DA Confusion for the 27th of November, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Which is probably going to be easier than last week’s DA!

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of November, 2020

  1. A good puzzle today. Good starts 5d, 24a, 26d, 14a, 10a, 16a.
    Completed right hand side, before having many on LHS.
    Happy solving.

  2. All out and understood.
    Agree with AndyW, good DA today. Pretty tough.
    Solving was all over the place.
    FOI 24A.
    LOI 15D.
    9,7D my pick for best as I think very clever cluing.

  3. Same here, solving all over the place , but each bit helped find another bit with the cross-referencing. FOI 24across, which gave me a few toeholds to other clues. LOI 17down which I haven’t yet parsed. Was afraid that 8d might have been a HP reference, but not today. After getting 28a it all became clear.
    Agree 9/7 very clever, although that was a back-parse for me. I got 9/7 from 19across. Lucky that today’s General Knowledge was on my wavelength. Thank goodness footie season’s over!
    20 across was my pick. Loved the surface and the def. Laughed out loud. Almost an &lit?

  4. Gayle 17d. Letters 1-3,9 come from to be rocky, the rest should be obvious then.

  5. After shamefully throwing in the towel last week, I found today’s delightful. Plenty of smiles. The SE quarter came together first. My knowledge of 21d is more complete than my knowledge of 7d, but now the latter has been expanded. My biggest smiles were for 2d & 21d. I’m afraid I don’t get the wordplay for 9a/7d yet, but no doubt it will hit me soon.

    Happy solving, all!

  6. Thanks Andyw, Had 1,2,8,9 but was stuck in the middle. Had a different wordplay in mind for ‘hiking’ and ‘ in. Looked at it from a different perspective and got it!

  7. Wentyg, I guess it’s borderline!

    Thanks for your … help, Gayle. The penny has dropped!

  8. I’m not to sure that I’d classify 9A/7D as a crooner. Bing and Frank yes, but hardly this man – great songwriter but barely passable singer.

    Does DA invent words like 20A?

  9. Again, a very late start, scanned clues, eventually found two easy ones, 24A, 23D. There, for the moment, it rests.

  10. Started 30 mins ago. Going well in the SE corner.

    FOI 24A, 23A. I managed to get 20A from the code, which helped me get 17D as I also had the starting letter—I assume from AndyW’s clue then that letters 3-7 come from a synonym for rocky with two separate substitutions..

    Shouldn’t 25D be (case insensitive for now) flourine and musk…?

  11. AC, I don’t like giving too many hints early on, but 3-7 comes from “a fools hiking”. (Usually, I don’t have time to come back during work).

  12. First ones 14a,16a,24a,4d,5d. LOI 1a (got from the wordplay and the only one I had to check in the dictionary). I found 27a a bit iffy, and I agree with Wentyg about 29a not being Queensland.

  13. Ah, it just twigged. Thanks AndyW. Agreed RE caution with early hints, so thanks again!

  14. “Peter says:
    27 Nov 2020 at 7:40 am
    I’m not to sure that I’d classify 9A/7D as a crooner. Bing and Frank yes, but hardly this man – great songwriter but barely passable singer.”

    Peter , TMI
    Gave me the answer directly…shouldn’t have come here for a look before starting I guess

  15. Gayle, 20a was my pick too…so far…but the 9a part of the 7d is eluding me, I’m thinking of something that cackles, but haven’t heard the answer before. 12a is also beyond me. Any clues?

  16. happy chappy – obviously 9,7 and 1,12 are interrelated. Pretty sure you are on wrong path.
    Hard to hint at either without giving away.
    Think already established above that 9,7 defn is “crooner”. So that’s a start.
    And the … link to 6A is very real as Gayle hinted at 7:09am.
    Hope helps.

  17. Yep, thank you Graham M and DAJunkie, and the ellipsis Gayle, now all I have to do is mess about in the fog . Probably get back to you by Thursday!

  18. Does anyone else have the problem of the cursor jumping cross letters whenever it feels like it? I have complained numerous times about marking word breaks, but it seems they don’t give a hoot. The Independent uses a much better system.

  19. My FOI was 20A and I like it a lot. I also rather like 1A.

    A rare geographic error by DA in 29A.

    Not being familiar with the works of 21D, I had to check a couple of answers. Letters 1-3 of 27A are not very clear to me.

