DA Confusion for the 1st of January, 2021

Have your confusions sorted out for this new year’s DA! Bury the back of 2020 with a crushing cryptic victory!

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of January, 2021

  1. Happy New Year all.
    Have all out. FOI was in fact 21D / 27A. LOI 25A.
    Still thinking of wordplay for 1D and 20D.

  2. And a HNY from me too. Good to wake up to a fun DA this morning as yesterday was a bit of a fizzer.

    Same as DA Junkie, got the key clue out first, and thought wow, DA is being kind to us this year. Held that thought for most of the crossie but slowed up towards the end. Lots of lovely misdirects. 16/18 LOI, but can see the wordplay now.
    @DAJ for 1D and 20D, need to think outside the box or check a thesaurus for sound and fair.

  3. Gayle – thanks – yes – did get them. As I think often happens to us all, I did figure them out a few minutes after I posted. Thanks again.

  4. 1D took me a while as I thought there might have been an extra manoeuvre on the 21/27 (not counting, trying to keep the game going) and got by the misdirect with ‘sound’.
    9a was my last parse. Was just about to ask when it came to me. Did like the old redhead in 8d.

  5. Not enjoying today’s. Only half finished, and resorted to cheating for a couple. Don’t understand 1d. Had never heard of 1a/24d.

    Might try again this afternoon.

  6. Got a few more, cheated on a few more, finished. No smiles today. I don’t understand 1d, 18d, 14d & 16a/18a. Maybe I should throw in the towel and take up trainspotting …

  7. Hi Trippers – happy new year!
    I’ve been trying to post a great big thank you to Vic for last week, but I can’t seem to get through. Hopefully this one will.

  8. Graham M – hints in order – 5 letter word for “sound”, double defn, 2 with 3 in 4, messy anagram.

  9. Cheery thought: no matter how bad 2020 was, 2021 can still be worse!

    Despite NYE drinks last night, this one fell out reasonably quickly for me today. The theme clue 21/27 was first out which helped a lot!

    Other FOI 23D, 23A, 23D. LOI 4A, 8D (once I corrected the last letter on 4D), 6D. Other good started might be 12A, 15D, 5D.

  10. Ah yes, thank you DAJunkie, 1d now understood. Also the very convoluted 14d clicked soon after I last posted.

    Anyone see my letter in Monday’s Herald? I mention it because it contained a reference to crypto-cruciverbalists.

  11. First ones 1A/24D, 4D, 10A, 21D/27A, 11A so got the theme early like others and things went quickly from there. LOI 1D as the wordplay took me a while to get.
    I remembered 1A/24D from schooldays, Graham M. I think he stuck in my mind as his nose was cut off in a duel and he had a false one made from brass.
    A nice gentle introduction to the year.

  12. Happy New Year to all. I enjoyed this but it was slow going as 21/27 took a while. Early starters 1/24 (remembered from school), 5D, 2D, 12A, 4D, 10A, 8D. Last out 16/18 (new to me) and 18D.
    Several wordplays elude me – 1/24 (‘extreme temperatures through core’?); 26A; 6D; 7D (apart from themed letters); 14D; 18D and 20D.

  13. Hi SB,
    1/24: extreme temperatures 3,4 through core 5
    6d think of a four letter word for careless and then subtract a point

  14. And…
    26a think of a US president with a reputation for honesty then subtract laptops. Finesse = 6-9

  15. All done, nice solid DA. The specific reference in 6D is new to me, despite taking a fairly strong general interest in sport.

  16. I think 28A is a bit of a stretch. Is ‘audiobook’ really defined by 1-4?

  17. I thought the same initially Jack, but then I thought of the phrase “it’s a good book”.

  18. SB, 7D look for a 5 letter word for cleric. 14D ‘audited any’ gives 1-2. 18D is a double definition. 20D look for an 8 letter word for somewhat.

  19. Fair enough, Tim C!

    6D is a term that was formerly used for this sport by some of the posh English schools.

  20. Yes, I had to drag 6D up from the deep dark recesses of my mind. Hated playing it at school but enjoy watching it.

  21. Thanks Julian and Tim C – all understood – there were a few duh! moments there – I was certainly overthinking 18D for example!!
    Til next week – meanwhile fingers crossed that NSW will do the right thing!!

  22. Just learnt that there WAS a Christmas DAy DA, and finally able to access it thanks to vik – like a few others, I subscribe, but not premium. So another few hours of unexpected pleasure today.

  23. Short person, Ayre (5,3,4).
    Was confused by 25a, I was looking for a friend of Alice until 18d went in.

  24. Pretty good one to bring in the new year. Once I stopped looking for unheard elements in the clues (21d- 27a) it rolled well.
    Help needed for 8d and 20d – either I have the wrong answers or have missed the word plays.
    Also 16-18a eluding me.

  25. Phil, 8d is a themed clue with ponytail. A Russian of old.

    20d is an 8-letter word for “somewhat”, missing a letter. The answer is more commonly prefixed with “un-” to create its opposite.

    16a-18a is an acronym derived from alternate letters of “luckily” & “into”. Apparently an epithet for Singapore.

  26. Thanks Graham M, that makes it all sweet. I should have been able to parse 20d; careless spelling gave me wrong first letter for 8d. Couldn’t make alternate letters of Singapore work. My brainpower was dull – I resolve to do better.

  27. HNY all. We have all answers out, but can’t get the wordplay for 4A, beyond the first 4 letters. Any hints?

  28. HNY Debbi.
    4A: letters 5,6 is the abbreviation for the sport referred to in 6D.
    7,8,9 is practise as in – – – one’s trade.

  29. Nobody has mentioned it so it must be obvious, but I’m struggling with the wordplay for 10A.
    Any assistance please?

  30. Hi Geoff,
    I thought the first letter H was just for horse (common abbreviation in horse racing), plus the middle letters of ‘dealer’ twice.

  31. Enjoyed this week’s DA with the 9 clues that included anagrams of 21D.
    FOI 21D27A LOI 16A 18A as I also fell for the misdirection and started trying to use the odds from Singapore. Liked 8D
    I always start late Friday and had a look at trippers when there were 24 posts where TimC’s posts gave me a list of good starters.
    Re the astronomer he featured in a Fred Watson talk years ago featuring “Astronomers behaving badly” to the extent he was expelled from Denmark and ended up in the Austrian-Hungarian empire where he made young Kepler’s life a misery.
    His saving grace was his excellent and accurate observations of the 5 known planets using only astrolabe and quadrant.
    After the Dane died Kepler was able to access the observations and derive his Laws of planetary motion.
    Happy New Year everyone

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