An AS Crossword Over at Renew Magazine

Editor and fellow DA Tripper, Tom Hawking, has got me on as house cruciverbalist for Renew Magazine.

The crossword is available in the latest edition of Renew, a magazine about sustainable living.

If you just want the crossword, though, here it is. Should be a pleasant little stroll revealing a theme for any of you DA heads.

4 thoughts on “An AS Crossword Over at Renew Magazine

  1. Google Drive just keeps promising but not delivering. I was looking forward to a fresh challenge after completing the Speccie today (birds as the theme), but maybe I’ll have to wait. ;)

  2. Managed to download and complete. Thanks for the entertainment. My only comment is that 2D seems to be missing a letter (‘a’) in the wordplay, but I may have misunderstood.

  3. Well, that’s embarrassing!

    You’re quite right: it is missing an A.

    Sorry for the boo boo. I hope the light theme makes up for the mistake.

  4. Hi Tony, tried like Tim C says but can’t get Google Drive ‘up’. (Don’t even know what that means.)
    I think I found your crossie elsewhere, you or LR, , so will go back there,

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