DA Confusion for the 1st of October, 2021

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

75 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of October, 2021

  1. Not done. Not dusted.
    Finding very difficult today.
    FOI was 9A. Then bits and pieces, very slowly all over the place.
    No flow at all.
    Still stuck on 11A, 16A, 2D and 15D.
    Any help on wordplay for these appreciated.
    Rest done, but a lot had to be guessed and then figured out eg: 5D, 21D

  2. First? Really? Wow!

    Done it under usual time, no real struggle except a couple of parsings not yet clear – 15D and first word of 17D. Never heard of 18A.

    FOI 9A, 10A. LOI 15D, 26A. Other good starters might be 4D, 8D, 22D, 20D, 3D.

  3. Not on DA’s wavelength today. Found it fairly lacklustre, with a lot of retro parsing.
    I don’t get 2D either.

  4. Ha, predictable! :D

    11A – def is first word of clue. “Author will” clues letters 1,2,7; “a stick to boomerang” the rest.
    2D – def is last word of clue. “Podcasts” means a homophone clue, “snoopy” being the meat of that (although IMO it ought to be “snoop”).

  5. 17 D double definition. The first one I believe referring to one of DA’s favourite football codes.

  6. Gayle – 15D – thanks, got it now.
    AndrewT – 2D – thanks, got it now.
    Obviously I am not picking up the homophone indicators today.
    So just leaves 16A for me to understand.

  7. Andrew T @8:07. Thanks for the hints re 2D. I’m still stuck though. Shouldn’t the homophone indicator be podcast (no ‘s’)? Is that significant? Is it one of those lift and separate clues?
    I have no idea how snoop or snoopy relates to the answer. :-(

  8. I see 2d as a homophone of “to get snoopy”, although I think this is a bit iffy. In my book it means to interfere.

    Only just begun, have only a quarter out. Will report back at a later juncture.

    I wonder what “Celebrity Letters & Numbers” will be like tomorrow night. Hopefully more like the Australian show than the English, which I couldn’t stand.

  9. All done. No issues today. Had to look up the potter as I’m not a fan.

  10. Oh, dear. Thanks both. Yes I just got 2D. Think I’ve finally cottoned on.
    And there is a question mark at the end of the clue.
    My take is that: ‘Podcasts’ has to be plural for the verb ‘get’ to work.
    In a way, ‘get’ is doing double duty, with the sense of homophone.
    And ‘get’ + snoopy (correct) = word producing homophone of answer.

  11. We’re on different wavelengths, Gayle. To me “podcast” is simply a homophone indicator for “to get Snoopy”.

  12. Yeah, but why ‘podcasts’ and not ‘podcast’ ? ….. I was going to ask Graham M. Then I saw that Graham M said ‘podcast’ . Maybe there’s something more to this not being on the same wavelength? Checked the replica and the online version. They’re different. All that effort over one clue and one tiny letter and it was a mistake!

  13. Print/replica version is better (forgot to mention the ‘to’)

    Podcast to get Snoopy Award?

    Can let it go now. :-)

  14. Aha! Yes, there’s a stray ‘s’ in the online version. Yet another wee error. (Like “ukulele” misspelt a few days ago.)

  15. Not me yet DAJ (checked both versions, they’re the same).
    I thought it might have been a condition of a racetrack but not that I could find.
    Tried looking at abbreviations for states embedded in something, to do with track, but not so far.
    Or a homophone (state) of a synonym of track?


  16. Gayle, I am sure you are right about 16A – “track state” is a synonym for the answer in horse racing. Well done!

  17. All done. A good one today, with plenty of smiles, though not ROFLMAO (can’t imagine where I picked that up from!). Haven’t parsed 5d nor 8d, but no doubt they’ll hit me soon.

  18. By the way, I thought the definition in 23a was a bit iffy too. “Have potential” would be closer. Just sayin’ …

  19. Another struggle with more groans and few if any smiles. First pass yielded 1d,20d,22d. LOI 2d and I had to come here for the wordplay.
    Disappointing on the whole.

  20. 5D I solved this, I felt that DA could have linked 20A to 26A. Maybe it would not 3D, or perhaps it would be a 6A shot, although not really 11A. It would, however, be upsetting for someone to 6D the 20A.

  21. Rather pleased with myself today. About an hour, no ref sources except for 18A. No major complaints, though I agree with Graham M about 23A.

    Graham M, for 5D start from top=cap. And for 8D you might, like me, be stuck on Scarface=Al. It’s S.

  22. Haven’t read through all comments yet—came in late here. Had some time in the early morning to devote to this, but echoing sentiments up top, I went through all acrosses without a hit.

    FOI was 20D. I now have the SE corner that’s cordoned off by the black bits, plus some tendrils. Enjoyed 21A. Inferred 9A from 21D.

