DA Is Available on Christmas Day — Online Only

There’s no paper published tomorrow, but it appears the DA will still appear online:

Sounds like it could be a revamping of a Christmas themer from the past.

54 thoughts on “DA Is Available on Christmas Day — Online Only

  1. Thankyou AS for your prezzie. And thankyou for looking after us DA tragics all year. Happy and healthy holidays to you and yours.

    If today’s DA online is a ‘revamped classic’ as per his tweet, I don’t recognise it, but then I haven’t got a single themester yet. Need to get the down clues as all the across clues are undefined, but so far have only got 2d, 22d and 24d. Think I might be here until next Xmas.

  2. Ah! I’m in with the intersecting 5 down and 9 across. There may be a chance that the Chrissy roast will go in the oven this year after all.

  3. Gayle Merry Christmas!
    Please help an oldie to get to the cryptic…I have no idea how to find it

  4. Merry Christmas! Is that you Happy Chappy?
    Do you subscribe to SMH online?
    It’s there in its usual spot.
    If not I’ll have to work out a way to email it but that may be beyond my ken.
    One of our more tech savvy Trippers may even post it here.
    I’ve just thought of something that might work

    Let me know if you don’t have the subscription.

  5. Ah, Graham’s already posted but I see, as he says, you need to be a subscriber to access it.

  6. Gayle, astute as always…I thought I’d turn into hc to save you trippers having to use happy chappy each time you help me. No, I don’t subscribe online, I usually download it through my library card. I have printed the 18932, but might have to get the magnifying glass out to read it all.

  7. Graham M thanks. I’ll keep the crossword open until I HORRORS use pen and paper to write the clues that are better seen on screen, and go from there. Expect to hear more from me. Appreciate it , both of you.

  8. OMG. I just tried a couple of things which I used to do before it went online. And when you select print it gives all of the answers in a smaller grid below the blank grid and clues! I quickly shut that down.. Now back to my empty grid which I cleared in order to send the blank one. Sorry hc ;-(

    Have another thought. May not have that problem with the replica version. AS posted a clip showing how to do that, but it was a long time ago.

  9. Gayle oooooh you’re good….what’s that you did?
    I wrote the clues out that were a bit difficult to read from my printed version, so all is good. I do seriously want to know how you managed the other. ( I might actually start the cryptic sometime before lunch at the rate I’m going ).

  10. Oh, derrr. No replica version of course, as there’s no printed copy today. You just get a big Christmas message saying just that.

  11. hc, So you have access to the online version through your library card?
    Right click on the screen. Select print. DON’T LOOK AT THE BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER where the answers are. Select print page 1 only (and then you won’t see or print the answers).

    I’ve tried downloading it to share it, but I don’t know how to do that. Celia, please come back :-)
    Maybe when techie Trippers have finished opening their prezzies, someone will come to the rescue.

  12. I’ve just used Print Preview in Firefox and there were 2 pages. The second page had the answers so I just printed the first page.
    I could scan it in for others but I don’t know how to post it here or send to anyone.
    Off to have a go. Back later.

  13. Gayle, thank you. I will probably use that in the future. Today the library card access doesn’t work because I do need to have the SMH subscription due to lack of printed paper. Between you and Graham M , I am able to attempt today’s DA. Enjoy your holiday.

  14. @Gayle I printed it out but unfortunately can’t get all the clues to stay on the one page. So where the clues spill on the reverse page, so too do the answers. At first thought they were for the quick because they didn’t seem to match up but then saw one that had to be it. So I’ve written in the ones I saw – best start to a DA I’ve had in a long time! Possibly a good thing as lots to do today…..Happy Christmas everyone.

  15. Well, I ended up using gap filler-inners on a couple, and revealing a couple more, then spent ages back-parsing them. 18d holding out. Looking at the clues again on the blank printed grid, l still can’t see how anyone could solve 10/15, or 24/14 from wordplay alone. Very clunky surfaces, but liked the Kinky Fergie one.

    Sorry to be a Christmas grinch, but I didn’t really find it much fun.

  16. @ Lachlan, Ho Ho Ho.

    (Print worked for me in landscape orientation, page 1 only . … but even the quick glimpse of the answers didn’t help me much.)

  17. Merry Xmas Trippers

    Would someone like to share a Christmas gift of posting a link to a PDF version of today’s crossword please.

  18. I didn’t click with this one. Looked up the solution, and I’m glad I didn’t persevere any longer. (I have limited contact with ankle biters.) Off to commence the preparation of the festive repast …

  19. First ones 13d,22d,24d,19d. Funnily enough Gayle 10a/15a was my first across. Had to look up the Britpop band. LOsI 20a and 18d as I’m still not sure of the wordplay (double definition for 18d? homophone for 20a?). Back later for hints if I don’t convince myself.
    Favourite 11a for “sleeper’s position”.

  20. Weird I am an online subscriber but still cant get the puzzle. Apparently this is a premium only feature all of a sudden?

