DA for the 28th of May, 2021

Report about your goings on with this week’s DA. We Melbournites have not much else to do anyway!

8 thoughts on “DA for the 28th of May, 2021

  1. 15D – in my view a DA error. “behind bars” was meant to be “in gaol” I think – but DA got wrong.

  2. Is this meant to be essential fugitive > IT in GA OL (behind bars). followed by ONE for I (Roman numeral).

    But has DA scored an Own Goal? :-)

    Even if that’s correct, I have a question about the definition/grammar.

  3. Gayle, that is exactly what I think DA meant, but it gives (as you describe)
    instead of

    And I won’t debate with you as to whether the defn (SOLO) is a grammatic match or not, as this is not my forte by a long way.

  4. Gayle, there is a verb usage of ‘solo’ that fits. Musicians, pilot trainees, etc.

  5. Suet… 5a is
    “Two-faced mate” is the definition, “softball”=nerf which rejected (reversed) gives FREN, “ultimate frisbee” is E and “Fancy that” is MY (as in My Goodness or My Word shortened.

  6. Been away for the weekend and funnily enough did another crossword where ‘solo’ was the verb and I thought I’m gonna have to get home and admit it.

  7. DyslexiA or a forgotten anagrind?
    And, yes, one ‘solos’ in flying training.

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