DA Confusion for the 18th of June, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

42 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of June, 2021

  1. Done. Do not get 14A wordplay. Any help appreciated.
    Like last week a bit all over the place.
    Started with 22A and finished with 3D.
    Thought 4D was pretty clever, and was probably my pick.

  2. Took me ages, greatly hindered by trying to solve 2 down/4 across transposed until the very end, Also not paying attention to the ‘gardener on screen’ meant that my guess for part of the wordplay threw the NE out.

    So given that, it’s probably not fair to say I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I thought 26A was really poor, surface and definition. Learnt that Burley Griffin was actually Walter Griffin and that he’s been wrongly memorialized. Needed quite a few of the crossers to get 8D/27A.
    Yet to parse 14A and 17A.. Favourite 9A

    Entry points 3D, 4D, 21D, 13A

  3. Re14A: 1st word of clue is definition. Letters1-4 = 5-letter word meaning cat-like, minus a letter. Letters 5&6 = morning

  4. Yes, thanks DA Junkie. 17A. Cold air woke me up bringing in the garbage bins..

    And same Brond with 14A. Thankyou.

  5. Back to my average solving time today, pretty much steady progress all the way through.

    FOI 9A, 10A; LOI 1A , 1D. Other good starters might be 14D, 21D, 13A, 7D, 17A.

  6. Another very satisfying experience today — a perfect mix of challenge and reward. My first one in — very easy — was 9a. My only “Huh?” is 15d — I get the Zola bit but can’t account for letters 5-8.

    I really enjoyed 7d, 28a & 19a. That I got 7d & 26a quickly but struggled with 21d would reflect my television channel preferences!

  7. Easy starters for me were 9a,11a,25a,4d,6d,16d and with this good haul at the first attempt thought it was going to be a snap. Then I struggled a fair bit with the bottom half especially. LOI 14a (the wordplay took ages to get). Being in NSW I ironically didn’t know 8d/27a. Favourite 7d for “very kind” and 1a for the unusual surface.

    For 15d, “one” is 5, “article” is 7 and “books” is 6,8 GrahamM

  8. Gayle, you might like to read Bill Bryson’s “Down Under”. That’s where I learnt about Walter Griffin.

  9. Thanks for the tip Graham M. Hopefully some of your good spirits might rub off on me

  10. Doing much better this week than recently, but still not finished. Got side-tracked in 2D /4A because I read one of the words as an adjective instead of a verb. And despite living in Melbourne was slow to get 8D 27A. Agree with Gayle regarding 26A.
    Could someone help me with the definition for 22A?

  11. GeoffD, the very first word of 22a is the definition. And it has nothing to do with actors.

  12. Done and dusted. FOI 9A, 2D/4A, 6D, 10A, LOI 28A. Favourites 9A, 7D.
    Thanks Brond and DAJunkie for 14A and 17A wordplays. Not clear on 3D wordplay.

  13. Ah, Tim, of course – duh – I knew it would be pretty straightforward. Thanks

  14. Gayle, for some strange reason I read your ‘wakening’ comment @8.13am as a hidden cryptic clue (it’s got a nice rhythm and I was tantalised by the double full stop) and I spent ages trying to solve it…please tell me I’m wasting my time (unless I really am missing something of course!).

  15. SlowA , it was one dot short of an ellipsis. Like a sandwich short of a picnic. Just had cold hands :-)
    I’m intrigued by your moniker. Slow A?

  16. ‘Letters & Numbers’ has time-travelled this week back to the start of the first series (for the umpteenth time). A positively youthful David, Richard and Lily, the latter writing extremely neatly on her whiteboard!

  17. I do tend to write rhythmically. Hadn’t noticed that before,
    As a (former) Queenslander, everything ends in eh?

  18. Graham M, DA always comes across so affable until you try to solve his cryptics. Before I had seen him or read him I used to think he was a grumpy old man in an attic.
    You disclosed your telly-savvy this morning. I concur with 7d and 26a, and also had to google 21d to confirm. But you didn’t mention 4d. I was chuffed to get that one, not in my milieu.

  19. Oh dear, sorry Slow A and Graham M if my attempts at humour sounded flippant. Your post at 6:13 was lovely SlowA. Thankyou. The two dots was just a mistake. It’s time I went to bed. Woke up with a vision disturbance and migraine this morning and told myself I should spend the day in bed, but pushed on working from home.
    I’m a bit saddened that we’ve only had 27 posts today and don’t dare to count how many were mine. Sad that Arthur C is no longer with us, and others. Maybe everyone else is snuggled up in their doonas. I promise to be a good girl (ie quiet) tomorrow.

  20. Gayle, I will never see sixty again (by some years) but I do love the clue for 4D. It’s probably not too early to give hints but she was a great country singer with some great songs (“Tim McGraw” for example – another great singer). It was a shame that she decided to go “pop” and decide that skimpy costumes (not that I didn’t look – after all, I’m just a man!) were the way to go.

    All in all, a great talent. Try her earlier stuff if you like good, sad, tragic songs.

  21. I have the answer for 7d but don’t get the word play. Keen to understand since others have enjoyed it.

  22. Nette, the leaves are a type of lettuce, and think of ‘thanks’ for ‘very kind’.

  23. I didn’t begin this one until late afternoon. I got 1A, 9A and 1D immediately, but couldn’t get another one for ages. Eventually, it started to evolve, although I found it pretty difficult. My LOI was 5D, which no one else has mentioned; I think that’s not a very good definition.

    I have no issue with 26A; he is one of the proudest of his race.

  24. Also re 5D, thought the indicator usually referred to moving one letter up in a down clue rather than its use here.
    And Gayle, sorry but nothing intriguing about my moniker – pronounced as one word, it just describes my solving pace!

  25. In 19A, ‘earth-mover’ is letters 1-3, 7-8. Letters 4-6 (reversed) are ‘I’ and ‘build’ outsiders.

  26. I agree with Gayle’s comment “DA always comes across so affable until you try to solve his cryptics”. So I feel churlish for thinking, and saying, that his clues are often perverse and insufferable. Today was mainly straightforward- but I was dim re 7d (TA!), 18d and especially the “eye” in 14a.

  27. I have an alternative take on 1-4 of 14A
    A line from Robbie Burns poem “To the Mouse”
    The best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft ————— minus last letter

  28. This has been driving me crazy. June 18th Cryptic. 1 across. Milk plasma, marrow, counter munchies? I know the answer is ‘tapas’ . I can see that ‘milk’ can mean tap. I think the comma placed after plasma is important. But I can’t , for the life of me, see how this all adds up. Help?

  29. Hi Liam
    The clue is counter munches and the last two letters are the marrow (middle) of plasma.

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