DA Confusion for the 19th of March, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

My confusion of the week: why do babies wait for the 30 seconds that their nappy is getting changed to pee?

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of March, 2021

  1. Done. Trickier than last week, with some complicated wordplays IMO.
    FOI was 6D.
    LOI was 27A – and this is the only one I am still mulling over for wordplay.
    Easiest one probably 26A.

  2. That’s a riddle AS. Boys or girls? :-) I’ve had enough trouble solving , and parsing, today’s puzzle.

    FOI 26A and 23D. LOI 18A, didn’t know the word and still can’t fully parse it.
    Usually the long’uns provide an in, but apart from 1A which appeared early on, the other three around the perimeter were a struggle. Went down the wrong rabbit hole with 27A.

    We had something similar to 16D not long ago which led to a bit of discussion. Maybe this is DA setting the record straight, although Wiki says there are variations.

  3. Call me a 1A, but can anyone give me a hint this early to help me 5D (in the singular) the wordplay for 5D?

  4. AC, look at it as (4,3,2).

    Not quite finished yet. My first one in was 22a, before I’d even got to 26a, which I agree ie easy. 2d is a word I hadn’t encountered.

    Will return after I’ve finished. Very wet here, so outdoor pursuits unlikely today.

  5. Yes 5D confused me too. There are only 2 ends, if that helps, and they’re at the end (not where I originally thought they were). I wouldn’t exactly call it a party.

  6. Totally discouraged, just read through all the clues, only 21D solved at this time.

  7. All out. 27a is an expression I’d not encountered. Can’t account for letters 4-7 of 12a, and not entirely clear on the wordplay in 23a and 25a. And, like Gayle, 18a is new to me — will be handy if I’m a sailor in my next life.

  8. Thanks Arthur. Your comment gave me 21D also. Making slow but steady progress. Liked 15D.

  9. A bit over average time for me today, 18A new to me too. Read 22A as 5,2 rather than 2,5 which really confused me!

    FOI 4D, 6D; LOI 8D, 18A. Good starters might be 26A, 9D, 16D, 25A.

    Graham M: 12A letters 4-5 come from words 3,4,5 of the clue, letters 6-7 from words 6,7,8 of the clue.

  10. First pass (easy ones) were 11A,13A,22A,6D,24D. LOI 18A as I overthought it and tried to take “minimally hoisted” as part of the wordplay which it isn’t. Favourite 16D for ‘instead’ and maybe 2D for ‘upheld’.
    A bit more of a struggle than last week and I was 17A/10A the dictionary for 18A.

  11. 25A “back in school” gives 1 and wayward is a reversal indicator.
    23A think of as 2/5.

  12. How are you going Arthur C? I agree with others that 26A is a good starter (even though I didn’t see it straight away!) My FOI 11A, 6D, 17, 10A and 7D. Still not sure of wordplay for 18A and 13D. And thanks Tim C for wordplays for 2D and 16D, and Graham M for 5D wordplay. Still working on 8D and 9D – gentle hints welcome.

  13. SB, 8d has its first word as definition. Then look at it as 1,12,13/8-11/2-7. 9d is an Irish actor. The first word of the clue gives his first name.

    AndrewT, you gave me a bum steer for 12a, re word count. But you’re forgiven — I worked it out. Still no joy with 23a & 25a. I suspect a “d’oh” is imminent.

  14. Graham M – 23A – “Extremely” = 1,2. “wicked soul recycled” 7,6,5,4,3
    25A – build is 1,6,7,5,4,3,2

  15. Thanks Graham M! All done. And I’ll think no more about 13A and 18A wordplays.
    And I suppose DAJunkie has given you all you need for 23a & 25a.

  16. SB:
    18A: definition is most of the clue. Then for wordplay read (2,3).
    If by 13D you mean 13A: think of a sports competition sense for 2-5.

    Easyish for the second week running, I thought. I’m not a big fan of clues like 1A where there is no actual definition.

  17. For 18A, isn’t the key to read the 3rd word as 5,4? Or am I interpreting wrong?

  18. Thank you, DAJunkie. I was determined to think that “extremely” was alluding to outer letters of a word. So obvious now!

