DA Confusion for the 3rd of September, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

Don’t be confused!

52 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of September, 2021

  1. OK. Bit confused. I have 12 undefined answers – and all fit the theme. Hope others agree, or can point out what I have missed.
    Also, if I have right, quite tricky cluing for last 3 letters of 7D.
    And 11A a bit clumsy I think.
    FOI was 14D.
    LOI was 30A (I struggled with SE corner).
    My pick of best was 29A.
    And 28A was pretty good.

  2. All Done. Still mulling over 19D & 24A though I have the flapper. Only 11 themed answers for me.

  3. Brond – thanks – but I still count 12. And too early to list. Thanks again.

  4. DAJ – No worries. I have 8A & 3D. Can anyone help with 24A? All I have is the legendary flapper!

  5. I said last week that I hadn’t abandoned ship for quite a while. Did today. I only had about eight or ten clues solved and nothing more was coming after the best part of an hour. After looking at the solution, I reckon very few will enjoy today’s unless they’re a brain surgeon.

    I’ll download one or two from the Guardian or FT, methinks.

  6. Brond – 24A – build from cluing is 2,3,4 (Legendary flapper) and 5,6 (while) in 1,7,8,9 (stark) and then 10 (drama midway).

  7. as someone who studied neuroanatomy twice ( but passed once !) finally DA is easy..ish
    as for the word play on 24a. idk…

  8. In the online version (both online and printed from it), 12A has a little rectangle on the end, usually indicating the font/typeface doesn’t contain the specified symbol (shows in this forum as …, but varies between fonts and systems). So, is this an intentionally devious part of the clue, or is there a special symbol that I’m missing from the clue?

  9. Victor – don’t think so.
    Paper version is:
    12A – Age even duller …
    (Age is in italics – and end of clue are the ellipses – which continue in13A)

  10. Interesting; it would be the ellipsis. Curious why it doesn’t render in 12A but is fine in 13A

  11. Now I’m curious about what is the name of the glyph (…) that shows when the font can’t display the required character

  12. Graham (at 9:20),
    download Guardian 28536 and set aside a few days for nothing else.

  13. Easy starters 1a,3d,8d,9d,21d and I got the theme early so it ended up fairly straightforward. I needed google for 24a after getting it from the wordplay. LOI 11a which I thought was a poor clue (“to make” is redundantly only there to make a good surface). Favourites are 1d (which is worthy of Paul in The Guardian) and 1a as the clue is a good hint for the crossword as a whole!!!

    DAJ, are you including 27a/26d as a themed clue? It’s moot but I suspect not meant to be.

    The clue for 1a is a good overall hint!!!

  14. Tim C – no not including 27A/26D as has a Defn (“One”).
    And not double counting the themed one that extends across 2 entries.
    I have 9 in the Acrosses and 3 in the Downs that are non-themed – and fit the theme. So total 12.

  15. Forgot to check in this morning!

    Done in about my usual time. Those themed answers that I’d never heard of (eg 30A) I was able to work out from clues or just what looked right.

    FOI 1A, 19A. LOI 13A, 4A. Other good starters might be 18D, 14D, 9D, 11A, 25D.

  16. For anyone interested, the … glyph is officially defined as the “Replacement Glyph”, sometimes referred to as the “Missing Glyph”, but colloquially know as “Tofu”

  17. I agree that there are 12 themed clues. I think the overall crossword is on the easier side. However, I found it rather difficult because I had not heard of most of the themed answers.

  18. I’m avoiding reading the foregoing but could someone tell me, over on the other conversation, if it is deliberate/relevant that the NB has ’20-17-across’ and not ‘20,17-across’?

  19. All done but for 27A/26D. FOI 18D, 14D, 20/17A (which helped!).
    I enjoyed this – liked the theme – even though there are a few unfamiliar words, at least it wasn’t sport which is a foreign language to me. Thanks DaJunkie for explanation of 24A.

