DA Confusion for the 17th of September, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

On Twitter, DA warns: this one is not for the faint of heart.

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of September, 2021

  1. Morning everyone. I take it AS’s comment on DA’s tweet is a pun on ‘faint’? :-)
    I don’t think going to @dontattempt would have helped though. It’s funny in hindsight.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Went to the key 26/2. Nuh, ‘cos I couldn’t get the wordplay, or 23 at that stage, although it was a pretty fair clue. Saw the link to 4/8/10, next stab, and twigged to the trick. NE corner in first.
    But as we had with another one recently, there were red herrings to watch out for, and traps I fell into anyway, not helped because I didn’t write down the 8 and cross them off.

    Liked: 5A, 13A, 29A, 31A, 9D 15D, 23D, 28D, and LOI 21 A, which took a while to parse.
    I don’t get the first part of 16A.

    Happy Friday folks.

  2. Morning all
    Got 23 and 26,2 first off and the rest followed
    Very clever Mr Astle!

  3. Yep – I agree – a pretty good one.
    And thought the 26A/2D pairing with 4D/8D/10A really clever.
    And, yes, some wordplays are quite difficult to parse and understand – such as 1D (really took me a lot of thinking), 12A and 21A.

    For 16A, first word is a homophone for a “Zoom” synonym.

  4. Gah, the print out from the online version cut off (from the first page, which is all I print since I don’t want the answers on pg2) the last two clues (including 26). At first I figured this was part of DAs mischief.

  5. DAJunkie re 16A. Thankyou. I was gonna say, yes I get that, but…. what meaning of Zoom? Then I remembered a discussion here not that long ago about the same word, but a different supposed homophone. I think it’ll be almost right for everyone this time.

  6. Like you others, the three theme answers fell pretty quickly – with a google check for spelling of 4D/8D/10A. Had never heard of 22D though.

    FOI 5A 12A. LOI 21A, 31A. Other good starters might be 27A, 28D, 14D, 15D.

  7. After finding two nine-letter words in the Target puzzle, I thought I was going to have a good time today with the cryptic. ‘Twas not to be. Don’t get the theme, looked up several answers, and my “Huh?” list is as long as my arm. Over to the Guardian again.

    But before I go, isn’t “fallible” an adjective? My GP isn’t a quack. And how exciting to find in 22d a word I used here just last week! (I have DAJ’s snot list to thank for that!)

    18d was my favourite.

  8. First run through 5a,19a,27a,3d,6d and the soon after got 26d/2d which made life easier. LOI 21a.
    22d is a rarely known word and I had to get 1d to be sure of 1a (American?).
    I’d encourage all to 27a.

  9. Graham M, you did use 22d last week on here. Maybe DA read it and decided to work it in. When I read it a week ago I just assumed it was a typo!!!!

  10. Tim, that thought crossed my mind, but I thought I’d better not claim credit as it’s my understanding that DA compiles his crosswords well in advance. Then again, he’s been stuck in Sydney for an extended period (as he described in his Wordplay column last Saturday), which may have affected his usual routine.

  11. Enjoyed today’s DA, though held up by 29A(LOI), as 3-letter word for top eluded me for some time. More commonly clued as”support” these days.

  12. My initial take on 31 A was also fallible , that was one of the traps I fell into.

  13. Oh, I see. And thanks to you, Tim and Gayle, the penny has just dropped re the theme. I might go back and work through my “Huh?” list. I must be a bit slow this morning.

  14. And now I’ve cottoned on, yes, a clever ruse. I’m ashamed for throwing in the towel so early. I trust you’ll all forgive me.

  15. Graham M was not the only one who found a supposed part-of-speech error in 31a then realised the trick. Brilliant.
    Also Graham M – I reckon “quack” is ok as Aus slang for any doc, good or otherwise.

  16. Very enjoyable. And thanks DAJunkie for 16A wordplay. FOI 11A, 6D, 7D, 4D. LOI 9D, and don’t understand wordplay for 21A (if I have it right) or 29A. Where does port come in?

  17. AG, yes I guess so re the quack.

    1d, “can stuff” gives 1,2; “ultimately” refers to final letter.

    SB, 21a “notice” is 8-4.

    In 29a, “port” means “first letter” (and “starboard” last).

    Hope this isn’t too much information this early …

  18. It will surprise no-one that I’m having trouble with today’s themed puzzle. Didn’t help that I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to work Alitalia into 23D, encouraged by the inclusion of the letters of “tail” in Alitalia. A classics scholar I am not!!

  19. I think 31A is the cleverest clue today because it leads the solver to believe that DA’s grammar is astray, when in fact it is spot on.

    I have not previously seen 21A defined as a ‘hoax.’ My desk is what I would describe as a 21A.

  20. NonithePony – 21A the whole answer is defined by ‘Hoax’ and can be seen as a word meaning ‘notice’ encapsulated in a word for a form of transport and then ‘perverse’ (reversed). Hope that helps!

