DA Confusion for the 9th of April, 2021

Some people say DA is a cryptic best served solved. But that’s not true for you super freaks happily solving.

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA and keep the happiness flowing. Go on.

47 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 9th of April, 2021

  1. Done and dusted. Found a bit tricky – (but that is nothing surprising).
    FOI 2D/28D.
    LOI 1A. This was because I could not get 14A until second last. And this, in turn, was due to what I think is a bit of misuse of the word “Gunwales” – but can sort of see how it works.
    Thought 12A and 6D were clever. And 21A good.
    3D was a new one for me.

  2. Rather run of the mill this week. I also didn’t know 3D although I remember the character, and 17A and 19A were also new to me.

  3. Methinks the SMH app has a little problem today … apparently I completed this one in 19 seconds :D

    New to me were 19A and 29A. I knew the 3D character but had to google the creator.

    FOI 14A, 9D; LOI 17A, 22D. Other good starters might be 20D, 21A, 13D, 23A.

  4. Well, that was 17A! :-) Familiar with the other meaning though.
    Unlike DA Junkie 14A was FOI, admittedly from def and backparsing the gunwales.
    Like Peter and Andrew T I didn’t know 19A. I don’t feel so excluded now.
    4A came late due to my problem in locating the copyright.
    Usual grumble about homophones of foreign words.
    Favourite 21A.
    Still not sure of the parsing of the first 3 letters of 1A. Found a couple of possibilities but not one I’d heard of.

  5. Pretty normal with a few tricky ones. First pass 4A,12A,8D,16D,25D. LOI 1A for which I took a while with the wordplay. Favourite 11A for the pun.
    I had to confirm 3D with a search but unlike the others I’m old enough to remember 19A

  6. Yes Gayle, 1-3 of 1A is a bit obscure but the meaning is in Chambers which I had to check,

  7. Found it hard going after toiling, smile-less, to get about a third out, and, like last week, couldn’t be bothered finishing it. Hadn’t heard of 19a, and clearly I don’t mix enough in surfie circles for 17a. I can’t find a definition in 30a. And I can’t fully parse 21a.

    Might be time to give up on DAs.

  8. Definition in 30 is “new pen” but the pen isn’t the writing kind Graham.

  9. 1A – “American can” = 1,2,3. “turn away from 3-down” = 4,5,6.

  10. 21A – “back in courtroom” = 1. “somewhat” = 2 3,4,5. “content to work” = 6,7.

  11. Ben, 1A as per my entry just above.
    18D – “woman’s” = 4,5,6,7. “punk” = 1,2,3,8

  12. Thank DAJunkie. This helped with 18D. I still don’t get 1A. Is the ‘American’ necessary? I’m confident of my answer, if the definition is ‘14 across’ but why is 4,5, 6, turn away from 3D?

  13. Ben – 1A – yes I believe it is needed as it is US slang as I understand.
    And yes defn is 14A.
    And 4,5,6 is a 4 letter word for 3D, with a letter removed.

  14. Ben, letters 4-6 are a four-letter synonym for 3d, with a 180-degree “turn” removed. Now, can you help me with letters 1-3? If it’s an Americanism I’ve never heard of it and I can find no reference for it on the web.

  15. Thanks DAJunkie. All understood.
    Graham, the second word of the clue is an American synonym for our 1,2,3.

  16. Hold the presses! After much searching I’ve found a new meaning for “can”. My life has been enriched!

  17. Much better than last week though I’m still a lot slower than the experts. Completed the top half except 1A and have a few answers in the lower half. Will keep plugging away. Like Graham M I’ve recently pondered giving up on DA.

  18. Can’t work out several. 1D How does ‘shot; = 1,6-8? 26A How does 1,4-5 = ‘attack’?….
    5D ??
    Sometimes it seems that task is to unravel bizarre associations in DA’s head rather than the more pedestrian thoughts that most compilers deploy.
    Mind you I enjoyed 11A and having birds twice in the bottom row.

