DA Confusion for the 9th of July, 2021

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

51 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of July, 2021

  1. Done and dusted. All out and understood. Pretty clever.
    Didn’t get any of the 3 marked clues until towards the end (in the last 6 solved), but by that time had worked out what was happening.
    FOI was 19A.
    LOI was 3D – which was all new to me.
    Found some wordplays quite tricky eg: 1D.
    18A and 15D also bit tricky.
    And 23A (which is my pick for best).
    Hope all enjoy.

  2. Fun today with another original gimmick. Thought 10A lacked a surname, but mustn’t grumble……..

  3. Agree Brond. I was looking for the surname to come up somewhere else.
    For once the popular culture was familiar to me. First ones in 4D and 5/1.
    Also liked the link between 2 of the clues although they weren’t signalled.

    Last ones in were 23A, which I really liked when I got it(agree with DAJ, it’s a goodie), and 17D, despite twigging to the likely words in the Spoonerism. Didn’t know the word in that sense.

    Even though I guessed 5/1 early, it took me a while to figure out the shaded areas of 1A and 5D, forgetting they were part of the one clue. Confused myself by only looking at the coloured areas on the printed out grid, but doing the crossie on line. The left/right, across/down thing I’m not good at. Have to turn a roadmap upside down when I go round a corner.

  4. Delighted to grasp the clue early enough to stop pondering the ‘nonsense’. Good fun! hc.

  5. Initially tried switching back and forth between the facsimile and online editions on my iPad but gave up and just did the thing as displayed. I wish DA wouldn’t do these until they can shade the actual grid one is playing on!

    Got the three marked clues right off the bat so the rest went pretty smoothly. LOI 13A, 23A. Good started might be 17D, 9A, 4A, 2D.

  6. An interesting twist today, and a satisfying experience. Not a fan of American television, it took me a while to work out 10a. Incidentally, the first letter of 10a is shaded but the third letter of 5d is not. I don’t understand 22d.

  7. @ Graham. Thanks for the correction. I meant to say first 2 letters of 1A and last 2 letters of 5D.
    Yes, the 3rd letter of 5D is actually the first of 10A.
    22D. Is it the def or wordplay? Def is slang/abbreviations as I understand it.

    Agree AndrewT. I can’t see why the online version can’t put coloured lines around those squares, or some very pale/stippled infill.

  8. Yeah, got 22d, thanks Gayle. For some reason I was confusing it with “martyr”. I’m too innocent for my own good!

  9. We loved today’s. Very clever and good fun. We managed to get a lot of the shaded areas before the marked clues. For 2nd answer is first word of clue.

  10. Dropped out quickly for me. Easy starters 12a,25a,27a,28a,4d,7d,15d,20d with 27a giving me the theme. LOI 3d which I’m sure I must have come across before but didn’t remember.
    Agree 23a was good but my favourite was 28a which may be lost on the young-uns.

  11. Tim, I don’t qualify as a young-un, but I thought for a while 28a had a couple of ‘v’s and were of the iced variety!

  12. It would appear I’m the only person who doesn’t understand the instruction, let alone know how to apply it. (Not surprising) If someone could give a hint without giving the game away I’d be grateful. I think I have one of the marked answers (11A).

  13. Tell you what, Geoff. In that other thread, I’ll link the three key clues with the nine they apply to. Give me a few minutes.

  14. GeoffD: If you use letters 5-9 of 11A as an instruction to affect its letters 1-4, you’ll find them used elsewhere … I hope that’s vague but useful ! :D

  15. May I ask if 24d is an anagram of a word beginning with S ?
    And yikes! I’m really struggling with this puzzle and I usually get them out over the day, often with Trippers postings.

  16. Mehitabel: 24D is indeed an anagram, of one of the other answers in fact.

  17. Thanks AndrewT, I can put that in now, and then I’ll have 3 in :(
    But now I have shade!

  18. GrahamM, I’m just happy that as a migrant I’ve absorbed enough of the local culture to get 28a, and know what the ‘v’ version is.

