DA Confusion for the 16th of April, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

Go on, get discombobulated.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of April, 2021

  1. Nearly there. Just 10A, 26A and 22D to go. Think I will sleep on them and hope the answers come to me in my dreams. Yeah, tell me I’m dreamin’

  2. OK all out now. Not a bad effort from DA. I like the big belt in 10A :)
    Not so fond memories of 25A/19D

    Good luck all

  3. I’m not sure about my 9-14 in 9a… Can anyone explain where those letters come from? Or maybe I have that one completely wrong; it’s not a version of that word I’ve heard before…

  4. I found this one quite tough. Some wordplays are very difficult I reckon (such as 9A and 21A).
    I have all out and only one left to parse.
    FOI was 6A.
    LOI was 4D (struggled in NW corner).
    Really liked 3D and 17A.
    kashbot – 9-15 (not 9-14) in 9A is an 8 letter word for “traitor” (which, as an aside, has a very interesting origin), with one letter removed.

  5. And even take 1A as a tough one IMO – 3 in 3 in 3 – very complicated to build from first principles. So much of DA for me is to get the answer then fit / figure out the wordplay.

  6. I’ve never heard of 9A as a verb before. 2D was new to me and I guess from the cross letters that 26A is a drummer but I cannot parse it.

  7. Peter – 26A – as in James Bond, what designates a “Licence to kill”?

  8. All out in about normal time, but there are some unparsed as yet.

    FOI 6A, 23A; LOI 22D, 21A.

  9. Like others , have also struggled to parse, and some still to go, eg 11A. I know what the def is, or isn’t :-)

    FOIs in IA and ID. Liked the misdirection in 1A. Top half went in first.
    LOI was 2D which I didn’t know, and I found the wordplay difficult, but it’s got a great surface.

    @ DAJunkie, thanks for the your hint for 26A, but not being a Bond girl I’m none the wiser. Agree that the origin of the traitor in 9A is interesting. I think DA has clued that before.
    Waiting for the penny to drop on 3D. Got the def and but not all of the wordplay.

    Does anyone think there’s a letter unclued in 27A or have I got the parsing wrong?

  10. After abandoning ship two weeks in a row I’m relieved to report that this week I finished. Reasonably satisfying with a mix of easy and difficult clues, and the full spectrum ‘twixt.

    I waw pretty sure I had the first eleven letters of 9a correct but then found three ways to finish it. Having plumped for the one that accommodates the intersecting down clues, I am flummoxed trying to parse it. There are five others I’m struggling to parse too, but it’s probably too early to ask for help. Maybe they’ll hit me when I take a fresh look a bit later.

    I’d never heard of 10a nor 2d, nor the roll in 11a. That’s certainly an interesting anagrind in 10a!

    Easy starters 8d (I was trying to find a four-letter word for “pollen” to fit inside “bet”, but later discovered It’s much more straightforward than that), 23a. 1a took me a while but I had a c bit of a chuckle at its cleverness when I finally cracked it.

  11. Gayle – 11A – 3 in 6.
    3D – key is “oddly zero”
    27A – as per Graham M

  12. Graham M – 9A is constructed 8 and then 7.
    Think you are doing with 9A a bit like Gayle is doing with 27A.

  13. Gayle, I too was trying to work out how all those letters in 3d are accounted for. They aren’t. A tiny bit of scientific knowledge is required.

    Still working on 9a, DAJunkie.

  14. First ones 11A,17A,23A,27A,6D,16D,17D then I struggled with the wordplay for some like others. LOI 25A/19D. Still have 1 wordplay to go which no-one else has mentioned.
    Apart from 10A,2D and the “roll” in 11A, others may also find 6D and 15D as less common words.
    For those still struggling with 26A, ask what you would think of if you read letters 1-4 in a cryptic clue.

  15. Yes, got 3D! Was also trying to fit zero oddly in ‘short’. Gotta read the clue as a whole. Liked that one a lot.

    Haven’t been able to post as Trippers was dropping in and out. Have emailed AS who may have kindly looked into it, but it might have just been me.