  19. Think of shot as in exhausted for 1D Mike. 26A 1,4,5 is what you may say to a dog and is short for (1,4-5)k. 5D is a double definition… if a tap is on it is …….

  20. I like this puzzle a lot, except for letters 1-3 of 1A; I think that one is a bit too obscure, especially in Oz. 11A would be my pick of the clues.

  21. A MOST unusual situation: finished on Friday!

    Thank you for indulging me…

  22. I thought can was American for loo. No wonder I couldn’t get 1 across.

  23. Jill, “can” is American for lots of things apparently, most of them not very nice. If ever I move to America I must remember to thank Mr Astle for getting me up-to-speed with the lingo.

  24. 1a. I’ve never heard of that US slang- only the loo meaning.
    11a. Nice pun but “vaguely” seems redundant- wrong if it applies to the definition word, tautologous if it doubles “suggests”. Perhaps it’s just there to mislead.
    19a. A very old fashioned product- I remember that from barbers’ shops 50 years ago.
    18d. “Most imprudent” is a good definition for 2 to 8 but not for 1 to 8.

    I sympathise with Mike’s comment, and have often felt this.

  25. Yes richard, old barbers’ shops sprung to my mind re 19A. I wonder if there are places that still have it. It helped that my Dad was a pharmacist and sold it when I was a little lad.
    For 18D, the definitions of 1-8 include “reckless” and “impetuous (US)” among others. Given “imprudent” means incautious or lacking discretion, that’s close enough for me.

  26. I’ve just done a search on 19A and it seems it’s very much in fashion these days as well. What goes around comes around.

  27. Da’s getting a bit more obscure( last week) I don’t look forward to them anymore! SMH, how about repeating some of the classics from the past, like ID theft theme and Sydney hotels theme, and Beatles songs, etc and many other clever themes!
    Oh, well can only hope

  28. I must have left my brain on the bus or something. I can’t get one answer.
    Not. One.

  29. 4A was my first one Carol. Try a single letter for copyright at 6 and a two letter “business” at 7,8 and then pour yourself a glass of bubbly and read yourself some 1-5.

  30. Thanks Tim C. As it happens I do have some left-over birthday bubbly, so I’ll give that and your hints a shot.

  31. Carol, many happy returns of your recent celebration.
    I didn’t get the paper until today, but after reading the confusion comments, I glanced at it, and went into a sulk!
    Enjoy both of your shots.

  32. Thank you hc, after finishing the bubbly and getting the one that Tim C hinted at, I ground to a dead halt again. I’m feeling somewhat sulky myself! I think I shall gracefully concede defeat and see if there’s any cake left…

  33. You could always go on Zinzan (https://zinzan-xwd.livejournal.com/) for spoilers Carol. I note that he hasn’t heard of 19A (see discussion above). He either must not be an old guy, or he hasn’t caught up with the latest fashion in aftershave. :)

  34. If you’ve got 4A, you might have a go at 7D which starts with a 3 letter word for “chewy stuff” (think cows).

  35. And HB from me too Carol.

    Tim C, Always interesting as to who gets what when. 4A was last but one in for me. I couldn’t make champers fit, trying to fit in the copyright beforehand, ie first position. Don’t know any other bubblies. Champagne taste, beer pocket.

  36. Thank you Tim C, I have visited that site although I prefer to just google the clue and get the answer through danword or one of those sites, because with zinzan it’s hard to avoid seeing the other answers as well, unless you want to fiddle with the window and simultaneously squint. But looking up the answer is the absolute last resort and I avoid it if possible.
    And thanks for the 7D hint, I have it now.

    Thank you Gayle!

  37. That was a gnarly one !
    I had about a third of them until reading the above hints at Sunday lunch. Been staring at it for days.
    I’m not young but the only aftershave I ever used wasn’t that one.
    I did like the ending of ow.

  38. Okay, clues are popping now. Don’t know what was going on before – brain must have been buffering or something.

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