DA Confusion for the 26th of February, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA!

For me, I’m working out how to put my twin girls into their outfits. I had no idea working out how some of these outfits are worn would be a combination of origami and a Rubik’s cube.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of February, 2021

  1. Morning Trippers.

    Took me a while to get going today, and I’m glad I hadn’t discarded the last week’s worth of newspapers. First one in 25d, followed by 14d (smile) and 13a (new to my lexicon). I’d never heard of 28a, but once I got it it brought a smile. 19a was new to me too.

    I thought it was harder than usual today, but quite enjoyable, with plenty of smiles. One minor quibble, in 11a one of the students isn’t, in my humble opinion.

    The only one I can’t parse today is 12a.

    Happy solving!

  2. Yeah – tough – but enjoyable.
    Actually got 15A and 6D at the start. But unlike Graham M, I had to try to remember as did not have any previous papers.
    Got there eventually (with last 2 in 17D and 20D).

  3. Graham M – sorry missed your query.
    For 12A I read it as “fruit” being 7,3,2,1.

  4. Thanks DAJunkie, I thought it must have been. It’s a fruit I’m unfamiliar with. If Woolies don’t stock it …

  5. Half done, almost all on LHS, but baffled by 26A. Slang expression? No idea.

  6. Arthur C – 26A – not so much slang as abbreviation, I would say. And a “very DA” wordplay.

  7. Thank you DAJunkie, I have the answer, but certainly don’t see the ‘remote’ connection. OH! Just did!

  8. A tricky one for me as I pay little attention to DA’s 15A/6Ds! Got there in rather more than my usual time.

    FOI 8D, 7d; LOI 3D, 9A. Other good starters might be 18D, 25D, 20D, 11A, 5D.

  9. Went through all the clues first pass without a single answer. Then 23D suggested itself. 15A,8D,6D and 10A then followed. I got most the the themed clues early on which I found easier than the non-themed ones. LOI 12A because of the wordplay. I’d thought of the fruit DAJunkie but I’m not totally convinced. If it’s that, it’s not the best of clues. Like Graham M, 13A and 19A were unfamiliar as was 2D for me. I’d heard of 28A.
    Favourite has to be 26A for ‘inconvenience’. A nice tribute to 15A 6D.

  10. Quiet here.

    I’m struggling, about half done. Unlike Arthur, on the RHS.

    On 12a, I have no problem with the fruit per se, but the clue’s reversal structure doesn’t bear scrutiny IMO.

    Also, can someone please parse 27a, if that can be done without spoiling the theme for others? It is a candidate for the theme but in that case I have no idea of the rest. If it’s not themed then I have a spare letter.

  11. AG – 27A – not themed. And yes you will have an extra letter until “freak unpacked”.

  12. Thanks, DAJ. My mental punctuation got the parentheses wrong. It’s a bit devilish of DA to include a 15/6 in an unthemed clue.

    Things are looking up – three more in the last few minutes.

  13. I did miss 9A as I thought ‘support’ was covered by Letters 1-3 and therefore not themed. I see that I was wrong.

  14. I’m fascinated! I eventually realised what the theme was, but I found only four that I recognised. Lists I found through Google only contain five or six at most, I thought. Of course, I’ve only been getting the Friday puzzle, changed papers around 3-4 years ago, so some of these items possibly hadn’t appeared by then. Is there anywhere I could find the complete list?

  15. Melanie, the definition in 15a is the final word; in 6d it’s the first two words.

  16. There was potentially a 13th themed answer at 27ac but I guess DA didn’t want to play favourites.

  17. Like others (Tim C and AG) I’m a bit unsure about the wordplay in 12A. One element seems to be missing in the clue.
    Favourites definitely include 28A. Face-palm moment when I saw it!

  18. Clever but hard going

    I can find only 11 themed unless there is one in 16A. OR I am missing a twin of 7D

    I can’t parse 16A even though I have what must be the right answer. Ditto re 20D

  19. richard – 7D is themed.
    In fact (I guess OK to publish now as Saturday morning) the pairings are:
    DP – 1D and 22A.
    NS – 3D and 5D.
    LR – 4D and 18A.
    RM – 7D and 9A.
    DH – 8D and 23D.
    DS – 17D and 20D.

    And as some have mentioned, 27A could have been one (another NS) – but would have been an “odd one out”.

  20. Got there gradually with theme helping after about 5 in. Had to look up 19a and 7d. 4a is a wrong IMO and I discarded the answer until it had to be it.
    Maybe should have just listed the themed clue numbers without the actual letters there DAJunkie. But it’s a tricky balance l realise.

  21. Also don’t think I’ve got the word play for 24a. 1,6,7 for triumphed I presume, but can’t make 2-5 work well. An old time captured animal? Any advice welcome

  22. Phil – 24A – 2 to 5 is “another” novelist.
    Thanks for feedback. Given it is Saturday and solutions are out there I was hoping it wouldn’t hurt. But see your view.