  21. Thanks vik. We subscribe to the SMH mainly for the DA puzzles but don’t get the premium version. We’re in Queensland now so don’t have easy access to the paper.

  22. vik, thanks for your help. It won’t load on my PC, but hopefully it’s good for others.

    @ Tim C ,
    20 a: : My take is ‘radio’ is 1, 5. ‘live’ is 2,3,4 and ‘audience’ is the rest.
    Only after revealing did I see the radio.

    18 d, I think could be a typo when you reveal the answer, which I had to do.
    My guess is ‘directs’ is definition and wordplay is the punctuation mark following directs, ie ‘comma’, and ‘aims’ is executed (by beheading) (e)nds.

  23. But I just checked the answer grid, when selecting print, and it’s the same as on the reveal. Don’t know.

  24. No many people here today. Can anyone give me a hint as to the theme? Something to do with children, based on a previous comment here?

  25. My intro was 9 across, more my era, although I don’t know what you would do with only one of them. The rest I was unfamiliar with or had never heard of.

  26. I think that may have helped me but if it’s what I think it is I’m not sure about letters 2-4 (which makes me think I’ve got it wrong!)

  27. The whole clue is reversed ‘facing west’. The tree is 6,5,1 and the supporter, (think women’s underwear) is 4,3,2

  28. Thanks Gayle. That makes sense and I must have had a brain freeze yesterday. I think the last letter of 18d is incorrect in the answers. It should be an ‘s’ otherwise the clue makes no sense.
    DA says it’s a revamped classic and I remember it from before but with different theme items. I remember having 9a, 10a/15a, 11a and 12a/23a as a child. 10a/15a got me started as I had letter 4 in 10a (from 2d), and “and so on” gave me 1-3 which then triggered the memory.

  29. Like others I’m baffled by the wordplay for 18D.
    As for the themed items I have never heard of 25/22A or 24/14A, nor can I imagine what they could possibly be. Are they very recent? Surely 9A should be plural?

  30. Are you baffled by the wordplay for 18d because the provided answer is incorrect Geoff? Gayle’s explanation @ 8:09 pm yesterday worked for me.
    25a/22a was my son’s era rather than mine and I haven’t looked it up but I suspect 24a/14a is a recent vintage as I remember seeing kids playing with them. And yes, it’s hard to play with one 9a.

  31. If you can get hold of the AFR’s Christmas bumper edition, there’s a cryptic alphabetical jigsaw in it. Different and lots of fun.

  32. While we are having a break from our fun for the week, can someone explain why “knight” is always represented by “n” in cryptics?

  33. hc It’s chess notation (which I’ve had to learn from cryptics), apparently because K for king is already taken.

  34. Good morning Gayle. That wouldn’t ever have occurred to me. It is one of those clues that niggles me whenever it appears. Thank you for your help…as always.

  35. Well I know I’m now in a different year, but if anyone is still looking at this thread, I can’t parse 6D for the life of me. I know the answer, but how does it work? Is orchard the definition?? Does Borneo climber mean orangutan? Help please.

  36. Borneo climber is indeed orangutan, or at least half of it. For “course” think of restaurants. And the definition is actually “in orchard”.

  37. Thanks Geoff WW. Was mulling it over while out walking this morning, as you do, and the course without n came to me, but I didn’t know orangutan could be shortened like that . Apparently so.

  38. Well, I’ve only just found this crossword and have a LONG way to go. Nice to see there are others still here.

  39. If anyone is still there I’m stuck on 12/23A, 17A, 20A; 1D and 21D – gentle hints welcome.

  40. Hi SB. I admire your perseverance. Is that a NY resolution? :-)
    12/23. Film is the first 4 letters. The commercial comes at the end, following (after) an anagram (adjust) of ‘the opera to’

  41. 20 a was my last to solve.
    Me on Christmas Day at 8:09pm ( tragic, eh? ) ‘radio’ is 1, 5. ‘live’ is 2,3,4 and ‘audience’ is the rest.

  42. 17a is a funny.
    Kiss is first 3 letters. And the second 4 letter word is the genre of the band Kiss.

  43. 1D. First word is definition. Right is a 3 letter synonym for fitting or appropriate embedded (in the grasp of) the (Biblical) killer.

  44. 21 d is a double definition. I had to look up both parts to confirm.
    Blondie hit and a Britpop band with the same word followed by ‘kitten’.
    As if it wasn’t bad enough to get the themesters, we also had to know genres of British and American music!
    HNY SB. Hope that was gentle enough.

  45. Thanks Gayle. (Yes, I do have perseverance – but I only found this one this afternoon.) All pleasantly gentle, and it all makes sense, except 20D still eludes me, even with all the cross letters. I think it’s just ‘radio’ (1, 5) that I’m stuck on.
    I didn’t enjoy this one so very much – it was pretty hopeless if you didn’t know the games.
    Happy new year to you too! May it be interesting in a different way.

  46. I didn’t want to dissuade you SB, but I didn’t enjoy it either.
    CB is citizen’s band radio. Think truckers.

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