DA Confusion for the 21st of May, 2021

There’s going to be a lot of confusions this week, but it’s supposedly an excellent crossword.

Have your confusions sorted out here and make progress!

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of May, 2021

  1. DA just tweeted the following…
    ‘OMG – this week’s DA crossword will break rules. Bend minds. Rookies – stay clear.’

  2. How clever!!
    FOI was 15A. Gave me a hint, but not at all clear.
    Got 17A about 5th. Still not clear – in fact even more puzzled.
    Eventually got 11A and penny finally dropped.
    Then became a lot easier – EXCEPT for my self induced “misdirection” / misinterpretation of 13D and 16D.
    Last one in 20A.

  3. Morning SonOfBruze, I think your moniker might be apt this week, bruising indeed.

    Chewing away at it, one clue at a time. First ones in were the intersecting 4 D, 5 D, 9A and 14A in the NE, then a couple in the SW. I thought I was on a roll but slowed right down.
    Have solved a couple of the undefined clues, but haven’t made the connection yet.
    Need another coffee, or three or four.

  4. Good one DAJunkie! So there’s hope yet. I’ll have a look at some of yours (after my next cuppa).

  5. I’ll have to expand my vocabulary. This work from home thing isn’t doing it for me. I’m too old for some of this.

  6. Good fun today — what a nice idea, DA! Nice misdirections in that plenty of clues could have been an 17a but weren’t. Fortunately I got 17a first up and reasonably quickly. I don’t know whether I have any favourites today — it was all good, with no groans. There are three on my “Huh?” list — 6d, 10a & 22a — but they’re sure to hit me when I have another look in a few hours after my subconscious has had time to work on them!

  7. Melanie, 17A is just a normal cryptic clue.
    Construct is 1+5+1 if that helps – and don’t think it gives too much away.

  8. A few red herrings: Falcon; clasp,….Graham; think of a sailor’s toilet.

  9. NonithePony – maybe a bit early for such info. Might have been better in the other thread ie:
    “DA for the 21st of May, 2021”
    rather than in
    “DA Confusion for the 21st of May, 2021”
    Plus I think there is actually another one that could be applicable

  10. A bit of a struggle as I didn’t get 17a until late on. I still managed to get a lot of the themed clues from the wordplay only. Fist pass through were 26a,4d,19d. LOI 23D.
    Less common terms include the “restroom” at 6d and the “cat” at 16d (although it’s a favourite for crossword setters).
    Agree that this is very clever. How difficult it must be to write clues like this. I’m 14a!!!!

  11. My “Huh?” list has gone, with the odd “D’oh”. Restroom at sea, indeed!

  12. This was a very easy, but enjoyable, effort. As always happens to me with these quota ones, I come up with only 14 themed clues. As people above point out, there are others that look to be themed, but are not. I particularly like the half so candidate.

  13. To my horror, I had to cheat for my last one, 23d! There’s no such thing as a toecar!

  14. I didn’t think I was a rookie. But this one is certainly making me feel like one. FOI was 17d. But the only other one I have got is 9a and even there I am not certain which of the three letter words goes where (it could work either way). But I am baffled with the rest. Any help to get me going would be appreciated.

  15. Sandy, 4d is an easy starter (unthemed). Did you mean you have 17a? This will help you find the hidden definitions in fifteen clues (along with some red herrings, as has been mentioned).

  16. Hi Graham,
    Yes I have 17a. And I have since got 24a and twigged to the theme. A couple more have followed. Got 4d as you pointed it out. Thought it may have been themed. But no.

  17. It’s taken me until now to realize that 10A is themed. I finally have reached the 15 target.

    Today’s quick crossword is more difficult than the cryptic.

  18. After a large break heading into the Apple store, I got back to it and finished. The theme was enjoyable. But I still don’t get the word play for 7d. I have the American in 3&4. But the rest I can’t work out.

  19. Sandy Mc
    I can help you with 7D as it’s not themed. I have to admit total and utter defeat on the theme. Thought I had it on a couple, but obviously not. Am waiting to be let in on the fun tomorrow when hopefully you clever people will reveal all.

    Re 7D. The American is not the obvious. It’s American (spelling) of dazzle in a two letter word for ‘times’ ( arithmetically).