  16. just 2 to go – 1A, 2D – with question mark against 5D and lots of unsure wordplays despite above hints (21A, 26A, 27A, 3D, 7D, 15D and 22D)

  17. I’m missing SB’s two as well as 4D.

    Re 5D, I believe I have it but words 2-4 of the clue seem to be redundant. Likewise “old” in 22D. Comments?

  18. …and of course got the rest just after posting. Not happy about 4D construction, and my two queries above still stand. Still, a nice puzzle today with maybe too many vocabulary-wideners.

  19. SB & AG – 1A – I tried to give a bit of an explanation earlier. A bit more is defn = “newsagency”.
    2D – “Utter dope” = 1,2,3. “gave away half” = 4,5.

    AG – 5D – see your point, but no, as word 2 is removed from word 6. It is a time when DA didn’t use a “word shortening” straight up, but instead makes you produce it.
    And for 22D – “old” gives letter 5.

  20. What I am not understanding has been mentioned above, but not solved IMHO, i.e. letters 4-6 in 11a. I understand all other clues, although there a few tough ones.

  21. Jack, it helps with 4-6 in 11A if you’re originally from the north of England or Scotland.
    AG, for 4d “open-plan” gives 3,4 and the rest comes from a 5 letter word for “thus” without the head.

  22. DAJunkie – OF COURSE 1A is a newsagency!!!! Thanks.
    All out, most understood.
    Quite fun today.
    Till next Friday

  23. Thanks Graham M and Tim C. I googled earlier and all I got was a Korean band. However, when I googled on a different browser, I found the roll.

  24. Thanks to DAJunkie for 5D – I was stuck on the abbreviation option.
    As to 22D, I’m still puzzled. I read “hopper” in the sense of “bin” for 1,2,4,5 and “right” as 3. If “old” is 5 and “right” is 3, how is “hopper” 1,2,4?
    Thanks TimC – I saw the parsing, just don’t think much of “open-plan” for 3,4.

  25. AG – “hopper” is an animal (4 letters) – with the second letter (r) “to sink” to letter 3. And then “old” is 5 – with defn = “skip” (as in to miss out, or leave).

  26. I’m still stuck on both 26A and 27A.
    I didn’t know 4-6 of 11A as being from the north of England or Scotland. I only knew it as Vietnamese.

  27. Captain Ken and Gayle – 26A – double O – in a form. Defn = “drummer”.
    Gayle – 27A – “the” = 1,2,3. “alternate road” = 4,9. “hill” = 5,6,7,8. Defn = “Considered”.

  28. Oh! Double O! Got that, but why is that a licence to kill? As I said before, don’t know know much about Bond. Is there a significance in the code OO. ( Doesn’t matter, as I often say to my husband, that’s a Mascot clue – over my head :-)

  29. Yes Gayle, only the double 0 agents had a license to kill. I guess that means that Agent 99 didn’t have a license.

  30. Ah, thanks for the enlightenment Tim C. But wasn’t Agent 99 in Get Smart? I do remember her.

  31. No wonder I didn’t understand 26a. I wasn’t familiar with the traitor in 9a — history ain’t my forte. Still unsure of how 25a/19d works.

    Another extraordinary anagrind in 17a. It’s more often a homophone indicator, surely?

  32. Reasonably easy, with a bit of help here and there – 2 gripes – 2D??? Are we now expected to know all commercial names for things they sell? Not fair. And 11ac is not 4,5 in my Scrabble Words, its a 9-letter word. Unfair. DA, specify your dictionary!

  33. 25a/19d was my LOI due to the wordplay Graham. Look up boosting in the dictionary. It has a rarely used meaning to do with theft/shoplifting. The clue is a double definition basically.

    11a is hyphenated in Chambers Mick. I think if you asked DA what dictionary he uses he would say Macquarie. I don’t have a copy yet. It’s an interesting point you make though. I don’t know how dictionary compilers determine whether a particular entry is one word, hyphenated or two separate words.

  34. 11a, DA says two different words, not hyphenated. Collins says one word. DA (or the Age) needs to specify.