  20. Letters 1-3 of 27a come from the first (hyphenated) word. A bit of a stretch IMO.

  21. 29A also a bit of a ‘stretch’ :) (as Jack observed)
    still stuck on 1A and 4D. will come back later and see if the penny drops

  22. SB, you’d have a better chance of solving both of those in the US, as they’re both slang from there! Both terms are becoming more common here, as most Americanisms seem to do. (Are you enjoying Black Friday?) I’d heard of 4d, not 1a, which has to do with rolling dice, I discovered.

  23. “Phil Smart says:
    27 Nov 2020 at 11:01 am
    Does anyone else have the problem of the cursor jumping cross letters whenever it feels like it? I have complained numerous times about marking word breaks, but it seems they don’t give a hoot. The Independent uses a much better system.”

    What cursor? You using the app?

  24. Got it! Thanks Graham M – couldn’t’ve done it without that – not a hope. All done – till next week

  25. Finally done. Had to breakdown and look up the 21d works. Understand the wordplay.

  26. If I was a proper boomer I’d say, “what’s an app?” but no I’m doing it online.

  27. Phil,

    I take it via browser. I would download the SMH app, much better to read the news on the fly and the xword is a lot better too

  28. Graham M, DAJunkie, Gayle, thanks for the help earlier. All out now, just a bit more tweaking to do to satisfy the parsing, but all good. I did myself no favours by trying to rename first part of 7d name. Have a good week.

  29. It seems I thrive when others don’t, and this week the references are outside (before) my ken (time).

    I enjoyed 2D as I got it from the wordplay and learnt something.

    I need help parsing 1,12a (I think ‘ache’ is letters 3-6 and ‘ruin’ is letters 7-9) and 15d.

    Scratch that for 15d, I just realised the vast number with the lion. But I still think there’s a poorly placed container indicator.

  30. AC, in 1d/12a, “agonising” is an anagrind for the three words preceding it.

  31. You’re nearly there with 1d/12a AC, agonising is an anagrind.
    With 15d, netting is the container indicator

  32. My flippant remark yesterday, intended to help DA save some face, was made on the understanding that, for its lower reaches the 29a forms the state border. But evidently it does not. So I stand corrected, and concur with others that have pointed it out, that our master’s geographic knowledge was on this occasion flawed.

  33. Came to Trippers with 1A 2D 3D & 4D to finish Graham M helped with 1A I would not have twigged to dice game although I know the term , had also heard of 4D
    I’m stuck on 2D I’m guessing definition is words 1 & 2 but can’t decide whether declared is a homophone
    Overall enjoyed this week’s DA after last week’s. Musical references helped guessed 9A7d from6A then back parsed.

  34. No, Ian, the definition in 2d is the final word. “Declared” is a homophone indicator for the first three words.

  35. Graham M I’ve now got 2D but my parsing is a little different
    Definition last 3 words? with Sherran editing pressure to give letters 2-5
    declared letters 6-9 ?
    As with 1A & 4A you were a great help
    Cheers till next week

  36. I suppose 15D is not technically correct – “in 24-across” – as the solution is the former name.

  37. I can make 9a / 7d work if I take something from 6a. I think that makes it parse properly. In my opinion the definition fits in both camps of being a cackler and a crooner !

  38. Apologies Graham M I read your last couple of posts and the lightbulb turned on ! I’d been trying to force fit the word play instead of listening to words 1,2&3. Much earlier in the piece I was thinking Sherran was cluing a musical theme as in other clues this week. Shows up my impetuous nature by not adhering to the KISS principle of treating each word of a cryptic clue on its merits.

  39. No worries, Ian S, we got there in the end! I didn’t know whether I’d incur fellow trippers’ wrath with too big a spoiler, but it was Saturday night and I couldn’t leave you floundering!

  40. Anyone there still – I must be the last one in on the joke & need it spelt out how (9ac) “turning cackler into” LC works… magic?!?

  41. DAH, cackler gives the last 3 letters of 7d… The ellipses between 6a and 7a are important, and turning is an angrind referring to the 2 words before it.

  42. Thanks Tim C – I didn’t think of a hen as cackler (clucker yes ;’) & not seen ellipses allow use of anagrist-fodder from previous clue – very ingenious (?devious)!

  43. Although 29A is technically not in Qld, it kind of is, and I suspect the choice was to make it not Googleable. I suspect a lot of effort goes into making the definitions hard to search

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