DA Confusion for Friday the 13th of August, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

And yes, it is Friday the 13th!

31 thoughts on “DA Confusion for Friday the 13th of August, 2021

  1. Nice one today, with plenty of smiles. 14a was my first one in, then it took me a while before I got any more, but I soon picked up the pace. All understood.

    Happy solving!

  2. All done and dusted.
    Agree with Graham M – pretty straight forward today.
    As both above, 14A was my first in.
    Last was 1D.
    11A is a tricky wordplay.
    As is 23A – had to look up meaning.
    Removal of 1 letter from words back in play – 4 times by my count.
    4D my pick as best clue.
    Also liked 6D and 8D.

    Enjoy all.

  3. Same; done in about my usual time, a few struggles but good overall.

    FOI 2D, 11A; LOI 1D, 1A. Other good starters might be 24A, 25A, 14A, 17D.

  4. Another 14a start followed by 24a,2d,3d,17d,20d,22d. LOI 19d. Some nice clues and 5d would have to be a favourite. A bit of a respite from last week.

  5. Liked the contemporary clues. 7D LOI. 16A early in but late to parse., not really happy with the ‘decks’ bit. Need help with parsing of 1A, assuming I’ve got it right.

  6. FOI was actually 2D; I usually don’t get such answers until much later. LOI was 4D, but the whole NW corner was tricky.
    For once, the ellipses are meaningful.
    I like the way DA has built our current crisis into his puzzle.

  7. Yes like the contemporary references but the rhoticist in me winces at the 1D and 26A “homophones”. Liked 6d both for the anagrind and the suggestion that the program is itself iffy.

  8. I’m thrilled finished it and it felt tough. Got a few over breakfast then ground through most of it after work. FOI 16a oddly.
    I’m not sure I have11a parsing; does ‘radicalism’ provide 3 letters, 5 8 9?

  9. It does indeed Phil, and for me it’s a clever cryptic use of the word radicalism.

  10. Phil and Tim C re 11a. I saw radicalism as a ‘lift and separate’ instruction and partial fodder. Radical , anagrind. Fodder ‘ismon’, after the word for independent, and beaches follows, the def being the last 3 words.

  11. Yes Gayle, it took a while for the penny to drop for me with radicalism but it made me smile when it did.

  12. Ah, here I was thinking 11a 1-4, 5-9 was a reference to the lone wolf radical who terrorized the Lindt Cafe!

  13. A relief after last week. All clear, except:

    16a I assume that the defn is canal buildup , and decks is 4-6, but what gives 1-3?

    23a Does spirit = 2-6? If so, what gives 1 and 7 ?

  14. Richard
    re 16a, I took 1-3 to be the fourth word without the first letter ( ‘dis-covered’).
    re 23a, I was wondering the same thing!

  15. re 23A 1,7: the time now is either two minutes ‘to’ 11 or two minutes ‘before’ 11.

  16. Thanks Carol and Jack. Re to/before, congratulations for seeing it, but I don’t like it- extremely tenuous!

  17. Yes, I agree.
    Meanwhile, 5D is proving most resistant to my attacks. Is the definition the last (hyphenated) word?

  18. Not a great clue perhaps, think of amateur as ‘beginner’ or ‘newbie’.

  19. Still nothing. Checked my crosses, no problem there.
    Is it a well-known word?

  20. Almost thought I might finish it before work this morning, the NE, 11a 3D falling into the grid, but had to go to Zinzan for 1a, 13a and 4d. Two of them aren’t commonly used words …

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