  23. Hi Phil

    24a: 2-5 is another US novelist, first name John.

    Good puzzle, but not helped by not knowing all the initials. Agree that 4a is Wrong

  24. Those who have a quibble with 4a … would “quarter-moon” make things right? Or is your issue with something else?

    DAJunkie, I’d probably have waited till Sunday before I revealed quite so much!

  25. A suggestion re spoilers, and when it’s OK to be explicit or fairly so.
    There are three sorts of Tripper:
    A – those who’d like all the help/collaboration available.
    B – those who’d like some help, but only some.
    C – those who prefer to nut the whole thing out by themselves.
    Personally I’m a C, and don’t look at the Trippers page until I’ve completed DA. The A people can look at it whenever they like. The B group is the tricky one.
    Could there be (if there isn’t already) a rule that we don’t give answers, or obvious giveaways, until say Sunday, but from then on it’s fine? That might make the B people more happy to look at the page on Fri and Sat, though I know ‘obvious giveaways’ is still a bit vague. Any thoughts?

  26. What I’ve done in the past DA#2 is put a list like that in “DA Reports” with a link and spoiler warning in here for those who want it. That way you can avoid seeing something that you can’t unsee. :)

    Richard, did you mean 16D or 18A in your post @ 10:03pm yesterday.

    Also DA#2, I realised that 20D was a ‘changed first letter’ but hadn’t realised that the letter was ‘flipped’ until I read your post @ 7:57am. Brilliant!!

  27. I too have used that “other thread” for early spoilers. I’ve never worked out its intended use, but this seemed to be as good a use as any. I think I learned the trick from Celia, many moons ago!

  28. Thanks DAJ, DA#2 and Tim C

    I got the theme, which I had in 7D but had overlooked in 9A.
    I agree re the 27A extra.

    Sorry, I meant 15A (not 16A) which I still can’t parse.

    Despite the helpful hints, I still can’t parse 20D (allowing for the theme),

    I agree with the quibbles on 4A. Enjoyed 26A and 28A.

    Re the 3 groups- I’d always like to be in C, but often need to drop my pride and slip in to B a bit. The themed puzzles seem, for me, to be a case of getting all or nothing.

  29. Richard, for 15A think of a word for ‘relaxed’ then change the sex of the first letter to give a word for ‘bloke’

    In 20D, think of a word for ‘youth’ then turn the first letter upside-down to give the royal house (with the theme inside)

  30. 15A is a 6 letter word for relaxed with a ‘sex change’ for the first letter.
    20D (minus the theme’s 2 letters) is a 5 letter word for a youth with the first letter ‘flipped’.

  31. As I’m in the come-here-once-finished camp (usually later than this, too!) I can’t always see if my needs are already met in the usually lengthy conversation that’s already taken place by then. Apologies if that applies to any of this:
    Can I have wordplay for 4A and 11A, please? (‘D’Oh!’s locked and loaded)
    I did see some discussion on 12A. I reckon it’s OK. 8,3,2,1 ARE fruit, and I think both indicators do their job properly, the first applying to both words and the second placing the second word within the first.
    Got some quibbles, though (it seems OK to air these?):
    19A – An American term, so a naughty mislead, then, to use ‘gaol’ not ‘jail’?!
    27A – Are there bounds to how much packaging ‘unpacked’ refers to? I’d think a centre indicator was the go here (…And what bounds for these, going the other way?!)
    16D – Questionable homophone (syllable lengths, sound of the 5)

  32. Johnno2, in 4a, the word for “fresh” has six letters. Can’t help you any more, especially as I admonished DAJunkie earlier! (I do hope we can still be friends …)

    In 11a, the expert gives 7,4,3.

    I was surprised to see “unpacked” used to mean “remove central letter”. I’ve always thought of it as “remove all letters except the two ends”. But fair enough, I s’pose.

  33. johnno2, as Graham M says for 4A, 11A.

    12A still looks awkward (i.e. the sort of not quite there clue that I would come up with) to me. A better arrangement would be “Green fruit can along the way turn” but then the surface doesn’t read well.

    19A My guess about “gaol” being used rather than “jail” is to send you (and me) down a rabbit hole to trying to work “rashly goes” minus (revoking) “gaol” plus ct (for court) into some sort of anagram meaning husband. I fell down the hole for a while.

  34. Thanks, Graham (and Tim). Somewhat D’oh!-ish :-)
    I’m OK with ‘unpacked’, meaning take out of the packing (wrapping). It’s just that 3-letters-thick of packing to reveal 1 letter seems a lot of packing! That’s why I thought convention (but we know DA!?…) would require a centrality indicator rather than a removal indicator.

  35. LOL
    Yes, perhaps ‘e’ does!
    And thanks for leading me to another new word, Graham. Babushka is all I’d had.
    And on the subject of new words (thanks DA): WALER.

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