  23. Well, this one’s been a hard slog and I still have SE to go (helped only by 23A and 6D). I have a suitable phrase for 15D, and a suitable word for 19A, but if they’re correct the wordplay eludes me.

  24. Is anybody there? Is anybody locked out? (I was blocked just now when I used Firefox but came in via Chrome)

  25. All done.
    What in interesting couple of days we have been experiencing.
    If you want your moment of “happy” then go look at the Melbourne Peregrine Falcons on YouTube. Fingers crossed they thrive like last year.

    Stay safe everyone.

  26. SB, 19a, “loosely” is 6,7 (it’s one of quite a few dodgy synonyms for me). You should be able to work out the “bleater” if you take out 6,7.

  27. Yay. Thanks Tim C. I like it :) 19A now penned in. Do I need to know about football for 17D?

  28. A bit of AFL knowledge would not go astray with 17D.

    The ‘can’ in 26A is American

  29. The mark is a football reference. “Can option” defines (an American would say John maybe) and broadcast is a homophone indicator in 26a.

  30. I agree with people who found this a slog. I had all except 18a but parsing of some explained by previous posts.
    15d still eludes me, I need help for 4-9

  31. Thanks Jack, Tim C and Phil. Hm. I’ll have to think about it – just don’t seem to be on the wavelength but I’m sure it’ll be an eye-rolling facepalm moment when I get them; meanwhile reeling with today’s news.

  32. SB
    For 17d the average Victorian would call this a “screamer”.

    Have you sorted 26a?

    I thought there were a couple of dodgy word plays, for me, as well.
    2d and 16a.

    In fact, for 2d, I would’ve been tempted to go the Scooby Doo route rather than Snoopy. “I would’ve go away with it if it wasn’t for those ….. kids”. I think of the homophone word as being a but more active than just snoopy.

    16a required a bit if specialist knowledge. I got the answer but the track reference did confuse me.

    There were some fun ones today, though.

  33. SB not sure if the same issue, but for weeks I too got blocked (403 error I think, but memory ain’t what it was so …)
    Finally fixed by restarting NBN and wifi modem.

    FOI was 1A.
    Thanks Margaret, I couldn’t get 17D (or 24A which I initially had ending in N – wrong granny (Doh!))
    Couldn’t parse 2D or 15D
    Aside from that mostly I found not as hard as usual, but I often struggle with puzzles/words that others here say weren’t too bad.

    I found most of today’s easier than some.

  34. LJ
    My last one was 20a. It was a huge D’oh when I, finally, got it. My brain tends to percolate these things. I get stuck, put it down, pick it up again and a few more jump out.

    For 15d I got the homophone of the first three letters then just needed to construct the final word.

  35. Thanks Margaret and LJ.
    No, still don’t have 26A, 21A, 21D, 22D or 17D. :(

  36. Frankly with 17d, I would think of it more as a baseball term than a football one. Think of the alternative as “husband” material.

    Give me a yell if you want more clues on the others. Most of them are reasonably straight forward constructs once you get the words.

  37. I doubt that the term which is the answer to 17D would ever be used by an AFL fan unless they were talking about cricket or, as Margaret says, baseball.
    Regarding Graham M’s comment this morning, I was a great fan of the earlier Letters and Numbers and was much cheered to hear of its return until I discovered that it has been dumbed down with a “celebrity” format and inexplicably is hosted by a comedian.

  38. GeoffD,
    I think they are following the pathway of “8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown”. It is a touch “lowbrow” but I quite like it. Then again I’m a fan of a lot of the English comedic panel shows. I know we couldn’t call ours Countdown, for obvious reasons, but it was a tad cringeworthy when Adam Hills told the pommy panel we called our “Letters and Numbers”. It didn’t enhance our reputation.

    If you want a good brain workout look at “Only Connect”. You can see episodes on YouTube.

  39. DS’s Saturday cryptic very enjoyable. Just maybe more smiles than DA’s …

  40. Thanks Margaret. I cheated in the end – all very obvious, but just not where my brain wanted to go yesterday.
    I’m a newcomer to “8 out of 10 cats” and love it. But I think our strengths are just not the same as the Brits’.

  41. Thanks Margaret.
    I’ve heard of ‘8 out of 10 cats’ but not seen it. I will endeavour to do so. Like other celebrity shows I suspect the success of our new version will depend on just who those celebrities are. At least DA and Lily Serna are back which is a big plus.

