DA Confusion for the 27th of August, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for the DA this week.

Why waste a weekend in confusion when you can have it all sorted nicely?

39 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of August, 2021

  1. I have all out and understood – except I cannot see the defn for 21A.
    Any assistance appreciated.

  2. And while waiting, a pretty good crossword by DA today I thought.
    Had me thinking a lot.
    Was able to get quite a few from wordplay.
    FOI 6A/3D.
    Then largely worked around from NW and finished in SE.
    Pick for best was 22D (but DA has used this before I am pretty sure).
    Hope all enjoy.

  3. What DAJunkie said.
    First ones 1D, 1A, 2D, 10A (not sure if the ? quite makes up for an inadequate def though)
    General Knowledge was more of my generation today, except for 13D. LOI. NHO
    Yes, despite DA using that trick in 22D before, he got me again.
    5D’s a cryptic chestnut but I liked DA’s novel take on it.
    Was looking for a pangram, but by my count it’s 3 short.

    My picks 2D,4D, 8D, 23D, 27A, for the surfaces and gettable wordplay.
    But I don’t get the connection between 9D and 21A, which I managed to jigsaw together starting with the shout.

  4. Just checked the replica version. The error is in both the print and on-line version.
    No mention @dontattempt. I think he only posts there if he’s made a mistake, not a simple typo.

  5. This one felt harder than it ended up being, somehow got it out in a little under my usual time.

    FOI 1A, 1D. LOI 4D, 5D. Like others was completely puzzled by 21A, DAJ has it right for sure!

  6. Bit of a struggle at the end, not helped by the error in 21a, although it finally dawned on me and reminded me of Bazza McKenzie. Thought the Spoonerism in 8d was a bit dodgy.
    FOI 1a which made me smile. LOI 25a. Favourite has to be 22d for “local”.

  7. Began well but came to a dead end with about half a dozen left. Not being in a persevering frame of mind today, I surrendered and looked up the answers. I wouldn’t have got 13d or 21d in a month of Sundays.

  8. Where is everyone?
    All out except 25A and 22D; and not too sure of 23D, or wordplay for 1A 2nd word

  9. SB,
    25A – defn “Clueless” – built as 2,1,4,
    22D – yeah – DA “trick”. Pronounce second word as 2,3.
    23D – defn “old Chinese leader” – built 3,1.
    1A – answer is 5,5 – but clued as 6,4.

  10. A shame about the error in 25A, as it is a great clue otherwise.
    I’m not sure that ‘Beat’ is a good enough definition, although he certainly belonged to that group.
    I doubt that anyone doing this crossword would ever have watched 12A, but we all know of it very well. Weird!

  11. I’m OK with 10A’s “Beat” – I’ve heard it used as a noun in the personal sense intended.

    I do think DA has it wrong in the clue for 8D, conflating two similar but opposite archaic words. Hard to explain without spoilers, but anything would be better than “zip”, if you catch my literal drift.

  12. Thanks DAJunkie, My 23D was wrong, which of course threw 25A. All out; but still not sure of 25A and 22D wordplay despite all the comments

  13. The other problem with 8d is that it doesn’t strictly share a boundary with Chelsea.

  14. For 25a SB, make a substitution in the phrase “Actor playing King Lear”

  15. I struggled with this for a while. Still haven’t completed the NE corner.

    For 11A, I see where letters 3-7 come from, and maybe 1, but no idea where 2 comes from.

  16. Ah, Graham M of course, I was tricked into thinking that ‘with’ was telling me to do something. Thanks!

  17. Although I have got 8d (by looking at the appropriate map; don’t understand the Spoonerism) and also 21A (ignoring the 9-down (? 8-down) part of the clue and simply working through the word play), cannot deduce the connection between the two places.

  18. alaric, this goes back to the 60s when most Australians who went to work in the UK gathered together in 8D. The place thus became known as 21A. As for the Spoonerism, ‘locks’ in this case is what happens to your hair sometimes and ‘zip’ is a term for zero.

  19. Just worked out the connection. Having lived near 8D for nearly 3 years (I was not an Aussie then), I should have got the link sooner. Still don’t understand the Spoonerism.

  20. Quite enjoyable today. Pity about the typo in 21A, and South Ken would have been a better place in 8d, as TimC noted. 25A – I assume that 4-7 is the square of an integer, but if so it’s rather clunky, as not unique. It could have been four!

  21. alaric, as others have said, both of the parts of the Spoonerism are a bit suss, or a bit obscure.

    I hope it’s late enough in the day to say that for ‘locks’ think hair, only the definition is not adequate there. It’s a curly question.

    And for the second part , as kraDen says above, he’s okay with this from Scottish heritage. The word has two variants which can either start with ‘a’ or ‘o’ followed by ught, meaning nothing (zip) or anything at all.

  22. You’ve probably got that now alaric. I see Jack’s reply and yours were both posted at 6:26.

  23. I enjoyed today’s crossword, and apart from the typo, I thought everything else worked well and was fun – and as always, I learned something new!

  24. All done.
    The typo threw me for a while too. They seem to have fixed it now.

    I did like 22d.

  25. I call all the people in my street neighbours so I’m going to disagree that neighbours is incorrect for 8d!

  26. 21A really annoying – threw me off the track for 9D. Thought it must be a “little australia” theme.

  27. Tricky one for me, I managed to complete last night.
    Needed DA trippers to understand 25A and 22D Parsing. As well as the 8D for 9D switch.
    21A parsing eluded me till just now, does caviar reference 3 letters for eggs?

  28. Is anyone else annoyed that the cursor jumps to where they think the solver should go rather than stopping at the end of the clue?

  29. Is anyone else annoyed that the cursor jumps to where they think the solver should go rather than stopping at the end of the clue?

  30. Finally got there Would not have made it
    without an early look at Trippers and DAJ pointing out typo in 21A and reference to local. Thought 13D was clever.
    Need to look at zinzan for wordplay for 15D and LOI 14A
    Thanks everyone till next week/month !

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