  20. Definition is “one in rugby” (think scrum in the real game). 5 is “at large” and 4 is “arch”.

  21. Thanks Tim C – just as I thought – with sport I’m lost. But your hints plus google gave it to me.
    All done and feather dustered

  22. Late start FOI 1A have solved 9 including 20-17A ami correct in thinking answers to themed clue are names of anatomical parts?

  23. Gayle, after bailing out this morning and reading several comments describing it as easy (or at least, not difficult), I’m delighted to find that I’m not alone. And thank you for the link.

    Tim C, I keep coming across “Tassie Tim” in the contributions to Fifteen Squared. Not you, is it?

  24. I’m being a bit picky but I have a problem with 23A – there is an anatomical part in the area of interest with 23A as the last 4 letters of an 8-letter word but as far as I know no part named 23A on its own (23A is a much more general anatomical term).

  25. I agree SlowA. Both 23A and 28A are undefined and thus could both be included in the theme although 23A is non-specific and 28A is not a ‘piece’. So comments about 12 themed clues may be right. Or not!

  26. Like Graham M I gave up on this one fairly early, and having looked at the solution this morning I’m glad I did. Of the themed answers all but three were completely unknown to me.
    Of the rest I remain baffled by the wordplay for 11A, mainly the first three letters. (I get the bombs)

  27. SlowA and HandM: There is a 23A in the place of interest, although it has a qualifying adjective. The same could be said of 6D. On my count, definitely 12 clues, not 11, especially if you look for the (absent) definitions in any of the dubious ones.

  28. Have had my head entirely on other things and DA is the treatment I had prescribed for myself today. (Yes the disease really *is* that bad, thanks for asking.
    All good … but 11A, in fact, all gut but the last two letters of 11A.
    I cannot see how those two letters wriggle their way out of that clue, and I’ve let it stew for two hours now.
    The verb ‘to make’?
    Bombs are made from HighExplosive, aren’t they?
    Or ‘bombs’ means rearrange – but there are only two letters.

  29. Sam: What sort of bombs are there? Think of the famous categories of bomb.

  30. Easy except for the difficult bits.
    Can’t parse 30a although I have the answer.
    I’m reviewing for 4-5 – but the rest stumps me

  31. Thanks, Ian.
    My mum used to drive an Austin Kimberley, a complete bomb. My ex-wife likes bath bombs. I have been accused lately of throwing truth bombs. Special childhood skills included making waterbombs, stink bombs, and bolt bombs. Ronald Reagan had his cluster bombs, neutron bombs and laser-guided bombs – all no fun at all.

    I see now that there are two _other_ kinds. The kinds that normal people might think of first. Normal people. I hate them.

  32. Twelve themed clues by my count too. I’m not certain that three of them quite fit the theme, but they all appear to be undefined.

  33. I’m in the 11-in-theme camp. If the claimed twelfth is 28A, I disagree; I believe “aberration” is doing anagrind/definition double duty (6-9 may also be doing (clumsy) double duty?). If it’s 27A, 26D, that’s been adressed in the foregoing.
    Cue ‘wink’ emoji: I’m surprised there’s been no metaphysical debate about https://www.researchgate.net/post/What_is_difference_between_mind_and_brain#:~:text=The%20brain%20is%20an%20organ,place%20where%20the%20mind%20resides.&text=The%20mind%20is%20the%20manifestations,the%20thought%20processes%20of%20reason.
    Regarding 21D, do the asterisks do anything other than complete the surface? (‘f chooks’ is sufficient for the answer)
    Nitpick: Should 24A be (5’1,4)? (one of a couple of ‘neverheardofs’ for me, btw)

  34. Johnno,
    for a start, no clue should have any component doing ‘double-duty’. It’s not good setting. And even if it was an intended ‘definition’, it’s not at all good enough. Waaaay too vague.
    I don’t see how 27ac/26dn can be included.

    DA pushes boundaries (not a bad thing) but makes mistakes sometimes. The fact there’s this much debate means he hasn’t been clear enough in this puzzle.

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