Belated Confusion for the 2nd of July, 2021

A bunch of things — including settling on a house! — had me forgetting my most sacred duty: posting a dedicated place for DA Trippers to mingle.

So here it is, a little late, but here nonetheless.

Sorry for the delay!

53 thoughts on “Belated Confusion for the 2nd of July, 2021

  1. Brond says:
    2 Jul 2021 at 9:06 am
    No Trippers for 2nd July??
    All done, but need help with the life of Christ!

    DAJunkie says:
    2 Jul 2021 at 10:28 am
    Brond, I may have wrong, I read the answer as 3,2 – which, in the language of the clue, is “early in la vita di Christo”

    Brond says:
    2 Jul 2021 at 11:21 am
    Thanks DA Junkie. This is a great example of having to have the answer first in order to solve the wordplay – a massive Groan from me!

  2. Whew! The world is restored to order again!

    One of the easier ones I thought, done in well under my average time.

    FOI 6A, 14A; LOI 12A, 16D.

  3. Easy starters for me were 6a,18a,1d,21d. LOI 12a, and yes Brond, a bit of a groan as my Italian is non-existent. I also found 4d a bit clunky. I struggled a bit with some, e.g. I had to check 14a with google. Favourite has to be 20a.

    Now off to finish the Golden Anniversary crossword in The Spectator which is no 26a.

  4. Tim C , I also do the weekly Spectator
    The obscure Scottish words are tricky….

  5. Started well but came to an abrupt end, having to look up the last few. Don’t understand 4d, 9a, 26a, 12a.

  6. Graham M,
    4D – built as 4 – 5,6,7 – 9,8 – 1,2,3
    9A – “principal” = 1,2,3,4. “spooks revolutionary” = 7,6,5.
    26A – ddefn. 7floz I think.
    12A – as I explained above ie: … I read the answer as 3,2 – which, in the language of the clue, is “early in la vita di Christo” …

  7. I think 26A is 5 fl oz. Lucky to get 2 mouthfuls from it.

    I have no qualms with any of the clues today. I even learned a couple of new words.

  8. Thanks DAJ. I didn’t enjoy today’s so much — perhaps I’m not in a cryptic frame of mind.

  9. Hey Brond and Tim C, I loved 12A, once I got the wordplay.
    I’m about halfway through, hoping for some help here but no comments yet on the ones I’m struggling with. I’ll just soldier on for the moment – might come back later.

  10. BTW Seems that 20A can only have one possible answer but I don’t get the wordplay.

  11. SB, read the capitals as 1-4 and 5-10(reversed) for 20a.
    I got the 4,5 of 12a, but couldn’t make sense of 1-3 unless I read it with a sort of Irish accent. :)

  12. Thanks Tim C – What field are we in, with 20A? Those names mean nothing to me

  13. SB for 20a think politician and reggae artist with the same first name.

  14. The other ones I’m still stuck on are 11A, 23A, 16D and 21D. I’m sure they’re all very easy but they have me stumped 🙄

  15. SB for 20a make sure you have the third word 6,7,8 of the answer right.
    11a think a summer sport
    Double def
    16d is a fairy tale

  16. Hadn’t heard of 19D before. And yes HandM, having ‘E’ as the 21D crosser of 20A slowed me down.
    Any comments about the first indicator in 1D? I thought it referred to just one letter.

  17. Agree, I was struck by that too, SlowA. No indication for 2 letter subtraction from the end.

  18. 1-3 of 1d is “kicking back grasp” so it doesn’t refer to just one letter. Think 4 letter word for grasp and kick the back.

  19. Thanks Tim C, makes sense now – didn’t think of a 4 letter synonym with the same first 3 letters!

  20. OMG Duh!!! It was staring at me! Ok I’m good with 20A now. Thanks HandM for the nudge.
    Now just left with 11A (sport is a foreign language to me – there are 3 obvious words that fit, but google doesn’t pick them up as a package) and 16D, for which I’m assuming spoil is 1-3

  21. You may have the wrong words for 11a SB because if I google the answer even without quotes it comes up straight away.
    Spoil is 1-4 in 16d. You obviously went down the same rabbit hole as I did at first.