  42. Well finally finished. FOI 1A LOI 13A
    Visited Trippers yesterday pm with 10 left one of my faster efforts expecting everyone saying it was easy obviously I had cracked all the low hanging fruit. Thanks to everyone’s hints had 6 at breakfast.
    Also found homophones tricky and back parsed a no of clues. Still not sure about wordplay for 21D I would have expected letter 5 to be ‘f’ to match on a tube maybe I’m interpreting as in instead of on ?
    Liked 20A 26A
    An enjoyable long weekend to all.

  43. I understand 21d to be “switch sides is 1,2, “tube” is 3,4 and “on a” is 5. I think “tube” is a bit of a stretch.

  44. Just be aware there is a difference between “8 out of 10 cats” and “8 out of 10 cats does Countdown”. The humour is pretty crude.

    I do recommend “Only Connect”.

    Tim C.
    I agree that 21d is a bit of a stretch with the “tube”. I worked around it then went “well that’s what’s left”. I would think it is the tubes running into the body rather than TV.

  45. Yes Margaret, I ended up taking it as the acronym, but then “tube” could have been bag, drip, needle, metal stand, saline, antibiotic or a whole host of very roughly connected items. Strictly speaking the tube is the “3,4 line” not the 3,4. Not sure what the TV connection is.

  46. (Belated thanks, DAJunkie, for parse of last week’s 26A)
    Thanks, various, for parse of 16A this week. I’m afraid then, I’m again miffed, as I was with another DA recently: he counselled me once that double definitions having the same etymology was a no-no!
    And while I’m astride my high horse,
    * 5A calls for a fair bit more than just ‘topless’!
    * This came up recently, too: 20A is an English construction, while ‘counts’ is European.
    As they say in other forums, I’ll see myself out…

  47. A slog but not as hard as last week. Agree with quibbles re 2d, 17d , 20a, 21d. Flummoxed by 17d as not AFL fan; surprised that I got 16a even though that “sport” bores me. 26a horrible- even worse than recent ROFLMAO. As a youngster I struggled with Times cryptics which often required deep knowledge of classics and Eng Lit. Now DA torments with social media slang, H Potter, AFL and US “bathrooms” . Can’t win!

  48. Richard,
    When I try to convince people to do cryptic crosswords I tell them that I like the puzzles because they make you bring everything you know to the table. Then they make you expand how you think and approach solving problems. The joke is I, actually, find them easier than normal crosswords because they not only tell you the word you are looking for but how to find it as well.

  49. johnno2, I didn’t have a problem with 5d, unlike some others. I read “topless capers” as removing the cap (top) from “capers”. Have I missed what the fair bit more is? Re 16a, does DA really think that double definitions shouldn’t have the same etymology? I was becoming convinced that he doesn’t have any Ximenean type rules!! ;)

    Margaret, I keep telling people the same thing re Quick vs. Cryptic.

  50. “Topless”, especially in a down clue, often indicates removing the first letter, and perhaps people are peeved because here it was the first three? But as you suggested, Tim C, I took “top” as a synonym for “cap”, as in a jar or bottle, so I don’t have a problem with it.

  51. I didn’t find this crossword particularly easy, but I have no quibble with any clue, wordplay or definition contained in it. As usual, DA has been very catholic in the range that he covers. I have not heard of 18A or 21A previously, but I have, however, broadened my knowledge by being required to look them up. I certainly agree with Margaret that cryptic crosswords provide two mechanisms by which the solution can be derived. I’m sure we all have to undertake a little back-parsing sometimes, but verification of our answers is very rewarding.

  52. Thank you, Tim C, and apologies in this, DA; ‘capless’ indeed it would be! As SO often before…

  53. Re the Ximenean (thanks for that new learning Tim C!) rules, that’s the way I interpreted DA’s feedback at the time but, re-reading it, I’m OK with thinking I might have OVERinterpreted! Frees me up!

  54. Finally and a bit laboriously got it all out.
    Getting 13A let the SW corner all fall into place.
    16A can only be that answer; just took me a while to see the double defn is “track state” & “in progress”.
    Like some others, I found a few clues this week a bit unsatisfying eg 2D, 11A, although I did think 20A funny.
    18A new to me: looked it up in the online dictionary.

  55. Well after last week’s mighty struggle which defeated me in the end, I found this one a blessed relief.

  56. I have all but 12A. Is it a common word? No one else seems to have had a problem with it.

  57. Hi Carol 12A. Yiddish word for drags.
    1,2 the regular letters of ‘sack’
    3-8, anagram (invalid) of helps.

  58. johhno2 & TimC
    There are 3 double definitions in this crossword alone where the etymology is the same for both definitions. Clearly he doesn’t care about it.

  59. Belated comment, unless previously explained already

    Surprised 16A is a problem , especially for some of the guns here.
    Straightforward double definition.

  60. Cokes – 16A is straightforward if you follow the horses. But not everyone does, so that use is obscure for some.

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