DA Confusion for the 11th of June, 2021

I’m a little confused by the lockdown rules in Melbourne for this Friday.

But I don’t need to be confused by DA because of this thread!


36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of June, 2021

  1. I found really tough. A slog to get through.
    Got SE, then NW, then NE and finally SW – a real struggle for me.
    Maybe just not clicking today.
    Hope enjoy.

  2. Same here . SE in first. After getting 20D I guessed 15 A and thought I was on a roll. But slowed down pretty quickly.
    Was a wake-up to the usual cryptic tricks in 3 D, which I liked, and in 26A but took a while to get it. Not sure about the indicator/grammar.
    Most difficult for me were 5D, 11A and 16 D LOI .
    I don’t like Le Monde article clue types. It’s a throwback to earlier generations of solvers with a certain kind of education, along with British military regiments, cricket and books of the bible. I don’t believe they’re readily accessible for today’s generation. (On the other hand I’m not really up with DA’s popular TV culture clues or Victorian football teams either.)

    Liked the key clue, but overall I think DA broke the rules of fairness in (for me) difficult cluing in some of the undefined clues, and quibble about the definitions of a couple of them.
    Liked 2D , 7D, 10A and 12A.
    Yet to parse 13D.

  3. Gayle, 13D – yeah – tough. “approval” = 1,2,3,4. “reviewing some memory” =8,7,6,5. “book’s contents” = 9,10.

  4. Gayle 13D: 1-4 = Approval; 5-8 reversal of “memory” – think computers, although this is not strictly memory but maybe close enough for DA. 9-10 is contents of “book”.

  5. Yes, this one was harder for me too, I blame being a week into a cold!

    FOI 1A, 9A; LOI 6D, 6A.

  6. Gayle, thanks for raising 13d, and Peter and AndrewT for help.
    I was sitting on the two letter response for approval and wouldn’t budge from it.
    Now I will attempt the rest after another caffeine hit.

  7. First run through 1a,19a,1d,4d. LOI 13d. Favourite 20d. I didn’t find the homonym indicator in 15d convincing.
    I had a different take initially on 13d with 1-6 as “approval” and 7-10 as “some memory book’s contents” but that leaves “reviewing” as redundant and the wordplay by Peter is much better. I also got misdirected at first by taking 1-6 as “Fine” which delayed me getting the wordplay.
    Bit of a challenge today.

  8. Knowing the theme and getting all the relevant down answers makes the solution for 27A obvious but I can’t work out the word play.

  9. Thanks, Graham M. Things always seem a bit more obvious when you are shown the answer!

  10. Nice theme this week. The hardest half dozen clues were 6d hard, and my brain is still smarting. I’d have thought one of the themed clues was more of an electrical appliance.

    A good number of smiles this week, but no LOLs, as chronic texters would call them.

  11. Good fun – especially after his “Quick” crossword with 2 long words that I can’t recall from 77 years on this planet.
    22A wordplay is still escaping me: I get removed but what does “in boot” do?

  12. Tricky. I need to go and soak my head as it’s definitely over heated! 21D gave me a laugh.

  13. Aha, Thanks DATyro – just saw the wordplay for 21D – very funny. I also liked 27A wordplay a lot once I saw it. Slow going as I had the wrong answer for 20D, which set me back for 29/15.
    A hard but quite enjoyable slog today. Still don’t get wordplay for 6A, 11A, or 5D, and still haven’t got 14A.

  14. SB, 6A, 11A and 5D are all lack a defn.
    As little hints:
    6A – “right to attack” = 4.
    11A – “shareholding?” (and read as share / holding) gives 1,8,9,10.
    5D – yeah – a beauty – “Lead rower” gives 3,4,5,6,7 (and read “lead” a bit differently).
    and for
    14A – 6 letter word less 2 letters to give answer.

  15. Gayle, “innards of your” gives 1,2. “Stereo before wheel’s removed” gives 3,4. “Boot” is the definition.

  16. Ohhhh! Been looking at that all day, and even with hints couldn’t see it.
    Having the ‘innards” all I could see was the middle of yourstereo and couldn’t work out why wheel was an ‘r’. :-(

  17. Mike, see what you mean about DA’s Quick. It seems to be getting more and more cryptic, not just the long words you mentioned. My husband ran into someone doing DA’s Omega in this week’s SMH. A lot of head scratching, apparently. I haven’t tried it yet. Comes out a bit small when printed from on-line and I only get the dead tree version on weekends.

  18. Having said that about the Omega I printed it off and read it off the screen.
    If anyone’s interested it was themed. One I didn’t know, a fascinating piece of language with an interesting history. Trust DA! A bit mindboggling for an Omega I would have thought. but then if you knew the phrase it might be obvious.

  19. I found this crossword fairly easy. However, I have been scratching my head for 24 hours trying to come up with the wordplay for 21D, even though I had the answer and read comments above suggesting that it’s very amusing. No one else appears to be stumped by it.

  20. Jack, so DA is the setter and you are the _ _ _ _ _ _.
    ‘Cryptically’ for me has a double meaning. It’s a cryptic clue and it relates to the parties in a cryptic crossword, so that was funny.

    I laughed when I first read it, but then the grammatical pedant in me said no, the answer’s not right. But it does have a question mark as well. So maybe even funnier ‘cos DA would have known that and was inviting us in on his linguistic joke.

  21. Thanks Gayle. My obtuseness knows no bounds. I was trying to use the first and last letters to define the south-east corner and then work the other letters into it. DA has used similar devices in the past and I should have been a wake-up to it. It’s a really good clue, IMHO.

  22. Finding this week’s very difficult. Can anyone give me a gentle hint for 29, 15a?

  23. The red queen has me stumped for wordplay. Got the answer but can’t parse it.

  24. AlandSal
    27A The red is a wine. The ‘queen’ (2 letter abbreviation for the current one) succumbs (is dropped) and is replaced by the middle letter (heart) of ‘Alice’.

  25. Finally got all of it out, but don’t quite understand 19A – is it really that bleedingly obvious, or have I missed something?

    After getting 1D and 4D, 11A tentatively looked to be “penny stock” (= volatile shareholding) which threw me for a while – not sure if cunning misdirection or 21D incompetence ;)

  26. Victor, I don’t think there’s anything devious about 19a — it’s as straightforward as it seems.

  27. Missed the paper on Friday and got a copy at the library this morning and all done fairly quickly. Phew! So, though normally on here at this stage as the ‘ASKEE’ ;-) I’ve come on this time to repay the favour!
    Did you make any progress Ece?

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