  22. YAY! Just 16D to go. 11A makes perfect sense – Yep, I had wrong 2nd word. Thanks Tim C

  23. All done. Thanks again Tim C
    Well that sure was more of a struggle than it should’ve been but I quite enjoyed it – esp 12A.
    Till next week.
    Stay safe!

  24. Think of 4,5 as an indicator for date matthew. These days it is politically correct to call it the “common era (CE)” which begs the question about how the common era is defined.

  25. Me neither Matthew.
    What I’ve got so far from Trippers above is first 3 letters is Italian and 4-5 the usual Christian abbreviation. But why 1-3? Did Jesus live in the 3rd century? I’ve got no idea.

  26. Fairly quick today, but I couldn’t justify 1d 1-3 until I read TimC above. In 4d I’m not convinced that the position of computer is properly defined.

  27. The 3 refers to years rather than centuries Gayle. The phrase “early in” is important. In fact, in year 3 he may have been 7 to 9 years old.

  28. Ahhh! Got it Tim C. Thankyou. That’s a really way out clue there from DA, (more out there than ususal) even though I know he loves foreign languages. At least he didn’t try to homophone it this time.

  29. Right i get it. I thought AD meant after death but it actually marks jesus birth

  30. I found this fell into place relatively easily. Liked 10a and 12a, 20a
    I think I have 25a but don’t get the word play. Can anyone explain it, maybe I am on the wrong track.

  31. TimC I think “foremost” is used for the abbreviation which is then reversed (up) and placed at 8/9. If foremost is intended to mean that computer is at the beginning, I don’t see how 8/9 can be derived. I think that DA should have written “a mother cracking computer up foremost nut” to get his construction, although I concede that that reads badly.

  32. Phil, ‘Dictator’s’ implies a 5-letter homophone of a 6-letter word for ‘vote’

  33. Richard, up is a common reversal indicator for down clues. ‘A mother’ gives 4-7, and ‘cracking up’ gives 8-9. Foremost places the computer at 1-3.
    Phil, dictator is a homophone indicator. Think of a six-letter word for vote.

  34. Thanks DavidS Yes I had all of that, except for not seeing “cracking” as the definition of 8/9. I thought cracking was referring to where to place “a mother”, but I understand and agree with your interpretation.

  35. Well, here I am a day later, and no one seems to have been troubled by what troubled me, especially in the NE corner. Before I look at the answers, any hints on 6a, 10a, 14a, 6d, 7d.

  36. I thought it unlikely anyone was still around. So I worked it all out with a lot of help from word finder and google.

  37. 6A, have a look at letters 3-7 of the first word in the clue

    10A, anagram of ‘is close’ for an item in the ear

    14A, a city in South America, given by a computer manufacturer inside DA personally and ‘in’

    6D, a band and a swimming stroke

    7D, anagram of ‘metallic’ with the addition of oxygen (O)

  38. A very enjoyable one this week (I never get to it before Saturday night). The right level of mental exertion for me, but I can see why some found it easy. Still have 14A and 25A to nut out.
    I fished out 19D from memories of Linguistics 101 done decades ago!

  39. Carol, in 25a, “dictator’s” is a homophone indicator, and think of “vote” and “nibbles” as verbs.

  40. Thanks Graham M, the penny dropped eventually. That homophone indicator pops up occasionally but I always forget it.

  41. I didn’t find this one particularly easy at all. By this morning, still didn’t have 14A, 16D and 26A. Had to get my husband to look at solutions and give me hints. I had 12A and 1D, but could not work out their word play. I thought Kicking back grasp would give gras. Now I get it from Tim C’s explanation. I don’t think I would have ever understood 12A without above comments. The worst I’ve gone on a DA in a long time.

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