DA for the 5th of March, 2021

Report about your fun for this week’s DA.

4 thoughts on “DA for the 5th of March, 2021

  1. Morning all.
    The NW went in so quickly I was wondering what else I was going to do to get back to sleep, but a couple in the bottom half slowed the pace. I think the Editor has been asleep on the job in the last couple of days (not as far as anyone knows there is a Fairfax/Nine crossword editor). NS had a beauty yesterday with the answer in the clue. Today there is a 9 letter solution which should be 4,5 and a 4,6 one which, I think, was meant to be 5,5.
    Never heard of Fiona, and a quibble in 1a, but some fun clues. Favourites were the Olympic feat, E-sharp, #metoo, and the mental pictures of the sexy computer whizz and being against your other half joining a laid-back meeting for experts.
    Thanks to DA for the giggles. Have a great day Trippers.

  2. All out but the explanation for 3d escapes me. I suspect the brand everyone is referring to is Australian-only and not known in NZ. I’ve tried googling but I must be on the wrong track.

    Can some explain for me please?


  3. The cigarettes are common in Australia. You across the ditch have an advantage when it comes to knowing the film director though!

  4. Jason L, the answer and the first word of the clue are clothing brands. (Not really in direct competition, though, as far as I’m aware.)

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