DA for the 2nd of April, 2021

Report about your DA fun for this week’s shenanigans.

3 thoughts on “DA for the 2nd of April, 2021

  1. I’m working my way through DA Archives (rationed to one a day). I’m about to start on May 2017, but it seems that the actual puzzle of the day is not part of the archive, and can’t be printed off. This appears to be the norm from May 2017 onwards. Can anyone provide some guidance, or is my daily mind bender a thing of the past?

  2. Following on from my query of 2/4, maybe my question should be directed specifically at AS – are archive crosswords from May 2017 onwards no longer available to be printed off? Thanks for any assistance.

  3. Hey Derek, whatever is available on the weekly posts is whatever is available. We have gotten slack here at DA Trippers HQ over time.

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