  35. DAJunkie, thanks. I saw the solution by definition early; The FOGO bin has become almost universal in local government lingo, and I couldn’t unsee it!

  36. DAJunkie says:
    16 Apr 2021 at 8:07 am
    Peter – 26A – as in James Bond, what designates a “Licence to kill”?

    Belated thanks, DAJ, I get it now.

    Are you new to this forum or perhaps an old contributor in disguise? Seal your fate, perhaps?

  37. Still having trouble with 3D. Any more hints? Also, I can’t figure out the cryptic clue for the last 3 letters of 15D.

  38. Grey Graham. I needed help with 3D as well, but it was a delight once I could see what the ‘in short’ meant. The clue needs to be read as a whole, although it’s really a double definition..
    3D: The table is one you may know from your chemistry class. The def is it’s position.
    Odd letters of zero is the ‘short’ version of the answer.

  39. 15D is 1-4, 5-9 Tricky and confusing, because 2 of the deleted letters are put back in again.

    1-4 delete ‘an’ and ‘unknown’ from the end of a 7 letter word.
    5-9 synonym of ‘rile’.

  40. Just wondering if a trainee or apprentice is an amateur… not really? Actually the opposite?

  41. Finished this afternoon. LOI 4D and took me a while to understand the word play. Knew the answer to 3D but again, the word play eluded me for ages. A bit ashamed, as I taught senior chem for quite a while. Favourites were 3D and 26A. Clever.

  42. jpr, I agree. 12A is a weak clue anyway and the definition is just not correct in my opinion. ‘given a fresh start’ is a pretty feeble way of just changing a letter.

  43. I am a newbie to Da Tripping. I have a few clues I can’t work out though I have the answers. 7d, 20d and 21a. I shamelessly used lots of your tips to work out many others!

  44. Hello Tracey. Welcome aboard.

    For 7d, letters 1-3 are a four-letter word for “fancy” missing its last letter (“losing footing”). A seven-letter word for “harpooner” missing “a” gives the rest.

    In 20d, look at the “hearts” — central letters — of each word.

    21a is a band. “You’d unpacked” is letters 8,9. Letters 1-3 come from “clip”. The rest an anagram of “folk”.

  45. Thanks from me too Graham M for 21A. I couldn’t get the sense of ‘clip’ .
    I was way off on a tangent of a certain kind of shears used in my primary school needlework days, and poodle (dogged) clips! (Sad but true.)

  46. Zinzan didn’t like “dogged clip” for some reason but I wonder if he understood that dogged (in the sense of followed) refers to the ‘you’d unpacked’ following the clip etc.

  47. After my ‘finished-on-Friday’ puff last week, finally puffed through THIS one today, with never-so-many needs for parsing from The Trippers. 9 sorted now, thank you, so ‘only’ 3 left, please: 1A, 2D, 3D (3 x ‘D’oh!’ pre-recorded).
    Re 5D, I know it is a DA mantra that clues should contain nothing unnecessary, so this clue is naughty. A surface/grammar-suitable version of ‘Inform account dated’ should have sufficed?

  48. Hello johnno2. I found last week’s hard work and gave up, but found this one more manageable, so I guess we’re all different.

    1a …
    Shock: 3,4,8
    Trump’s last letter: 5,6,7
    In the style of: 1,2,9

    2d …
    Utter dope (homophone): 1-3
    First half of “gave”: 4,5

    3d …
    The table is the periodic table. Oddly zero (Zr) is its symbol.

  49. I should add that the definitions in the first two are newsagency and “tower challenge”.

  50. Indeed we are, Graham!
    Thanks for these – I had all the definitions and answers; parsing was my challenge!
    1A – ‘Trump’s last letter’: A-grade DA!
    2D – DA successfully misled THIS dope!
    3D – I got the ZR, but if those two letters are clued, shouldn’t the other seven be? Otherwise it’s a double definition clue, and DA’s own rules are that the two meanings have to be different (and, moreover, from different roots!)

  51. Yes, I liked 1a. I guess you could say that 3d doesn’t strictly follow “the rules”, but I liked it.

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