2 thoughts on “DA for the 23rd of April, 2021

  1. Following on from my comment in the other thread, I count 8 clues in today’s DA with word truncations ie:
    1A, 12A, 27A, 28A, 2D, 3D, 13D, 21D.
    Becoming a bit of a DA staple.

  2. I take it that, as the comments seemed to stop at about the same time that I couldn’t get back in, everyone was in the same boat. I thought it was just me. Kept getting a message that the bandwidth was exceeded. Confirmed that my antivirus protection is up to date. Decided to have one more go this morning, and here we are again. Yeay! Have missed Trippers.

    Now for this week’s. AS mustn’t have been able to put up the new thread either, so will post on last week’s confusion.

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