Bandwidth Confusion for the 30th of April DA

Sorry for the website troubles — it appears some nefarious entity slammed the DA Trippers server and took the allotted bandwidth for the month.

We’re now in May so our next 20 GB of allotted traffic is back, hopefully to last the whole month.

Apologies about the bandwidth confusion on top of the DA Confusion.

9 thoughts on “Bandwidth Confusion for the 30th of April DA

  1. No worries AS. S–t happens, as you would know as a father of twin babies. :-)
    Thanks for looking after Trippers.

  2. I’m relieved to learn that DA Trippers was only down but not finished.
    Best wishes AS

  3. It was one of the easiest DA’s for a while so we probably were not missed. Only three clues had me stumped until the crossed letters pointed to an unmistakeable answer.

    Thanks AS for your work here.

  4. I agree: most of it was so straightforward that I wondered if someone else had stood in for DA. However, I can’t fully parse the answers to 8d and 9/21d – help please..

  5. Thanks Gayle for 8D and above for 9/21. I was aware of the calculus- I can’t believe that I didn’t think of 1-4/on. I’m of the right age, and country of birth. I loved 30A!

  6. Good to see that the world hasn’t ended and that normal service has been resumed! I can’t remember much about April 30’s DA; it was too long ago. Can’t have been too difficult …

  7. Being a bit dithery, I was worried about what might be happening…it is lovely to have you back. I agree with the others, I was able to tackle it reasonably easily.
    It felt a little as if I was missing friends last Friday.

  8. If there’s anyone still here, I’ve posted some help-seeking over on the 23 April ‘5A’

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