DA Confusion for the 12th of March, 2021

The twins are home! That’s not so confusing, but it is tiring.

However it does make solving DAs a lot more confusing. If you’re like me, extra liable to be confused, this is your place to be.

45 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of March, 2021

  1. All done. Still checking the word play for a couple. Will look with fresh eyes in the morning. This one isn’t too bad.


  2. Probably average difficulty today. A few smiles, no unbridled guffaws. Hadn’t heard of 16d. Just three whose wordplay escapes me — might figure them out in the morning. Easy starters: 8d, 3d, 27a.

    Happy solving …

  3. Done and done. Nothing really difficult, nor overly exciting in this one. Still a good DA cryptic.
    FOI 26A/10A .
    LOI 16D – like Graham M, I had no clue.
    My picks were 11A/25A and 26A/10A.
    Enjoy all.

  4. Same here about the retro parsings, but appreciated in hindsight, especially the indicators for embeddings, chopping things off or out, and moving bits around. Probably more anagrams than usual for a DA which helped, but a good workout with the rest.
    I seem to remember that DA has clued 16D before , so took a stab on the def and the letter count. Liked the wordplay.
    FOI 11/25.. LOI 21D. Chuckled at the images of giving up repairing potholes, the Calypso mixture boozy in the extreme, and the tall tale of the author’s Tahitian holiday. Reminded me of a trip to Vanuatu where in the midday sun on a Sunday a poor road worker was fixing a pothole with an axe, which brings me to to the Ghana clue. :-)

  5. Must say it would be hard t to have heard of 16D, been around for two decades
    Never seen or heard them but has been impossible to escape hearing their name

  6. Steady if slow progres today. Got held up by the first words of 22A and 17D. Luckily 11A/25A came early in a blinding flash which was really helpful.

    FOI 1D, 8D, LOI 17D, 20A. Other good starters might be 27A, 23D, 12A, 6D/21D.

  7. 11 entries on the first pass through the clues which must be a record. FOI 9A. LOI 22A. Thought Italian was a bit superfluous in 27A.

    Favourites 16D for “beats” and because I’m a fan, and 25D for ‘enticed’ :)

    Pretty straightforward.

  8. Hi,
    The answer is there, but I’m unsure of the reason for the first 3 letters in 22a.
    Also confused with my answer to 21d

  9. Tim C,
    Of course it is a synonym for trip…( that is so obvious now ), and I am wallowing in discomfort about not looking at my answer with any semblance of recognition.
    Thanks Tim C.

  10. Yes, a pretty straightforward one today. No grumbles. As usual there were a couple I had to back-solve and check with Google. Like others I’d never heard of 16D, and 21D was new to me too.

  11. Completed the puzzle, but need help with parsing of 4A and 13D.
    4A: Understand the definition and “almost influence” but not the rest.
    13D: Again, understand the definition and “journal reflected” but not the rest.

  12. Alaric, those were among my last to parse. Break down 4a into 1,8,9/2-5/6,7.

    And 13d, “journal reflected” is 3,2,1. “Record about” 6,5. “Out” 4,7-10.

  13. alaric:
    I don’t understand 4A either.
    For 13D, you want ‘record about’ at 6,5. Then that’s tunnelling (included inside) a synonym for ‘out’.

  14. I am nearly finished. Most fairly straightforward today. But two to go. 17d and 20a. Any hints?

  15. Both are double definitions.
    Ignore the question mark in 17D and put a comma after “Approximate”.
    In 20A think of makes in terms of earns.

  16. Thanks Tim and Mike, I had let the punctuation put me off in 17d. I thought that was the answer, but hadn’t seen how ‘commitment’ equated to the first word. I also had guessed the right answer for 20a, but hadn’t thought of makes as earns. All clear now.

  17. 14A: “almost influence” is letters 1, 8, 9 and is recruiting (containing) “advanced” for letters 2-5, and “if” obviously letters 6-7.

  18. A comparatively easy one today. Just 12A left and as usual it’s one no one else seems to have a problem with.

  19. p.s. there were a couple of beautiful anagrams today, and I was pleased with myself for seeing straight through the misdirect in 2D.
    Very enjoyable.

  20. Hi Carol, re 12a, “author’s” gives 1-2, The next three words give 3-4. Def is last two words.

  21. Got it all out in one (split between breakfast and after work) go. An uncommon event.
    I like enticed in 23d.
    Ped =trip? How? To do with -meter??

  22. Phil, not ped.
    I also smiled at enticed.

    Sandy, thank you – I get it now. Dodgy definition if you ask me but there you go.

  23. A very belated thanks to Graham M at 1.19 and PT at 1.21 for their help.
    Was quite busy and only got back to the computer just now to see the answers.
    Thanks again!

  24. I was trying to work out yesterday how 15d in DA’s quick might end in “lava”. You see, I’d spelt 27a a different way. The clue asked for a noun, and I thought only the verb ended in “ent”. But I thought that prior to protesting, I should check. And sure enough, Oxford lists “-ent” as the verb, but also an alternative spelling for the noun. Or perhaps, to use an expression in DA’s Wordplay this week, a “fainter alternative”?

  25. Why did I say “verb”? I meant “adjective”, of course. (Just checking whether you were paying attention)

  26. I take your point about the noun and adjective, Graham M, but I don’t see why you put ‘lava’ in there; my answer was ‘data’

  27. Minor nitpick – 11/25A isn’t poisonous as much as venomous (poison refers to something you eat). But I liked the clue; rest of it seemed easy compared to recent weeks.

  28. On further reading, it might be both venomous _and_ poisonous; from what I’ve read the venom is stable up to 200°C, though can’t find any sources about how stomach acids would affect it – most venoms are pretty unstable proteins which are broken apart by stomach acids. But I don’t think I’ll be doing any original research on this one.

  29. Victor you should watch last Tuesday’s 8:30pm Catalyst programme on ABC TV titled The Story of Venom poisons derived from Australia’s venomous species

  30. DA Junkie,
    I found your description of today’s crossword highly amusing and confusing – “Nothing really difficult” and, “nor overly exciting in this one” and, “Still a good DA cryptic” !!
    Personally, I think that there is no such thing as an easy DA crossword !

  31. For once I can agree with (almost) everyone’s ‘not too hard’ assessment; I’m here on a Tuesday only because I recovered my Friday Age only this morning! :-)
    HOWEVER, maddening that it appears no-one had the problem I’ve got with the wordplay for 18A!! I get 1-4, but 5-14?? Who’ll win – Graham, Tim, someone else?

  32. Goodness, there’s still life on Tuesday afternoon! In 18a, the apertures are 1-7,14 and the remaining letters are an anagram (“shot”) of “direct”.

    See you Friday.

  33. Got the whole of this out without coming here for clues. Must have been a VERY easy one!

  34. Thanks, Graham [and congrats on your win! ;-) ] So, ‘direct’ was a MISdirect! (intentional, do we think?) – I took it that it clued 1-4, as in ‘forthright’, not the anagrist it actually was!
    Yep, see you all on Friday … or Saturday … or Sunday … or …

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