DA Confusion for the 20th of August, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 20th of August, 2021

  1. OK – all out and understood, but found this to be a real slog.
    And didn’t get a lot of satisfaction from the crossword today.
    FOI was 12A.
    Then a long gap.
    Started to get answers all over the place.
    No real flow for me today.
    1D probably my pick for best.
    Also liked 4D, 13D and 18A.

  2. Easiest today for some time I thought! Done and dusted in somewhat under my usual time.

    FOI 9A, 1D. LOI 16D, 28A. Other good starters might be 24D, 27A, 12A, 7D, 5D, 15A.

  3. FOI 1D, agree it was a goodie, then 1A. 9A FOI for AndrewT. I still don’t get it, or 16D.
    Only got 10/23 after getting the crossers in 23D and it looked like something I recognised. Haven’t parsed it yet though.
    Never heard of 21A but gettable and Google confirmed.
    My picks same as DAJunkie’s.

  4. Def for 9A is the first word of clue, for 16D is first two words.

    Hard to give more hints without completely spoilering them this early in the day … let us know if you need more explicit pointers later on!

  5. Gayle – just a bit more to follow Andrew T:
    9A – “codas?” is key.
    16D – “edges off” used trickily.

  6. Called in earlier when only two had posted, and found “a real slog” along with “easiest today for some time”. Which just goes to show. (I don’t know what it goes to show, but it must go to show something.)

    I found it very satisfying again today with plenty of smiles— it’s a while since we’ve had a real stinker and I’ve abandoned ship. Most was pretty straightforward, but the SW quarter took a while.

    I can’t account for the first three letters of 17a — are they something to do with “solo”? Not sure what the moguls have to do with 15a. Hadn’t heard of 23d (Google to the rescue), nor 21a. No idea how to parse 28a. And I didn’t think 20d was a children’s realm.

  7. Like DAJ I found this a bit of a slog. Nothing on the first pass and FOI eventually was 12a (is there a truncation indicator I’ve missed there?). LOI 20d which I’m still pondering.
    I ended up with more 11 acrosses than 19 acrosses.

  8. Tim C – 12A – I take “tile” to mean something like “block” – and defn is just “design”.

  9. Thank you, DAJ, an inadequate knowledge of the Spice Girls was my stumbling block. I thought I’d found half of Ginger and couldn’t tie down the rest.

  10. Strange one today…easy to solve but hard to parse, haven’t parsed quite a few

  11. Graham M and Tim C, 20D: the clue’s structure is important. “Child” would be more obvious if it were placed mid-clue.

  12. Thanks, AG. I’ve discovered how 20d works. DA’s knowledge of things and people American is far more vast than mine. Perhaps half a century ago it would have been the realm of another member of the family, but of course no one would dare say this now. Hence “dated term for” in 8d in the quick!

  13. Yes, I’d never heard of that child before so it was unsurprising that I didn’t understand the definition.

  14. Anyone notice a difference in the wording of the 10a, 23d clue in the hardcopy and the online versions?
    What’s going on?

  15. Stuck on 17A. FOI 9A; pick of the day 1D, and I liked the misdirection in 20D – no-one here familiar with Julia & Julia with Meryl Streep?

  16. Yes Clark, “dropping in” (online) and “visiting” (paper). Who knows.

  17. SB – 17A construction – 1,2,3 then 4,5,9 then 6,7 then 8. Defn – “carriage”.

  18. Doh – My 4D was incorrect so wrong starting letter for 17A. (I had it starting with W.) All is clear. Thanks DAJ.

  19. All out but can’t see wordplay for 5A.
    Presume definition is first word.

  20. alaric – 5A – correct, defn = first word.
    “dinkum” = 1,2,6,7.
    “fret behind shed” = 3,4,5 (a truncated synonym – one of my pet DA dislikes).

  21. Only started this afternoon and have about half to go.
    20D: I took it as a reference to an 80s pop band. Maybe I was in the pop mindset after 28A.

  22. I can’t parse 16d despite hints above. I don’t understand why “child” in 20d, despite the comments above, as 2-5 inside 1/6/7 makes good sense.

  23. Richard, in 16d, letters 1,4-9 are a synonym for “gutter” that I was unfamiliar with. “From edges off” gives 2,3.

    In 20d, it’s not “child”, it’s “Child”. This is important.