  20. Hi Gayle, if you have 17a, look closely at the clues with that in mind.

  21. @ Jack, seeing I haven’t got the cryptic trick, thought I’d give the quick a go at your recommendation. Agree it was a bit of a challenge. I think DA is trying to lead the quick solvers into the world of cryptics. Having been relegated to the ‘rookie’ corner in today’s cryptic I might need to stick with the quicks.

  22. Yeah, Sandy Mc, have been doing that all day , in and out of my WFH. Thought I had a couple but still none the wiser.

  23. I think what made the Quick more difficult, Gayle, was the particular grid, as the harder clues seemed to be grouped and it was not easy to get cross-letters. However, I find today’s Cryptic much more stimulating than the Quick, even if a little easier.

  24. For those still struggling with the theme (Gayle?), I’ve posted in the other thread (here http://datrippers.com/2021/05/20/da-for-the-21st-of-may-2021/#comment-523457 ) what I think is just a list (so no clue spoilers or answers) of the numbers of the themed clues, and a list of the possible but ‘red herring’ themed clues. It may help in making the penny drop initially!! ;)

    I notice that Zinzan gave this a 9/10. I’d love to see what he thinks a 10/10 is.

  25. At last, AH HA!
    It has not helped, these last 24 hours, that ‘NATO’ existed ‘in review’ in ‘not angelic’. Grrr…

  26. …but now finished, with two help pleas:
    * Word play for 3A
    * Word play for 16D, 3-7

  27. Did you mean 3D johnno2?

    16D is a word for ‘cat’ ( a real feline, aka Snow Leopard) that I’ve only ever seen in cryptics.

  28. Johnno2, in 16d, letters 3-7 are a type of (wild) cat.
    In 3d (is that what you mean?), an Australian actor is 4,3,2,1. The rest is “police” with its case wiped out.

  29. Sad news. I’ve missed a couple of weeks here lately and it was only when I followed SB onto the About Us thread today that I saw Mike’s post letting us know that Arthur (Gus) Comer died on 1 May. Our Arthur C. I’ve been missing him.

    I knew he was a frequent writer of, amongst other things, letters to the Age.
    But I found this story which was posted in an online defence forces journal in January this year.

    Classic Arthur C, always with the technical knowledge, wit, and humour, and a kind of ‘old-world’ charm, in an understated way, but never anybody’s fool. Vale.


  30. Really enjoyed this one. Very clever. Can anyone help me with parsing 1 down, letters 1-4, please.

  31. CaptainKen, letters 1-3 are a monetary unit in Japan (1% of a yen, I think). 4 & 5 are “dictionary essentially”, and 6 is “right”.

  32. Thnx Graham. Didn’t count the number of letters in dictionary properly.

  33. Lots of fun. Pretty quick once the trick became clear (30a got it for me). Spent some time trying to make ‘anagram’ from 17a, thinking 2d could be BLUE, defined by teal, an anagram of late, and meaning error.

  34. Thanks Gayle for telling us about Arthur’s death. He was a presence in these pages. Also thanks Tim C for posting that link to a list of the themed clues. I have struggled with this one even though I have 17a

  35. Thanks Graham. Hands up who knew that cat! [ and no thanks, Tim C, for the ‘favourite of crossword setters’! Really?? :-) ]. Re police, I had a brain fade, wanting to wipe the contents!
    Sad about Arthur. Over the recent years I’ve been venturing on here, he has been a presence as you say, Sue, a gentle contrast to the capable completers!

  36. johnno2, you obviously need to do more crosswords. ;););) Maybe it’s just really old blokes like me who have these obscure cryptic favourites that spring to mind when I see “cat” (a bit like id, ide, ling etc when I see the word “fish”). You’ll be pleased to know that I also spent ages trying to fit the ‘case’ of police into 3d.

    And Vale also Arthur C, a regular in the short time I’ve been on here. I loved his tenacity and his obvious pleasure in solving. He may have been 9a but I hope he gets a renovation as per the clue.

  37. Police solidarity, Tim! :-)
    Though how many words have those 5 letters in them? :-o – I’d gone down the ‘whip’ path after your observation!

  38. Occasional lurker, long time DA fan, first time poster. Is it just me, but weren’t they mnemonics, not acronyms?

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