  19. Nothing too difficult today, with the possible exception of 1D and the missing surname of the bad guy in ‘Rear Window’

    Nice misdirection in 13A, plus a classic clue in 23A

  20. Thanks for the help guys. After further pondering I think I’m on the right track now. I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t see 5D/1A sooner as this was a favourite of mine in the 50s and 60s!

  21. Just had a covid test cos I’ve got a filthy cold. So I’m locked up in Melb with this one. How is the first letter of 22d clued – presumably the ‘back in business’, as I have the answer , with def as ‘lech’.

  22. Ok Geo – whoops -Graham. I told you I was sick. How on earth does “foot” clue an ‘N’ in 7 d ??????

  23. Trippers – I hear one of the Sydney covid escape sites was an Ikea.

    So, #1 – how did the virus find its way out??
    #2 – how is Ikea essential shopping? (It wouldn’t be in Melb) Mt Sydney friends tell me loads of shops are open (!!! )

  24. I’m beginning to feel sorry for those who complete the thing in an hour or so. How do they amuse themselves for the rest of the day?
    Took me just under six hours today!
    Normally, at least three.
    ‘Well done!’ to the usual suspects and ‘Welcome!’ to the newbies who came here for help.

  25. Any help on the wordplay for 25a and the last three letters of 9a? Also a little unclear about the wordplay for 27a.

  26. Julie… “footloose join” is “joi”, and Ikea is essential if you haven’t got a bed. :)

    bbOZ, after DA I go on to the Guardian cryptic and then the Spectator.

  27. Josh,
    25a “almost took off” is 1,2 and bit is 3-7
    9a 4 letter word for crazy missung “essential strust”
    27a “block” is 1-3, goodness is 4,5,8,9 and “park’s central” is 6,7

  28. Tim,
    Ahh, that helps.
    So is 1,2 of 25a a three-letter word for “took off” and then the “almost” means to get rid of a letter?

  29. Yep, Josh B. Took me a while to get the ‘took off’ minus its last letter.

  30. Brand and Gayle: note that in 10a, only 5d was referenced (first name of character) and not 1a. Hence only first name of actor in answer.

  31. Like DAJ’s lead-off post, I struggled with 1D wordplay (until I chose the correct spy) and had never heard of the other meaning of 3D. No one has commented on 16D – I had always thought it was (4, 5) and not (9) but on checking it looks like either is acceptable.

  32. @ David S re 10A. I see your point. Should have thought about that a bit more. When there’s a huh? moment it’s usually the solver, not the setter. :-)

  33. Enjoyed today’s DA FOI 28A I also thought v but knew walking dog required y and googled to find that ys are also biscuits. Also a fan of 5D/1A in b&w tv
    As I’m a cricket tragic enjoyed 27A
    Was stuck on 2D but saw the answer as I was texting
    So all out need to work on a few wordplays

  34. SlowA, I too struggled with 1d until I thought Judy Dench.
    Also, Chambers has 16d as 4-5 but not 4,5 or 9. The OED is the same.

  35. I have the answer to 17D as LOI, and seem to have the newlywed word, though unsure why it might be plural, and no idea on why seemingly single syllable word may be produce?

    Help appreciated

  36. Vincent, you need to think of a two-letter abbreviation of a six-letter word for a second.

  37. Vincent ST, ‘produce’ is just the link word meaning give/create ( the solution).
    And Jack’s comment is spot on. Surely a mistake (this time). I had so much trouble with that.

  38. Yes, “newlywed” should be plural.

    Anyone else notice that our old mate Celia made a secret comeback in the other thread yesterday?

  39. Easiest DA ever! Got 11a straight off and smooth sailing from there. First time I think I’ve completed whole thing without any assistance!

  40. Finding it easy today – for me anyway. Easy for me is a slow and steady gnawing away over a period of hours, interspersed with doing other things, with two or three clues snapping each time I come back to it. I stand in awe of those who get the lot out in 30 minutes.
    Still a couple to go, and a few I can’t parse. Don’t quite see the ‘take home’ part of 23D.
    Graham M, I too first thought of the iced ‘v’ variety!

  41. In 1D, letter 1 is given by ‘Spy leader’ (think 007’s boss). I believe 2-4 is a 4-letter word for ‘figures’ with the first letter skimmed off

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