  24. Got it early enough today, many because of the crossers. Thanks SB for 20D: I have seen the film and I have the 2 volumes, but didn’t pick the connection! And I cook. Well done.

    Like 1d and 8d.

  25. Thanks for the tips for 9A, Andrew T and DAJunkie, I was just posting here that I still didn’t have it, and that no-one else seemed to have any trouble, when I went back to DAJ’s tip “codas?” and the light dawned. No wonder it was AndrewT’s FOI. Codas indeed! Bingo! Hurrah!

  26. Agree with all of above sentiments slow start yesterday pm late to bed with 9 left
    As a senior some of the old expressions were familiar
    came to Trippers with 1A, 11A and 3D to go.
    For 1A ‘at’ leaving 1st word for 1&2 but doesn’t work with start of 3D.
    I have plenty of IT problems but 11A needs more work
    I’ll take a break and see if some inspiration comes

  27. Ian, in 1a, “at leaving swell” gives 1-3.

    In 11a, “much” indicates the type of truncation that DAJunkie dislikes.

  28. I could not parse 16 D until coming here and seeing Margaret’s comment about candles. I also kept thinking that ‘from edges off’ gave 1-3 and should have been edge off, but now I get it. Should have used a thesaurus for gutter.

  29. IanS , If the break didn’t help:

    1A 1-3 is what you have left , then 4-7

    3D angle view?

    11A 1,2 much anger
    3, 6,7,8 rage besets computing.

  30. Thanks Gayle and GrahamM for your posts they helped greatly !!
    Incidentally GrahamM, I’d always associated 23D with the rules for card games, notably Whist, however Google 23D and you find the story of an old US film.
    DA had tricked me into thinking the last word of 1A was the definition. 11A I was looking at words 6&7 were the definition rather than only the last word. All out now and understood.
    Liked 24D, 4D & 8D
    Take care keep safe everyone from COVID Sydney

  31. Oh Tripper 1D, is it time yet for a bit more overtness about parsing 9A and 20D? Codas? Child? So?
    Also, how does 8D work?
    One niggle: 25A ‘…injected IN dough…’
    And one ‘grrrr!’, re 3D (though, as always, I stand to be corrected!): In feedback he generously gave me on one of my puzzles, DA said it was a no-no for double definitions to have common etymology.

  32. Johnno2, my legal advice is that a little more “overtness” can be justified by midday Saturday.

    The Child in 20d apparently was an American chef who fell off the perch almost twenty years ago.

    And “codas” is an Astleism for “last letters”.

    8d comprises two brewers and think of two meanings of “pride” — “pride and joy” and a collective noun.

  33. I have got it done , with a quick start for about six, got stuck for a bit then on a roll right through to the finish.
    I’ll have to search Child for 20d.
    21a was new to me, and the dictionary definition started: “Indian, dated” then described a small meal during the day. So it was a stretch, but I like the educational aspect of these hitherto unknown (to me) words.

  34. Thanks Graham! I was fixated on ‘Brewers’ being the definition, thinking it was an agglomeration name. Should have googlechecked – they are (FTTB…) rivals!
    And in guttering memory, I do recall the ‘business by him’ with CODA ;-)
    I note Julia fell from the perch (haha) at 92-ish. So when she was famous(?) I would have been a figurative, if not actual, child in the kitchen!

  35. I didn’t notice your niggle in 25a johnno2 but I agree. I had a few of my own this week including the usual lack of a place indicator in 22d.
    Julia was unknown to me. My Aussie better half had heard of her so maybe she was more well known in Aus rather than the UK.

  36. Finally got it all out, but unsure how “old dart” works in 25a (unless I’m parsing another part of it incorrectly); that was my foi.

    Otherwise challenging but mostly doable.

  37. I think today’s RJ in SMH was setting out to challenge DA fox cryptoxicity. Worth a look!

  38. I am still struggling with the “retiring woman of today” wordplay in 19 across. Am I missing something obvious?

  39. That wordplay in 19a gives the first 2 letters benadem. “Retiring” indicated a reversal, and “woman of today” is a title for a woman that wouldn’t have been used or even heard of when I was a little nipper.

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