  19. My super-clever tablet changed “four-worded” to “four-sided”. I wonder what it will change this time.

  20. Tim C., thanks.
    Ignorance is bliss…I had not heard of 25a.
    Have returned, and finally got the answer.

  21. hc, he’s worth looking up. There’s a model of a well known electric guitar brand named after him. A 1959 original in good condition is worth over half a million dollars.

  22. Graham M: I agree. The first four words are the defn. By gives letters 1-2 and strong current 3-5. A word new to me too.

    Liked 7d and 27a. The rhoticist/Latinist within does not like 24d

  23. Would someone please clarify the definition for 27A? I think word 2 is an anagrind for words 3 & 4.
    Which leaves only the first word for the def.

  24. No wonder I struggled with 25a. I had “Les Hall”. He’s a guitarist too, though perhaps not a “legend”.

  25. Most done. FOI and LOL 15d.
    But still struggling with NW corner – 2d, 3d, 8d, 10a (just the 5 letter word), 12a and 14a. Ant tips?

  26. As soon as I posted I twigged to 8d and that gave me 14a. But still struggling with others.

  27. Sandy, in 12a …

    Pudding definition
    Dish for seconds 4,5
    More or less 6,7
    Milk 1-3

    2d the definition is the last word. It’s a word I’m unfamiliar with.

    Empty nester 2,3
    I 4
    Upheld 1,5

  28. Sandy 3D, amateur is 1-3, discouraged is 4-7.
    17A/10A, point gives 3-5 of 17A and 1-2 of 10A. The surrounding letters come from “factory” rebuilding.

  29. Thanks Graham and Tim,
    All sorted now, with a break to walk to Coles to pick up the bag of groceries my wife had accidentally left at the checkout this morning. She had just discovered a raft of missing groceries!
    Once I got 12a in (with your help) I had enough to trigger the rest.

  30. Can anyone take a snapshot of the last 6 Across clues please, looks like there was an ink spill in the printing process and I can’t read all the words in the clues. TIA.

  31. Don’t know how to post a snapshot on here, but they are:

    20. Pig-carrier ignored a messy dog (9)
    22. One Republican fled Boston rally at fault (2,5)
    23. Extremely wicked soul recycled Chopin pieces (7)
    25. Guitar legend back in school, then uni, to stop wayward decline (3,4)
    26. Remember: it reaches stretch in Africa (7)
    27. One flaunting handbags, coupe?! (6-2,5)

  32. No Graham M, 27A is not an &lit. The definition is very loose for one thing, but crucially the wordplay doesn’t stand alone. There’s a stray “one” and you have to accept “flaunting” as an anagram indicator.

  33. I read the definition as ‘one flaunting. ‘ Then, flaunting doubles as the anagrind.

  34. PRW, yes, “flaunting” is an anagrind, “handbags coupe” is the anagram, and the whole clue is the definition. I thought that’s what an &lit was. The “?!” is another telltale sign.

  35. On reflection, I guess a textbook example of an &lit has the whole of the clue as it’s wordplay, so perhaps this is a quasi-&lit? I’ll need to consult an &litologist.

  36. And it was my tablet that put the apostrophe in “it’s”. Is this the future of artificial intelligence?

  37. Graham M, an &lit only has a “textbook” definition, that’s the nature of it. A variation that this clue might qualify for if it had a reasonable definition would be “semi-&lit”.

  38. I’d agree PRW, not an &lit. Handbags and coupés are not necessarily symbolic of the answer. The term is a put-down used by others who are more likely to be flaunting handbags and coupés.

  39. I’m with Graham M. If it’s not an &lit, it as close as one could get without actually being one.

    Talking of &lits, I must say I enjoyed DS’s 24D in today’s paper, especially for the use of “Offender”. :)

  40. Hi,
    I have the answer and most of the word play for 8D, but not sure how 1,12,13 come about.

  41. Simon, “fella openly” gives the three central letters, “ell”. Weird, eh?

  42. Thanks Graham,

    I had thought openly meant the opposite of taking the outside letters off but I’m less experienced than most on the wiles of DA.

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