comment. First 2 in gave me the device.
    Interesting variation. It’s been a while where DA has set one like this, where the key clue came later. I needed a few crossers before 9D. And then it seemed so obvious. But it took me quite a while to parse it. The indicator could work 2 ways and I found this use a bit unusual.
    Also there’s an alternative for the choice in the device, showing my age.

    24d has a question mark, as do I. I don’t get the def, either as adj or noun. But will leave that for now so as not to give the game away.

  6. AndrewT – 16D – in my thesaurus, the defn is the second entry for the answer – so seems OK to me.
    Gayle – 24D – though my thesaurus does not list either defn in answer or answer in defn, both list the word “odd” when as an adjective – so connection exists that way.

  7. First pass 17a,26a and 9d. A couple of themed clues then quickly followed. LOI 24d
    I don’t have a problem with 16d given the definition in Chambers. It’s much closer than some of DA’s ‘definitions’.
    I agree with Brond about 24d being dubious. It’s use as an adjective is archaic.

  8. A bit sluggish this morning. I have (I think) 3 themed clues in 21,6 and 22/5. But not 9D and can’t retro fit it. Any very gentle hints how to approach 9D?

  9. Ian F – 9D – at risk of giving away too much, I will try to give a hint – “Writer” gives 4,5,6 and “trendy shop” the rest.

  10. All done… Struggling to parse 8D. I know it is themed. “for” being “E” would be awful if that is the parsing.

  11. Quick by my standards with 9D FOI. I am with Jase on 8D – and also can’t parse 16D
    Help welcome – but better tomorrow to provide more fun for the Saturday bunch.

  12. Tim C, thanks for 8D clue as I also couldn’t parse it.
    For 16D isn’t “cascade” the anagrind?

  13. LJ – 16D – as per Tim C – “cascade” gives a 4LW. “out” = anagrind.

  14. Thanks DAJ.
    I remember now. Also remember I shouldn’t post from memory ?
    It was just that I knew cascade wasn’t the def’n. And now realise TimC wasn’t actually saying that.

  15. Thanks DAJunkie and Graham M. Found this one trickier than normal but that’s just me.

  16. 1A definition is ‘point out.’ Sweaty skin forms first and last letters. ‘Muscle if’ is packed inside.
    15A definition is ‘uproar.’; Winnie Bear and the contents of ‘male’ go backward to form it.
    16D definition is ‘blend.’ A four-letter word for ‘cascade’ goes into an anagram of ‘or tip’

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