  21. More parsing of 1D, please (your 12:32pm no help at all, Graham!)
    More parsing of 16A 1-4, please (if the homophone is what eagles, for example, do, is ‘zoom’ really the same thing?…)
    ‘once translated’ is doing double duty in 26D,2D. Are we OK with that?

  22. All Done,
    I had a few spelling mistakes when resolving the anagrams but I have no background in the relevant languages. I still did “pretty good” with my guesses.

    I’m going to quibble about 21a as defined by “Hoax”, as well. I guessed that answer from the letters but it isn’t the common usage for the term as I understand it.

    I did like the theme on this one.

  23. Johnno2, 1d …

    Definition: elitist.
    Can stuff: 1,2 (think what cans are made of and the periodic table)
    Hobbies minus e (ultimately allowable) forms the anagram, 3-8. “New” is the anagrind.

    Yes “zoom” is a bit loose in 16a.

    And I can live with the double duty in 26d/2d.

  24. Enjoyable

    1d Despite Graham’s 12.32 post, I don’t understand derivation of 1/2. Is it another word for “can” which is then converted into its elemental abbreviation?

    31a. I can’t see how first letter arises. 2/3 and 4-6 are OK

  25. 1d, 1,2 is chemical symbol for “can stuff”, 3-8 is an anagram minus (not) the letter given by “ultimately allowable”.

    Re 16a…. dictionary listing for “zoom” is “… to use the stored energy of the forward motion of an aircraft in order to gain height (aeronautics); to soar (fig.)…” and the homophone has “…to increase rapidly in number or amount…”

    I agree about 21a Margaret.

  26. Thanks Graham! For 1 DOWN I realise I was fixated on 1,2 in 1 ACROSS (power of suggestion from first word of 1D clue?) D’oh!

  27. For 31a richard “darn revolutionary” gives 8,2,1 and “snake turning” gives 3-7.

  28. Enjoyed the theme. All but two out. 15d and 21a. Any hints?
    Also don’t get where letters 3-5 come from in 27a.
    So if there is anyone still there…

  29. 15d, “vicious uprising” is 3-1 (think punk rock) and “letter” is 4-9. Definition (sort of!) is “ballot”.
    21a, “transport” is 1,2,3,9 and “notice” is 4-8. Perverse is a reversal indicator
    27a, “slack” is 1-4 and “regional centre” is 5,9, so you must be thinking differently about the wordplay Sandy.

  30. “Say” is part of the definition in 30a richard so it doesn’t give letters 2,3. Letters 1-3 come from “on”. It took me a while to get over that bit of misdirection. :)

  31. Thanks Tim C, I had worked out 15d and 21a before I came back here. You are right about me having it wrong on 27a. I thought regional Centre was 1,2,9. 🤦‍♂️

  32. Great clues today . Clever. BUT – re 15d -the meaning of letters 4-9 is ‘book’ . Not “letter’. I think
    a letter is in fact a missive.

  33. I visited Trippers an hour ago and picked up some helpful hints thank you. I had solved 23D, 26/2D & 4D,8D,10A prior to the visit.
    I now have 7 clues left. I’ve now got 31A but unlike GrahamM and others I’m struggling to see how the theme works.
    I’m wondering if it is the consequence of 23D’s truism which is the last part of the quote not included in DA’s answer and whether 11A is one of the 8 clues?

  34. IanS, in 26d/2d, think of the second word as “replaces”, and think tennis. In 31a, the theme is applied to the last word to create the definition.

  35. Thanks GrahamM that is very clever of DA for devising the substitution and well done for working it out.
    As usual I did not apply the KISS principle
    Now as you said earlier back to look for more themed clues

  36. Tim C – thanks. I still didn’t understand 30A 1-3, but I now see from zinzan its cricket ref. Most Trippers must enjoy cricket (I don’t) as no one else admitted to being stumped by this.

    Agreed Julie W.

  37. richard wilkins – 30A – “Sally” becomes “Soy” as one of the eight themed clues – and “Soy, say” is the defn.
    “on” gives “leg” as per cricket (the on side is the leg side).
    “bird migrating west” gives “emu” reversed (“ume”).
    And so produces “legume”.

  38. 21A? I gave up.
    It turns out I had the intersect 9D wrong (just an innatentive moment with the pen. ungh). But even-if I spelled 9D correctly, I’d never have got 21A, I was fixated on ‘nota bene’.
    Last one for me was18D, which I loved. A pearler.

  39. Thanks DAJ Agreed all. I had 2-6 OK; it was only the first letter L in leg = on as opposed to L+ e.g. /”say” that I had misinterpreted, per Tim C.

  40. I know everyone has moved on but I will have a small vent re 15D. A missal is not a letter. It’s a book. One that in a distant life I had to take to church.
    I think DA was thinking of a missive. While that could be the making of a good clue, he has made a mistake here.

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